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4 Easy Methods to Convert MP3 to WAV Audio for Free

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Let us hypothesize one situation, you already own a MP3 file, and somebody asks you to convert audio to WAV within 5 minutes, what would you do? Can you find some free audio converters at the urgent moment?

To convert MP3 to WAV without paying additional fees, it is necessary to look through this audio conversion guide, which explains detail steps to covert an audio file from MP3 to WAV for Mac and Windows.

If you have any other good MP3 to WAV converter freeware to recommend, just replay this article to share with everyone.

Part 1: Online MP3 to WAV Converters

Online MP3 converter is easy to use, and most of them are free to use. Once you search MP3 to WAV file converter on Google, you will find many online audio converters. These music converters all announce that you do not need to pay or register, and their online MP3 to other audio formats conversion is fast and in high quality.

I will show you some top audio online converters, which have done great jobs. Well, Convertio, Zamzar, Online-convert,, Online Audio Converter and alternatives are suitable to process MP3 to WAV audio conversion.

The approximate process to run online audio file converter is as follow:

1. Search and open in your browser.

2. Navigate the online audio converting sites, and import a MP3 music file.

3. And then, choose WAV as output audio file format, some audio converter freeware offers audio quality selections, so you can adjust specific settings by the way.

4. Finally, enter your email address to wait for converted WAV audio file sending to you. Hit the convert button to start MP3 to WAV online file conversion whenever you want.

online mp3 to wav converters

Part 2: Apply iTunes, Windows Media Player and Audacity to Change MP3 to WAV

What about the condition of no wireless connection, you are not able to use online MP3 to WAV converter anymore. Well, do not forget the powerful audio converter installed on PC already.

Use iTunes and Audacity to convert MP3 to WAV on Mac, and Windows Media Player for Windows computers. If you do not have additional converted MP3 audio editing need, it is your spare selection.

Convert MP3 to WAV on iTunes

Step 1. Open iTunes and click "Edit" button on the upper-left side of iTunes window to get Preferences opened.

Step 2. Click "General" tab and find "Import Settings".

open itunes

Step 3. Select WAV Encoder under Import Using box. Then choose Automatic/ Custom Setting to change bitrate, size and channels or not. Tap OK both in Import Settings and General Preferences menus.

choose wav encoder on itunes

Step 4. Drag MP3 audios in iTunes and right click to select Create WAV Version.

create wav version on itunes

Convert MP3 to WAV with Windows Media Player

Make sure your Windows Media Player has equipped with a codec pack and AAC DirectShow filter, if you are not sure, search online to download and install

Step 1. Double click Music menu on the right pane and select Options.

Step 2. Turn to Rip Music page and choose WAV under Format list.

Step 3. Insert a blank CD and click Start burn option on the top to convert MP3 to WAV into WMP library automatically.

convert mp3 to wav with wmp

Convert MP3 to WAV on Mac and Windows via Audacity

For people who need to convert audio files frequently, installing a MP3 converter will be better, to batch convert and manage converted audio files within third party applications. Audacity is the representative audio editor, which can record and edit audio tracks with professional filters. The most important thing is that, everyone can run Audacity as MP3 to WAV converter on Mac and Windows for free permanently. The following instruction we will take convert MP3 to WAV on Mac with Audacity as an exmpale.

Step 1. Double click Audacity icon to launch the program. Then click "File" and choose "Open" on the drop-down list.

open audacity

Step 2. Choose the MP3 song you want to convert and click "Open" button to import the music file into Audacity. Wait few seconds for the MP3 audio importing process.

choose wav on audacity

Step 3. After that, choose Export in the file list again, to set WAV as output MP3 converted format. Select the folder to save and export MP3 file as a WAV.

choose export audio on audacity

Part 3: FAQ among converting MP3 to WAV

What is a WAV audio file?


WAV is a file extension for an audio file format developed by Microsoft. The WAV file has become a starndard PC audio file format for everything from system and game sounds to CD quality audio.

WAV is uncompressed audio which is also referred as pulse code modulation (PCM) and waveform audio. A WAV file also stores information of file's number of tracks, sample rate, bit depth and wheter it is mono or stereo.

What is the difference between WAV and MP3 files?

WAV files are lossless, uncrompressed, broadcast CD quality music files. It is usually used for TV, radio, DVD and any other media requiring top uncompromised audio quality.

MP3 file is a compressed music file which loads rapidly and still plays with a good sound quality. It is generally used on web pages, web videos and even anything on the Internet.

wav vs mp3

Is a WAV file better than MP3?

It may depends on how good sound quality you require on your daily life as WAV is lossless and uncompressed while MP3 is lossy and compressed. MP3 will never sound better than a WAV, however, it may be enough for listening music on your MP3 player, iPhone or Android phone. So you may choose different file format (WAV or MP3) according to your real usage.

mp3 compares to wav

In this article we introduce you top MP3 to WAV converter online and free and give detailed instruction on how to convert MP3 to WAV on Windows and Mac. Hope you find the situable free audio converter and easy ways to accomplish your task.

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