Image to PDF Converter – 12 Easy Methods to Convert JPEG/JPG to PDF

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If you have tons of images and wish to convert JPEG/PNG/TIFF to PDF, what are the best image-to-PDF converters you should choose? It is not difficult to turn them into PDF format. But you should know how to combine multiple images into one file, preserve the original frame, keep the optimal quality and frame, or even recognize the texts within these images should be considered. Just learn more about the 12 easy methods to convert multiple JPEGs into a PDF from the article.

How to Convert Photo to PDF

Part 1: The Simple Method to Convert Any Image to PDF

Whether you need to convert images to PDFs or combine multiple JPEGs into a PDF, PDFelement is a versatile and advanced PDF converter that provides multiple methods to convert JPG to PDF. Even if you just need to convert part of the picture to a PDF, you can take advantage of the editing features. It also provides advanced OCR algorithms to extract the texts and images from the PDF easily.

1. Convert JPEG, JPG, PNG, and other photo formats to PDF or PDF/A files.

2. Provide multiple editing features to combine, split, crop, and manage PDFs.

3. Apply advanced OCR algorithms to extract the desired texts and images.

4. Organize the PDFs, such as rearrange, rotate, delete, markup, and more.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program and clicks the Create PDF button located in the main interface. Search your local folder and then upload the image you wish to convert by pressing the Open button.

Import PDF for Text Darken PDFElement

Step 2: If you need to convert the desired part of an image to a PDF, you can click the Crop button from the Tool menu. Select the desired part you want to crop. Select the Properties menu and click Clip Object to finish the cropping task to cut out the desired image.

Cut Out Image PDF PDFElement

Step 3: There are advanced features to add watermarks, annotations, and more others. When you get everything done, you can go to the File menu and click the Save button to convert pictures to PDFs and save the PDFs to your desired folder.

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Part 2: How to Convert RAW Files to PDF in Batch

When you need to convert different photo formats to PDFs, including AVIF, WebP, HEIC, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more, WidsMob ImageConvert is a versatile method. Besides the basic photo-to-PDF conversion in batch, it enables you to resize photos, rotate/flip images, add text/image watermarks, and even change borders. It has an advanced AI algorithm to upscale the image resolution to up to 4X before converting photos to PDFs. Moreover, it enables you to custom presets to get the desired PDF files within one click.

1. Convert more than 80 different RAW files, generic photos, and more to PDF file format.

2. Provide AI Super Resolution to upscale the original image to up to 4X of the original file.

3. Custom preset with rotating, resizing, renaming, adding text/image watermark, and more.

4. Convert images to ICO, WebP, AVIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PDF with a batch process.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob ImageConvert, launch the program on your computer and click the Import button to upload the desired photos to the program. Simply drag-n-drop the desired photos into the program.

Import Photos to ImageConvert

Step 2: Double-click the desired photo you want to convert to enter the editing window. There is an Export PDF icon in the upper-left corner, if you need to convert one photo to PDF, you can click the button and enter the name of the output file.

Export PDF Icon ImageConvert

Step 3: When you need to further edit the photos, you can resize the pictures with different methods, rotate/flip the images, add text/image watermarks, and more. If you want to save the preset, you can simply click the + icon under Presets.

Edit and Save Preset ImageConvert

Step 4: To convert the photo to PDF in batch, you can click the Batch Convert button in the bottom right corner. Choose the PDF option from the drop-down list from the Format button and tweak the desired file quality before clicking the Convert button.

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Part 3: How to Convert JPEG to PDF on Windows 7/10/11

1. How to convert Photo to PDF with Microsoft Print to PDF

When you need to convert JPEG to PDF for free, Microsoft Print to PDF is always the initial choice to get the desired PDFs. It also provides the feature to fit a picture to a frame before saving it into a PDF. If you have already installed the virtual PDF printer, you can follow the process.

Step 1: Press both the Windows and X keys together. Click the Quick access menu on your computer. Click File Explorer to open the image with the built-in Photos on your computer.

Step 2: Choose the desired image you wish to convert to PDF from Photos. Right-click the selected image and click the Print button. It will direct you to the Print Pictures window.

File Explorer

Step 3: Set the Microsoft Print to PDF option as Printer. It enables you to adjust PDF size and quality. When you need to cut off some parts, you can check the Fit Picture to frame option.

Step 4: Once you have clicked the Print button, from the Save window, you can select the destination where you wish to save your PDF. Click the Save button to change JPG/JPEG to PDF.

Microsoft Print to PDF

2. How to convert Photo to PDF with WidsMob Viewer

Like Windows operation systems, you can use the WidsMob Viewer to convert photos to PDF in batch. It should be a versatile photo viewer to view different RAW formats. You can turn RAW images into PDF files as well.

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Step 1: Select the photos you want to convert the image to PDF. Of course, you can also use the Favorite feature; you can add the pictures into the Favorite folder. As for the case, you can turn photos into PDF in batch.

Preview PDF with WidsMob Viewer

Step 2: Choose the Print option from the File menu. After that, you can find the PDF option in the lower-left corner. Choose the Save as PDF option to turn photos into PDF files.

Convert Photo to PDF with WidsMob Viewer

Step 3: You can name PDF files and choose the destination location. Add the Title, Author, Subject and other information to convert photo formats into PDF files.

