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How to Convert Photo to PNG with/without Background

When you need to convert photo to PNG, you should pay special attention to the background. Although there are multiple photos to PNG converters, you might still difficult to find the right solution to handle with background. The article explains the different methods for turning photo to PNG with multiple requirements.

If you are using JPEG, JPG or other photo format, you can convert photo to PNG simply by changing the file extension. But for the RAW formats or other photo formats, when you change the photo formats to PNG, it might destroy the original file. It is recommended that you can copy the photo format before conversion.

Photo to PNG

Part 1: How to Batch Convert Photo to PNG with Background

While you will get better quality of the photo, you can convert original photo to PNG. If you do not have a special requirement for the background, you can use a photo to PNG converter with batch features. WidsMob ImageConvert is highly recommended program to get the PNG files with high quality.

WidsMob ImageConvert is a professional photo converter with multiple advanced features. Not only for converting photo to JPEG, PNG and other photo formats, but also add special features, such as de-noise and RAW process.

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Step 1: Launch WidsMob ImageConvert, choose “File” on the top and select “Import” to add images. You can upload all the photos or simply click the folder to convert photo to PNG.

Import Pictures ImageConvert

Step 2: Rotate the photos or apply the de-noise effect to batch convert photo to PNG with ease. You can also choose lots of other functions of editing PNG photos before converting, such as resize, rename, add watermark, etc.

Free Resize ImageConvert

Step 3: Click “Start Convert” button and choose your destination folder. Then choose the output format as PNG and adjust the quality of the output for all the photos. Tick “Discard meta data” or “Overwrite files …” if necessary and click “Export” to output converted pictures.


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Actually when you convert photo to PNG, it might cause some image noise due to the compression or conversion. When you apply the de-noise features, it turns the best result of PNG for you accordingly.

Part 2: How to Convert Photo to PNG with White Background

When you need to convert photo to PNG without background, such as Logo or frame, you might need to use Photo editor instead. Just learn more detail about how to remove background of JPEG photo to PNG as follows. Just add JPEG logo to Photoshop first, and then follow the steps to convert JPEG to PNG accordingly.

Step 1: Copy the background layer, you can make change or convert JPEG to PNG on the copied layer.

Step 2: Select the background eraser tool from Photoshop toolbox. It is under the Eraser Tool.

Step 3: On the tool option bar at the top screen, you can find a round and hard brush. Use the square bracket key for quickly scaling your brush size.

Step 4: Use the brush to remove the background of the JPEG file. Zoom up the JPEG to clean the background completely.

Step 5: Choose effective limit and sampling settings. After that you can completely change JPEG to PNG without background now.

Step 6: And then you can also use quick mask or pen tool to edit the inevitably areas of our foreground subject that get erased by mistake of the program.

Photoshop HDR Merge

As for the photos with white background, it is easy to remove the background for converting photo to PNG. Use Magic cut or background eraser tool can be a great help. But when you have to cut a certain part of the photo to PNG, it might be a little complicated.

Part 3: Convert Photo to PNG without Background

What should you do to remove a colorful background? Especially when the color of the stuff is similar as the background, you can use the cut features to convert photo to PNG. Super PhotoCut of EffectMatrix is highly recommended program to convert photo to PNG as for the case.

Super PhotoCut of EffectMatrix is able to instantly remove background from image for Mac and cut image in seconds. And then you are able to remove the background for photo now. Just follow the process to convert photo to PNG with the following process.

Step 1: Import the photo to the program, and then you can mark the stuff you want to cut as PNG.

Step 2: The program is able to stay focused on every part and edge of the image with live feedback.

Step 3: After that you can enhance your photographic design skill for a more realistic looking result.

Step 4: Finally you can save the JPEG format to PNG with the desired result according to your requirements.

It is a super easy photo to PNG converter that cut the desired part of photo as PNG file. And then you can convert photo to sketch or convert photo to painting accordingly.

Super PhotoCut


When you need to handle the background of the photos, above are three most frequently used solutions to convert photo to PNG. Just choose the desired solution according to your requirements. If you have any query related to above resolutions, you can share more information with us.

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