Convert Photo to Text? That’s All You Need

Last Updated on December 29, 2022 by Peter Wood

- “I received an email with an attachment that contained pictures. There is an anchor attached to this text. I need to convert photos to text for further management. Can anybody show me how to convert images to text in Microsoft Word? Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

There are many similar questions about converting images to text. If you encounter the same issue, then you just come to the right place. This article shows detailed tutorials about how to convert photos to editable words on your computer and smartphone. Well, just read and choose your best OCR conversion here.

How to Convert Photo to Text

Part 1: Convert JPEG to Text Online can be your best online OCR service, with which you can convert JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, and PDF to DOCX, XLSX ad TXT. The maximum file size is 15MB. Moreover, the JPG to word converter online free editable allows users to convert photo to text with 46 different languages.

Step 1: Search the site on your web browser.

Step 2: Click Select files… to import your photo.

Step 3: Select the output language if necessary.

Step 4: Choose Text Plain (txt) as the output format.

Step 5: Click Convert to convert photos to text-free online.

Part 2: Transcribe Image to Text on Windows

FreeOCR is the free convert photo to text software for Windows users. Different from other OCR converters, FreeOCR is for scanners, digital cameras, and mobile phones. What’s more, FreeOCR can convert scanned PDF to word too.

Step 1: Download and install FreeOCR on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Click Open on the top menu bar to import your picture.

Step 3: Choose OCR to convert the photo to editable text.

Step 4: Select the OCR language you want on the top right corner.

Step 5: Choose Copy Text to Clipboard or Save Text from the Text drop-down menu.


Part 3: Convert Scanned Picture to Text on Mac

For Mac users, you can try Text Extractor to convert scanned photo files to editable text content. The supported input formats are PDF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, and GIF. You can convert photos to text with all pages or current pages easily.

Step 1: Free download and install Text Extractor for Mac.

Step 2: Click Open File to add one picture from your hard drive.

Step 3: Trigger the on-off OCR option to the On state.

Step 4: Set the output document language and layout.

Step 5: Choose Extract to get all convert scanned images to text.

Step 6: Edit, copy, or extract the highlighted content in the right panel.

Text Extractor

Part 4: Extract Text from Photo on Android

To accurately convert images to text on an Android phone or tablet, you can turn to Text Fairy for help. Furthermore, you can correct and edit the extracted text freely without a second tool. However, the photo-to-text converter app cannot convert scanned handwriting to text at present.

Step 1: Search and download Text Fairy from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Run the converted photo to text app Android.

Step 3: Tap on the Camera icon to frame the area you want to convert.

Step 4: Choose the specific column and language from the output settings.

Step 5: Select Start to start converting a photo to editable text on Android.

Text Fairy

Part 5: Take a Picture and Convert to Word on iPhone

Office Lens app offers powerful OCR features that allow you to scan, edit and take pictures of documents. The convert photo to text app can digitalize texts on whiteboards and blackboards too. Thus, you can scan and convert images to editable text with ease.

Step 1: Download Office Lens from APP Store.

Step 2: Launch it and choose Document on the bottom.

Step 3: Tap on the Camera button to take a shot.

Step 4: Choose the Trim and Done options in order.

Step 5: Select Word under the Export To list.

Step 6: Wait until Office Lens converts the image to word.

Office Lens

Part 6: Extract Text from PDF Image with Adobe Acrobat

It is also a good idea to convert photos to text with Adobe Acrobat. You can get much more editing filters to make your text recognized. There is no file size limitation. Thus, you can use Adobe Acrobat to convert images to text in large amounts quickly.

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2: Select Open from the File drop-down menu on the top.

Step 3: Choose Export PDF in the right panel.

Step 4: Set Microsoft Word as the output format.

Step 5: Click Settings to specify the output settings if necessary.

Step 6: Select a destination folder and choose Save to export the extracted document.

Set PPT as Output Format

Part 7: Increase the Chance of Converting Photo to Text

If you fail to convert photos to text, especially when the text is blurry in the photo, is there a method to increase the chance? How to edit the photo with text and enhance the quality before OCR conversion? WidsMob AI Retoucher is a versatile method to enhance photo quality, convert photos to black and white, remove the noise/haze of the photo, and more to enhance the chances of converting photos to text. Moreover, it supports most file formats, such as RAW, AVIF, WebP, PNG, HEIC, and all generic file formats.

  • Convert photos to super B/W photos, pencil sketches, and other filters to make the text clearer.
  • Adjust sharpness, chrominance, luminance, highlights, shadows, saturation, temperature, tint, etc.
  • Enhance photos with text by removing haze, reducing noise, and other AI enhance features easily.
  • Provide multiple methods to make text clear and combine different methods to get better quality.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Retoucher, you can launch the program on your computer and click the Import button to upload the desired photos. When you click the Edit button, you can convert RAW format to generic photo formats or PDF files.

Import Photo with Text Retoucher

Step 2: Go to the AI Retouch menu, you can choose the Haze Removal button to fix the blurriness because of the scanning process. Moreover, you can select the Noise Reduction button to make the visible and clear automatically with an advanced algorithm.

AI Haze Removal Text Retoucher

Step 3: When you apply photo effects to make the text clear, you can go to the Adjust menu and adjust the Highlights option to make the text clearer. Moreover, you can tweak the sliders of exposure, contrast, shadows, temperature, sharpness, and others to get the desired effect.

Adjust HSL for Text Retoucher

Step 4: To extract the text from a photo, you can choose the Super B/W button or the Pencil Sketch button from the Filters menu. Moreover, there is a series of black-and-white analog film effects that you can apply to the photos with text.

Convert Photo to Pencil Sketch Retoucher

Step 5: If you are satisfied with the effect of the text, you can also crop and resize photos before clicking the Save As button. When you get the text clear within the photo, the above methods can perform better OCR recognition to get text correctly.

Win Download Mac Download


When you need to convert a photo to text, here are 6 workable methods you should try on different platforms. What should you do if you cannot get the text correctly? WidsMob AI Retoucher is the all-in-one choice to enhance the photos. Just download the program and enhance the photos with text before converting photos to text.