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3. How to convert Photo to PDF with Windows Photo Viewer

You can use the default photo to PDF converter as Windows Picture for the Windows Vista or above operating system. And you can convert Photo to PDF in batch as the following steps.

Step 1: Put all JPEG/JPG files and other photos that you need to convert JPEG/JPG to PDF format into the same folder.

Step 2: Select the photos to convert to PDF, right-click the mouse of any images and choose Print from the pop-up windows.

Print Photo Viewer

Step 3: You can select the different parameters to convert images to Adobe PDF from the Printer Wizard.

Step 4: Select the Printer as a Virtual PDF Printer. If you still have not installed PDF Printer for Windows 7/8, you can install the program first.

Print PDF on Windows

Step 5: Name the output PDF files and choose the destination location. When the conversion is complete for turning photos into PDF, you can get the result PDF in the destination folder.

Part 4: How to Save a JPEG Image as a PDF on Mac

Preview is a built-in JPEG to PDF converter for Mac that allows you to edit, create, and manage both images and PDFs. However, Preview has a limited feature for converting PDFs, which works with one to two images to PDF at a time. Here is the detailed process you should know.

Step 1: Right-click the desired image you want to convert to PDF. Choose the Preview as the image viewer to open the file. It also enables you to combine multiple JPEGs into a PDF.

Step 2: Click the File menu and choose the Print option. There is a pop-up window once you have selected the files. Click the PDF option then choose Save as PDF located at the menu bar.

Step 3: After that, you can name your converted PDF file and set it by title, subject, and keywords. Click the Save button to get the JPEG/JPG to PDF conversion process done.

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Part 5: How to Make JPEG/JPG to PDF Online

1. How to convert Photo to PDF Online with Online2PDF

If you do not want to install any program to convert Photo to PDF, you can use the Photo to PDF online solution. Take Online2PDF as an example. It takes a few steps to convert images to PDF online for free.

Step 1: Select or drag-n-drop all the images to convert them to PDF. The maximum file size is 50MB and up to 20 files at a time.

Step 2: Choose the Preferences as Image to PDF, and then you can also click the Convert button to transform photo to PDF.

Step 3: Download the PDF to your computer after clicking the Convert button.

Besides, you can also find other online solutions. Most can turn photos into others, such as converting images to JPG, PNG, and other formats.


2. How to convert Photo to PDF Online with ImagetoPDF

If you wish to convert your JPG to PDF online, ImagetoPDF is the desired tool to convert your images to separate PDF files or even to merge the files into one PDF file. It enables you to upload more than 20 images for a batch process.

Step 1: Go to ImagetoPDF with a web browser and click the UPLOAD FILES button to import the desired images you want to convert. You can also drag and drop the files to the upload area.

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the desired images, it will convert the image to PDF directly online. Click the Combined button to merge all the PDF pages into one PDF file.

Step 3: When you need to download the PDF separately, you only need to click the DOWNLOAD button under each thumbnail to save the image to a PDF from the online converter.

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Part 6: 4 Methods to Turn JPEG Image to PDF on Android/iOS

What should you do if you need to convert photos to PDF with an Android phone or iPhone? Here are the 4 methods that turn Photos into PDF with a smartphone or tablet. Take Photos of the iPhone and Camscanner for Android phones as an example. For the latter solution, you can turn photos into digital formats.

Method 1: How to convert Photo to PDF via Print option of iPhone

Step 1: Launch the Photos app on iPhone or iPad. After that, you can tap the Select in the upper right corner. Choose the images that you would like to convert Photo to PDF.

Step 2: Once you select all the images, tap the Share button to convert photos into PDF. Choose the Print option from the Share menu now.

Step 3: After that, you can access the Printer Options screen with preview thumbnails. Swipe the page thumbnails to check that everything looks good. Tap the Share icon to send the PDF files.

Print Photos on iPhone

Method 2: How to Convert Photo to PDF with Camscanner on Android Phone

Step 1: Once you download and register Camscanner, you can touch Use Now on the bottom right corner. After that, click the ALLOW button to access photos, media, and other files on your Android phone.

Step 2: Press the Start Scanning button to take photos into PDF files. Select single or multiple images. Make sure to capture the entire photo under good lighting conditions.

Step 3: Camscanner adjusts and trims the photos automatically. You can touch the CHECK-MARK on the bottom right to apply adjustments. After that, you can find the PDF files on an Android phone or tablet.


Method 3: PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a powerful PDF editing app for Android and iOS. It enables you to edit PDFs, signatures, pages, links, and more. It has OCR to recognize scanned documents when you need to convert the images to an editable and searchable PDF.

Step 1: Install PDF Expert from App Store and launch the program. This will start the conversion process of your image to PDF.

Step 2: Go to the extended menu by tapping the …More menu option, then tap on the Convert to PDF button.

Method 4: Xodo PDF

Xodo PDF has advanced features not only in converting images to PDF but also in editing, organizing, combining files, compressing, and cropping images. It works on both computers and smartphones. You can convert images to PDF files on any device directly.

Step 1: Go to its official website with any web browser. From there you will see the uploader area where you can upload your image file.

Step 2: Drag the image file to the uploader area or select it from Google Drive. Click the Upload box and the converting process will start.


With all the different and workable methods on how to convert JPG to PDF available these days, there’s nothing to worry about. There are methods that you can easily use since they are already built into the system of your device as well as those available online without any charges at all. However, if you wish for more professional assistance and solution then PDFelement will be your best choice ever.

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