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How to Convert OGG to MP3 with Top 8 Free OGG to MP3 Converter Easily

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OGG files have better sound quality and less audio size for storage. However, OGG is not as popular as MP3 songs, which can suit almost all music players. Thus, you need to convert OGG to MP3, because it can be sure that MP3 music is the final audio format to be rejected.

But wait! Do not hurry to purchase one OGG to MP3 converter immediately. Actually, there are many methods to help you get MP3 conversion from OGG free. So, just read and get OGG to MP3 conversion methods among PC, Mac, iPhone and Android devices.

Free OGG to MP3 Converter to Get MP3 Conversion

Compares with OGG to MP3 online converters, installing OGG to MP3 convert software on desktop enables users to get more editing features. And you can get rid of Internet connection with OGG to MP3 convert freeware, to change audio to MP3 for free.

1. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter offers over 500 formats, for users to convert YouTube videos into any format, no matter popular or rare formats. With Freemake Video Converter, you can capture streaming YouTube videos from web, and convert into different audio formats. In the OGG to MP3 converter on PC, there are many other tools you can use, to edit and enhance OGG to MP3 converted music in fast way.

freemake audio converter

Step 1: Download and install Freemake Video converter.

You can get free version on PC to convert OGG to MP3 without paid. Moreover, you need to select Custom installation instead of the Express one, to get light version of converting OGG to MP3 music.

Step 2: Upload OGG music into the audio converter.

Tap the Audio button on the tool bar to import OGG files. After that, you can tap Edit option besides, to edit OGG audio files in easy operating.

Step 3: Convert OGG to MP3 audio.

You can tap to MP3 button below. In addition, the further audio output quality and size can be set in Settings list.

If you use Freemake Video Converter to record streaming YouTube videos, you can add subtitles in adjustable size and font, to translate or add special characters in free way. Moreover, the video edit tools enable users to cut unnecessary video parts, and then to join and rotate them.

2. VLC Media Player

In fact, if you have VLC on your computer, you can use it as an OGG to MP3 converter rather than installing a new one. Since you always use VLC as a player, you can learn how to converter OGG to MP3 via VLC from the following instruction.

convert ogg to mp3 with vlc

Step 1. Launch VLC and click Media and then Convert/Save. And then click "File" in "Open media". Click Add button and choose the OGG file on the pop-up window. After choosing, click "Open" and return to "Open Media" screen.

Step 2. Click Convert/Save button again and click Browse button to choose a folder to put the output MP3 file. Then click "Create a New Profile" to do the MP3 settings.

Step 3. Select "Video Codes" to choose compression you want to use and click "Save" to return "Convert" menu. And then select newly created profile and click "Start" button to start the conversion.

As you can see, VLC can not only be a player, but also be a converter. Then you can use it to do the simple OGG to MP3 conversion on Windows and Mac freely.

3. Media Converter

Media Converter is the free OGG to MP3 converter APK for Android. You are able to convert audio files and videos in multiple media formats. For someone who wants to chop converted MP3 audio files, the OGG to MP3 converter Android app offers built-in editor, to crop and rotate output video and audio files into different rate and resolution. To chop audio files accurately, there is duration start and duration end in Media Converter, to extract certain audio parts from videos in long time.

The first step you operate on Media Converter is to import OGG audios, and then to choose MP3 in the Output Parameters. There are bitrate setting and location to save as setting as well. In addition, to distinguish OGG audio files and converted MP3 music, you can rename the new audio music, on the OGG to MP3 audio converter APK.


4. The Audio Converter

The Audio Converter is an app for iPhone and iPad to help you convert music, sound and video files to nearly any audio format. It support audio formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, MMF, OGG, OGA, WAV and WMA. Of course, it can help you convert OGG to MP3. However, this audio converter is not free, it may costs you $2.99.

The first step is choosing your input OGG file from another app or your video library. And then choose you output file format as MP3 and file name and press Convert. You can view your file right in the app or open it in another app. You can even send as email, transfer the MP3 file to a computer or upload to DropBox.

ogg to mp3 converter for ios

Online OGG to MP3 Sites to Convert MP3 from OGG Files

If you do not convert audio to MP3 frequently, you can use online audio converter to compress MP3 files as well. Moreover, it is also convenient to install online audio converter as plugin on Chrome and Firefox. So no matter which OGG to MP3 converter online you choose, your audio data will keep during audio conversion online.

1. Zamzar

You can import OGG audio directly, or to paste URL to convert audio to MP3 as well. After that, it is time to select which audio format you want to convert, select MP3 under the step 2 title. With specific OGG to MP3 download option, the only way you can save converted audio is by sending email to yourself. Thus, tap Convert button at the final step, and then wait to receive your audio convert files online.


2. Online Audio Converter

With over 300 media formats provides, you can convert audio files with Online Audio Converter easily. Furthermore, Online Audio Converter enables users to extract audio track from streaming video file too. With batch conversion feature, you are able to save more time on converting multiple audio files simultaneously, and save them into a ZIP archive.

To convert OGG to MP3 online, the Online Audio Converter has 4 methods for users to import OGG music, from PC, Google Drive, Dropbox and URL paste. And then, choose MP3 and select audio output quality. You can also edit soundtrack, add special audio effects and change bitrate. At last, click Convert button to download OGG to MP3 audio conversion files.

online audio converter

3. Convert.files

As for audio to MP3 conversion online on Convert.files, it is very easy to operate. It is more like a small survey for you. By uploading audio of OGG format you want to convert, and then select output format besides. At this time, you need to select MP3 as output audio format. Or you can select other audio conversion online later. Finally, you can tap Convert button below to save OGG to MP3 audio. For people who have other specific audio download requirements, you can tick to ask Convert.files to send a download link to you by email.


4. Convertio

Convertio is a free online file converter which can help you convert your OGG files to MP3 online and free. You can easily select OGG files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it directly to the page. Then choose "to MP3" as the output format. Then let the file convert and you can download your MP3 file afterwards. Please note that you need to sign up an account for Convertio. Moreover, the file size has 100MB maximum limitation.

convert ogg to mp3 via convertio

Small Tips

What is an OGG file?


OGG is a type of audio file making use of open source OGG Vorbis compression. It is supported by devices like Samsung or Archos, but not by Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad. The most popular and successfull of the Xiph.Org foundation's formats is Vorbis. They are working to create a patent-free video format along the lines of MPEG and believe it will make easier for consumers and general Internet users to stream the content they create with less overhead and fewer issues related to software that will use the format.

OGG Vorbis is steadily gaining ground among developers for its superior sound quality and open source code base. And toy and hardware manufacturers are using OGG Vorbis to encode their audio files to achieve efficient compression and avoid patent issues with MP3. However, most of the portable music players still not support OGG format.

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