Here are the 2 Best Methods to Create an Interactive PDF Form for Sharing Information

Last Updated on September 9, 2022 by Tina Clark

Just need the audience to click the confirmation button after reading the PDF, or revise the desired part of a PDF document, how do you make an interactive PDF form? If you are in the Finance or the HR department, you will find how essential PDF forms are when it comes to your daily transactions. When you need to organize and present various kinds of content in one interactive PDF form, here are the 2 best methods you should know.

Create an Interactive PDF Form

Part 1: How to Create an Interactive PDF via Adobe Acrobat

To make an interactive PDF format that your audiences can engage with, Adobe Acrobat is always the initial choice. Whether you need to add links, buttons, videos, and more to enrich your PDF file, or organize and enrich them in one PDF, here is the detailed process.

How to Add Buttons to an Interactive PDF

Step 1: Go to Adobe Acrobat, you can click the Edit PDF located in the Tools section. After that, you can press the Link button and choose the Add/Edit Web or Document Link option to create a button within the interactive PDF via a link.

Add Edit Web Link Adobe

Step 2: Select and hover the mouse to draw the link. In the Link Properties window, you can choose the Link Type as the Invisible Rectangle option and the Highlight Style as the Invert option. Select the Go to a page view option for the Link Action.

Create Link for PDF Adobe

Step 3: Go back to the original table of contents page by adding a Menu Button. It will make it into an interactive PDF with a sense of engagement, which a touch of creative flair rather than using a static document that users can only read and scroll down.

How to Add Checkbox to an Interactive PDF

Step 1: Head to the Prepare Form option in the Tools section. It provides a list of tools that you can include, such as text, checkbox, radio, dropdown list, signature, initial field, company field, and others. Select the Checkbox button to make an interactive PDF.

Prepare Form Checkbox Adobe

Step 2: Draw a box over the square to add a checkbox to your PDF. After that, you can name the check box, add the author, and include the signer’s Email. Click the All Properties link to adjust the appearance, checkbox position, and checkbox style.

Adjust Checkbox Properties Adobe

Step 3: Once you are done, you can easily preview the PDF by clicking the Output Preview option from the Print Production option in the Tools menu. After that, you can click the File menu to choose the Save As option to save the interactive PDF.

How to Add Videos to an Interactive PDF

Step 1: To add a video to the PDF, you can simply go to the Tools menu and choose the Rich Media option. From the top menu to add 3D, button, sound, SWF, video, and select object, you can select the Add Video option to insert a video.

Add Video to PDF Adobe

Step 2: Select the desired area you want to insert the video. You can click the Browse button to enter the URL of a video. After that, you can check the Show Advanced Options to tweak the launch settings, playback controls, and add chapter points.

Insert Video Parameters Adobe

Step 3: It also enables you to choose your own thumbnail for the video by clicking the Create Poster from File option under the Poster Image menu. After that, you click the OK button to create it as an interactive PDF and make the PDF clickable.

Part 2: How to Make an Interactive PDF with PDFelement

Is there an easy alternative for making an interactive PDF? PDFelement is a versatile choice to create and manage PDF files. It not only enables you to make a PDF from scratch but also provides advanced interactive elements to communicate with your audiences. Moreover, there are advanced features to convert, annotate, and edit PDF files.

1. Make an interactive PDF with multiple tools that is editable and searchable.

2. Annotate, convert, edit, and perform OCR features within the PDF maker.

3. Add radio button, checkbox, text field, video, drop-down list, and other tools.

4. Adjust the different interactive parameters to make an interactive PDF.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement on your Windows/Mac, you can launch the program and click the Open files tab to import a PDF document. Of course, you can make an interactive PDF from scratch. Search for the desired PDF and click the Open tab to import the file.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2: After loading the PDF file, you can go to the toolbar and press the Form button. Search and click the Edit tab located in the top right section. You can add some interactive tools to the PDF, such as checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, and even list buttons.

Choose Interactive Tools PDFElement

Step 3: Click on the radio button and move to the text field of the PDF form that you want to add the radio button and place it there. Moreover, you can also tweak the other parameters, such as the button style, radio button choice, and more others for the interactive PDF.

Tweak Interactive Tools PDFElement

Step 4: Press the Close Form Editing from the menu bar once you are done adding your desired fields. After this, click the button on the text field you want to add to the form. You can now start typing your desired texts directly and simply do all the necessary actions on the other fields.

Win Download Mac Download


By using the right kind of interactive PDF software, you can make/create an interactive PDF easily with a professional result at all times. Adobe Acrobat is the default choice to create PDFs. But when you need to find some easy alternatives, PDFelement is always the best choice.