Slides to Digital Photos

3 Methods to Convert Slides to Digital Photos with Ease

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When you have some slides or negatives, how do you take full advantage of the files? What is the best way to fresh up old slides into digital photos? After that you can share the photos to friends with social media or save them in your computer. You can bring your old photographic slides, follow the digitalize process to enjoy them in photo format.

Whether you convert slides to image with smartphone or use slides and negative scanner, you can clean up slides first. You can clean up the dust collected on your slides before conversion. Once the slides are cleaned up, you can convert the slides now.

Slides to Digital Photos

Part 1: Turn Slides to Photos with Smartphone

If you have only a few slides, you can use smartphone and tablets to turn them into photos. In order to convert slides to photos, you can set a white background for the slides first.

Step 1: A white light with a paper can be used as background. You can also use a tablet with white color. For using iPad as light source, you can enable Guide Access under “Settings”> “General” > “Accessibility” > Guide Access to disable touchscreen input.

Step 2: Set a secure tripod or make sure a steady position with scan box with smartphone. When you need to convert photo to text, convert photo to PDF or convert slides to photo with smartphone, it is very important to take a perfectly aligned photograph.

Step 3: When you set everything in a good situation, you can convert slides to photos by scanning the slides now. Some additional scanners application is helpful to turn slides and negatives to photos with ease.

Smartphone Scanner

Part 2: Convert Slides to Photos by Flatbed Scanner

When you need to digitalize your slides with a great quality, you can use a dedicated negative/slide scanner. Make sure the scanner has a film capability, which is able to convert slides to photos and turn photo to digital.

Step 1: Once you load up the scanner and open the software, you can choose the “Positive film” for SLIDES and “Negative film” for NEGATIVES. As for the case, you are able to let the scanner know what you are scanning.

Flatbed Scanner Negative

Step 2: Choose the resolution or DPI you want to scan the slide or negative. It is recommended to use 1500 DPI or 4mm x 6mm for scanning 35mm slides and negatives in order to convert slides to photos in high quality.

Resolution DPI PPI

Step 3: After that you can fix dust, scratch, color fade in order to get the best result for the output digital photos. Now you can scan the slides or negatives to digital photos on your computer now.

Turn to Digital Photo

Part 3: Convert Slides to Digital Photos via DSLR Slide Duplicator

When you need to copy the DSLR slides, make copies of these slides, add filters for creative effects, DSLR Slide Duplicator should be the only choice to convert slides to photos. Just take zoom slide duplicator for example to find the detailed process as below.

Step 1: Fit the slide into a carrier at the opposite end of the DSLR slide duplicator, you can move up or down for selective cropping. The duplicator has a fixed aperture of around F/16.

Step 2: To help focus, you can remove the diffuser on some models and point the copier at a much brighter environment. Of course, you can also add light source to copy slides to digital photos.

Step 3: Use the DSLR cameras meter and shoot, bracket the exposure on your first attempt by changing the shutter speed manually or using the exposure compensation setting in aperture-priority auto.

DSLR Slide Duplicator

Part 4: How to get best result for converting Slides to Digital Photos

Once you convert slides to digital photos, there are some problems for the photos, such as the saturation, noise, grain and more. Some photos might lose the original effects of the camera profile. As for the case, WidsMob Retoucher should be the program you need to take into consideration.

1. Before further editing your photographs, you need to use noise reduction software to fix blurry photos first.

2. As for the portrait images, you can also remove some selfie imperfections, such as minimize freckles, whiten teeth and smooth skins.

3. Film pack provides dozens of revolutionary camera profiles to rediscover the magic of stunning film effects of the original camera.

4. Just looking for some additional artistic photo effects, retouch photos with color opacity to make the photograph special.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to get best result for converting slides to digital photos

Step 1: Download and install the program on your computer. Add the converted digital photos to the program, which you can further edit the photos with the desired effects.

Step 2: Remove the noise of the image. Choose the “DE-NOISE” menu, which you can adjust the Luminance, Chrominance and Sharpness to reduce noise of the converted slides.

Fix Image Noise with Retoucher

Step 3: As for portrait images, you can also get rid of the wrinkles and other imperfection due to the tracks of the times. Once you convert slides to photos, you can make the portrait more beautiful.

Selfie Photo Beautifier with Retoucher

Step 4: Apply camera profiles for film pack, you can find the original camera profile and apply stunning photo effect to rediscover the magic of the analog film, or make it much more beautiful.

Retouch with Film Pack Effect

Step 5: You can combine several effects together to get the best result for converting slides and negatives to photos. After that you can convert the photos to the desired result now.


When you need to convert slides to digital photos, you can find multiple solutions from the article. In order to get the digital photos with ease, you can use tablet and iPhone to get the photos. Of course, you can also find two professional methods to turn slides and negatives to photos. If you want to get the best effects for these photos, WidsMob Retoucher should be the ultimate solution.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

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