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MP3 to OGG - How to Convert MP3 to OGG in 5 Easy Ways 【Free & Online】

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Try to convert MP3 to OGG?

Hard to find a great MP3 to OGG converter?

Wondering if there is any way to convert MP3 to OGG on Windows or Mac quickly and freely?

Here you can find all your answers.

There are two main ways to convert MP3 to OGG, by installing audio converter freeware on PC or Mac, or using online audio and video conversion program for free.

The similarity of the above two MP3 conversion is that, you can download MP3 to OGG audio files in freeway. Some audio converters enable users to set bitrate, sampling rate and other audio settings in customize way. Or you can trim MP3 music and then select certain MP3 audio file to convert as OGG songs. So it is free and convenient to convert OGG from MP3 audio file.

Part 1: Use Audio Converter Freeware to Convert MP3 to OGG

Compares with MP3 to OGG online converters, installing music converter on Windows on Mac can get better audio conversion services. With more audio formats supported, and audio edit tools to apply, using MP3 to OGG convert freeware is better for frequently audio conversions.

1. How to Convert MP3 to OGG with Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is the all-in-one video converter, to extract audio and rip DVD. You can get over 500 popular and rare formats to import medias. Freemake Video Converter supports users to extract audio from streaming YouTube videos as well. Moreover, you can transfer converted audio files to iTunes and iOS directly. There are also other video edit tools, to cut, rotate and add subtitles before converting videos. Finally, you are able to upload converted media to YouTube channel of multiple video and audio files simultaneously.

mp3 to ogg with freemake video converter

Step 1: Install Freemake Video Converter of free version.

Choose to install Custom installation to install a browser plugin, and then restart Freemake Video Converter again.

Step 2: Upload MP3 audio file to the free audio converter.

Tap Audio button to import MP3 music. After that, you can trim and do other audio editing before converting MP3 to OGG for free.

Step 3: Set OGG as audio output format to convert audio on PC.

You can adjust audio output quality by Settings menu besides.

After few seconds waiting for MP3 to OGG audio conversion, you can transfer converted music to mobile phone and add to playlists to enjoy offline without audio format limitations.

You can also check the following video tutorial to learn how to use Freemake Video Converter for MP3 to OGG conversion and more.

2. How to Change MP3 to OGG on Windows/Mac with VLC

VLC media player is the multiple media converter and player, including DVDs, Audio CDs, CDs, VCDs and other streaming videos. With simple and fast media conversion without ads and user tracking, VLC has gained many high comments from users. As for converting MP3 to OGG with VLC media player, you are able to pick audio output quality, bitrate, frame rate and other more custom options.

Step 1: Choose Convert/ Save option from Media in the tool bar.

Step 2: Click Add button to upload MP3 songs under File menu in Open Media window.

Step 3: Select Convert from Convert/ Save choices, and browse Destination file and Settings.

Choose OGG from Profile list, do not forget to tick Convert under Settings first.

Step 4: Tap Start option to convert MP3 to OGG for free.

convert mp3 to ogg with vlc

You are able to run VLC not only on Windows and Mac computer, but also use as iOS and Android MP3 to OGG converter app. In addition, VLC media player supports users to play all media files with most popular codecs.

3. How to Accomplish MP3 to OGG Conversion Using FFmpeg

FFmpeg is an open source command line tool with powerful and flexible converting, streaming and recording functions. It supports almost all video and audio formats and codecs and is avaiable in Windows, Mac and Linux. However, since it is lack of graphical interface, so a lot of people may find it hard to use. Now, you can follow the following instruction to do the conversion.

Step 1: Install FFmpeg on your computer. Then launch the terminal and navigate the folder which contains the MP3 files you want to convert.

Step 2: Type in the following command in your terminal: FFmpeg - i filename.mp3 newfilename.ogg. Substitute in the filenames and click Enter to start the conversion process.

Step 3: If you want to change the bitrate of your OGG file, you can enter the following command in the terminal: FFmpeg -b 192k -i filename.mp3 newfilename.ogg.

It is a very simple operation to use FFmpeg for audio conversion and help you do MP3 to OGG conversion quickly. Howerever, if you do not want to install any program, maybe you can try the online MP3 to OGG converter introduced in next part.

Part 2: Transfer MP3 to OGG Audio File Online on Desktop

Online audio converter has many advantages, like easy to use, convenient, no installation and registration. However, some music converters are not so easy to use, and their audio convert files may have data loss influences. So here are top free MP3 to OGG converter online, with which you can download audio files in safe and fast mode.

1. - Convert MP3 to OGG Online and Free is an online audio converter without installation. You can run the online audio converter on Mac and Windows to download converted audio music directly. First of all, offers 5 different MP3 audio input ways, by opening from computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL and dragging directly. In another word, allows users to import audio files wherever they want.

Step 1: Import MP3 audio to the online audio convert program.

Step 2: Set MP3 as Input formats, and OGG as output audio format.

Step 3: Save converted MP3 to OGG music to Dropbox and Google Drive.

convert mp3 to ogg on

The only thing you have to know is that, your audio file size limitation is up to 100MB. So it is enough for users to convert MP3 to OGG on the audio converter online, about common songs.

2. - Online MP3 to OGG Converter

In, you can convert numerous audio files to OGG format immediately. In addition, it is also OK to upload a video song to extract soundtracks from it. enables users to trim audio files and change audio settings of bitrate, sampling rate and audio channels. Moreover, you can tick Normalize box to upgrade MP3 to OGG conversion audio quality.

Step 1: Import a MP3 audio file on

You can upload from computer directly by tapping Choose File button, or to paste URL directly. Furthermore, allows users to upload a MP3 audio from Dropbox and Google Drive, with prepared audio edit tools.

Step 2: Tap Convert File button to convert MP3 to OGG online for free.

convert mp3 to ogg with offers over 20 audio source formats to convert online. You can also regard as archive converter, document converter, eBook converter and multiple media converters, to convert inputs and outputs of the same media types.

Extended Reading

What is OGG?


OGG is a multimedia container format with actual audio or video encoded by a codec being stored inside the container. The OGG container format can multiplex a number of independent streams for audio, video, text (subtitles) and metadata. Similar to MP3, OGG is also a compressed digital audio format. And it is also a patent-free format.

OGG vs MP3

mp3 vs ogg vorbis

Comparing with MP3, OGG Vorbis is less popular than MP3. And of course it is not widely supported and fewer media players are compatible with it. However, OGG Vorbis is still very popular in the game development industry and is featured prominently in Doom3 and the idTech4 engine.


Online audio converter and music convert freeware are two similar programs, to change MP3 to OGG audio file. You do not need to pay for any audio conversion on desktop. However, the output audio quality is same even better than some paid MP3 to OGG converter. So it is not how you convert depends output music quality, but which audio converter you choose.

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