Top 3 Methods to Convert Photos to JPEG with And without Photoshop

Last Updated on December 29, 2022 by Peter Wood

When you take photos with a digital camera, download GIF/AVIF/WebP files online, get HEIC files from friends or create PNG from photo editors, you should know how to convert images to JPEG instead. It is not a difficult task to transcode photos to JPEG. You can find the 5 methods to get JPEG files for a different purposes.

You might take it for granted to use Photoshop to convert photos to JPEG. But there are some restrictions on converting pictures with Photoshop, especially for batch processes. Learn more detailed information about the process from the article now.

How to Convert Photos to JPEG

Solution 1: How to Convert Photos to JPEG in Batch

When you need to convert any photo format to JPEG, WidsMob ImageConvert is the right option you need to consider. It not only converts generic photo formats, RAW file formats, AVIF, WebP, HEIC, and more but also works with PDF files. You can resize photos, rotate/flip them, add watermarks, and add borders before conversion. Moreover, you can also customize presets to apply a series of the editing process with batch processes.

1. Convert most RAW formats, HEIC, WebP, AVIF, and most file formats to JPEG/JPG easily.

2. Resize photos, rotate/flip pictures, apply text/image watermarks, add borders, and edit them.

3. Provide Super AI Resolution to enhance the quality of the images up to 4X of the original files.

4. Customize photo conversion presets to apply a series of editing functions within one click.

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Step 1: Once you download and install WidsMob ImageConvert, you can launch the program and click the Import button to add photos from different resources. Of course, you can also drag and drop the desired photos you want to import. It works with most RAW file formats, AVIF, WebP, HEIC, and other generic photos.

Import Photos to ImageConvert

Step 2: Double-click the desired photo you want to convert, you can enable the Resize option and choose the desired mode, By Width, By Height, Percentage, or Free to convert the photo to JPEG within the same size. Moreover, you add text or image watermark to the photos before clicking the Batch Convert button.

Edit Photos Before Conversion ImageConvert

Step 3: If you have to save photos frequently with the same watermark, size, border, or other settings, you can simply click the + button under the Presets menu. After that, you can name the photo to JPEG preset. Next time, you only need to choose the customized preset to apply a series of editing processes just in one click.

Edit and Save Preset ImageConvert

Step 4: When you click the Batch Convert button, you can choose the destination folder for the output file. After that, you can choose the output format as JPG and tweak the photo quality. If you do not want to replace the original photos, make sure the Overwrites exist files option is not ticked. Click the Convert button to convert photos to JPEG in batch.

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Solution 2: How to Convert Photos to JPEG Online

If you do not have lots of photos or do not want to install an extra program, a free online JPEG converter should be a good option. Just take ConvertImage as an example, you can convert PNG, GIF, or BMP to JPEG with the following process.

Step 1: Choose the picture output format as JPG, you can change different formats in JPG online. You can only convert BMP, DIB, GIF, CUR, PDF, PCT, PNG, PSB photo formats to JPG.

Step 2: Select your image by clicking the Select your image…. Besides the limited photo formats, you are not able to convert the RAW file to JPG. There is another restriction for the uploaded photo size.

Step 3: Click the Convert this image to convert images to JPEG. You can also crop, resize, rotate and symmetrize all your photos online as well as creating ID photos.


Solution 3: How to Convert Photos to JPEG with Photoshop

What should be the easiest method to convert photos to JPEG? Especially when you need to preserve more details for the original pictures, Photoshop might be another choice for you.

Step 1: Open Photoshop on your computer and go to File > Script > Image Processor. As for the case, you can batch convert different photo formats into JPEG.


Step 2: Click the Select Folder button to choose images from a folder to convert into JPG. If there is any subfolder, you can also include them by clicking the associated checkbox.

Tips: If you are processing a group of camera RAW files under the same lighting conditions, you can also adjust the settings for the first image instead.

Step 3: Select the Destination folder you want to save the processed JPEG files. You should make sure the output files are not the same as the original if you need to save photos to JPEG files in the same folder.

Step 4: Choose the Save As JPEG option, which you can save images in JPEG format. After that set the JPEG image quality between 0 and 12. Of course, you can also choose Resize to Fit to fit within the dimensions you enter in Width and Height.

Step 5: Click the Run option. And your image will be saved as JPEG in the location you specified. If you do not use the same name as the original, you will not overwrite the original images.

Save Photos with Photoshop


To convert photos to JPEG for different purposes, here are 3 frequently used methods in the article. To convert RAW files to JPEG, you can use WidsMob ImageConvert to convert photos in batches. Of course, you can also use online solutions as well as Photoshop instead. If you have any queries about converting pictures to JPEG, you can feel free to inform me of more detailed information in the article.

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