How to Edit and Crop GIFs in Photoshop? Here is the Simple Guide You Should Follow

Last Updated on September 15, 2023 by Peter Wood

Is it possible to cut out a desired part of the animated GIF or resize the file? As for editing photos, Photoshop is always the initial choice you should consider. How to edit or crop GIFs in Photoshop? What is the best alternative to cut out the desired part of an animated GIF? Just learn more details about the process and the best alternative to edit/crop animated GIFs in Photoshop.

Crop GIFs in Photoshop

Part 1: The Simple Guide for Cropping GIFs in Photoshop

Whether you need to crop animated GIFs in Photoshop or resize the file, it is the fundamental feature of image editing. Select the desired area you want to keep or even use the Rectangular Marquee menu. Just learn more about the detailed processes from the article.

How to Crop Animated GIFs in Photoshop via Timeline

Step 1: Open Photoshop on your computer and click the File menu to select the Open button from the dropdown menu. Browse your files and choose the GIF image you want to edit. Once selected the desired file, you can click the Open button to preview the animated GIF.

Import GIF to Photoshop

Step 2: Go to the Timeline bar, where you can find all frames of the animated GIF. If the Timeline bar is invisible, you can go to the Window menu to select the Timeline button to activate it. Select the desired frame and click the Trash icon to crop the frame from the GIF in Photoshop.

Delete Frame from GIF Photoshop

Step 3: Press the Shift key to select the desired GIF frames you want to crop. Just click the Yes button from the popup window. When you get everything done, click the Export button and select the Export As button. After that, you can select the GIF button as the output format.

Export as GIF Photoshop Win Download Mac Download

How to Crop Animated GIFs in Photoshop with Rectangular Marquee

Step 1: To cut out the area of an animated GIF, especially for all frames, you have to select all frames with the Shift key. Click the Image menu to select the Crop button. Moreover, you can also click the Crop tool from the left side to cut out the desired part.

Crop Area GIF Photoshop

Step 2: Adjust the frame before cropping the animated GIF. It also provides other cropping tools, such as Perspective Crop Tool, Slice Tool, and Slice Select Tool. Preview the resolution above the timeline to check the frame of the animated GIF beforehand.

Crop Process Photoshop

Step 3: Go to the File menu and select the Export button. After that, you can select the Export As button to tweak the settings for the animated GIF. Select the GIF as the output format, tweak width, height, scale, resample, and other parameters before clicking the Export button.

Save Cropped GIF Photoshop Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: The Best Photoshop Alternative to Crop GIFs

Is there an easy method to crop or edit GIFs as Adobe Photoshop, WidsMob ImageConvert is a versatile tool to edit and convert animated GIFs. It enables you to convert multiple animated files to GIFs or vice versa, resize the files in 4 different modes, rotate/flip the animated GIFs, and add watermarks in both text files and images. Moreover, it also provides the AI resolution upscale mode to enhance to 4X the original size.

1. Select the desired parameters, XY axis, and ratio parameter to crop GIFs.

2. Tweak the GIF size by width, height, resolution, free, and other parameters.

3. Provide an advanced AI resolution upscale to enhance 4X the original size.

4. Add text and image watermarks with multiple parameters and settings.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the Import button to add the animated GIF. Of course, you can drag-n-drop the GIF into the program for further editing.

Import Photos to ImageConvert

Step 2: Double-click the GIF and find the Crop icon in the upper left corner, where you can enter the detailed parameters, such as width, height, X, and Y to crop the GIF as Photoshop. Moreover, there are different preset ratios to cut out the desired part.

Crop GIF with Parameters ImageConvert

Step 3: Besides, there are multiple features to edit the animated GIF, such as rotating, flipping, and more. If you need to add watermarks to GIF, you can also enter the text or upload the image, and tweak the parameters, such as color, style, opacity, and more.

Add Watermark to GIF ImageConvert

Step 4: Once you had everything done, click the Batch Convert button to choose the GIF button from the Format menu. Of course, you can choose WebP or AVIF as the animated output before clicking the Convert button to save the cropped GIF.

Export to GIF WidsMob Win Download Mac Download


When you need to crop GIFs with Photoshop, whether deleting some frames or cropping the desired area, you can find the detailed processes from the article. But if you need to have an easy process to crop or edit the animated GIFs, WidsMob ImageConvert is always the initial choice.