Easily Delete Picasa Photos from Your Gallery or Android Phone

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

If you have created a Google account and set it up with an Android device, you may find that Picasa or Google Photo albums contain in your phone Gallery because your Google account syncs to your Android mobile. Every picture you upload to Google plus will store in Picasa or Google Photo albums on your device as well. To some extent, this can be a nuisance. You maybe already have Google Photos and still, have Picasa on your phone. So, you can delete duplicate pictures in Picasa.

In addition, if you have the Picasa desktop program and use it, you should know that since 15 March 2016, Google stopped supporting the Picasa desktop app. While you can still use Picasa, you should learn how to delete Picasa photos from Android mobile and remove Google photos.

How to Delete Picasa Photos

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When you view your pictures on your albums, you possibly notice there have auto-generated albums, for instance, YouTube albums. There may save cover photos of videos you have ever seen on YouTube albums. Mostly, those images are meaningless, but get your albums messy. Yet when you are eager to erase pictures in Picasa, there maybe has no Delete option. It seems that photos are hard to erase. Take it easy. You can try the easiest way to delete photos from Picasa auto-backup as below:

1. Go to Photos on your device and open the album you would like to erase.

2. Tap on the photo you wish to delete. Hit on the image after it open.

3. Select Delete to remove the photo. If you have no option to remove it, you can head to Google Plus.

4. Launch Google Plus, and then Choose an account you usually use to log in to Google plus.

5. Click on Photos. Then select and open the photo to remove.

6. Long press the photo until an icon with three dots displays on an upper column.

7. Tap on the three dots icon and click Delete photo.

Remove Picasa Photos from Google Plus

You can go back to Gallery to check whether delete the photo or not. Additionally, if you are a big fan of Google Plus, you can also learn more detail about the way to delete photos from Google plus. Things perchance happen that pictures are still an album, even though you use the method mentioned above. Hence you should know how to delete synced Picasa photos from Android devices.

Part 2. Delete Picasa Photos Permanently on Android Device

You may perhaps be bothered by cannot delete Picasa photos on your Android device. Photos synced Google account makes Android Gallery messy and runs out of your mobile storage. Fortunately, you can get rid of Picasa albums. Just learn more detail about the way to remove a photo from Picasa web albums.

Step 1: Uncheck Sync Picasa Web albums

1. Go to your Android Settings and find Accounts. Then tap on the Google option on the Accounts list.

2. Select the Gmail address you usually use. If you have more than one Gmail accounts, you can choose one to back up all of your photos.

3. Head to the Gmail account. You can see plenty of choices below.

4. Uncheck Sync Picasa Web albums. Also, you can uncheck Sync Google Photos to disable sync Google photos to your phone. Anything you don’t plan to use, you can uncheck them.

Uncheck Sync Picasa Web albums

After you finish this step, Picasa has stopped syncing to your Android device.

Step 2: Clear Gallery Cache

1. Head to Android Settings > Applications and go to Application manager.

2. Go to Gallery and click on the Clear cache as well as the Clear data button.

3. At this point, you are deleting Picasa photos from your phone.

Clear Gallery Cache

Step 3: Refresh Gallery

Open your Gallery and find that Picasa photos disappear on your Gallery. All Picasa photos are gone. If you are annoyed by Picasa photos synced, you can delete Google Picasa photos right now.

If you are used to storing more backup photos with iCloud, you will likely be annoyed by My Photo Stream, which probably occupies much storage space on your device. Fortunately, you can free up space through delete Photo Stream.


With the two solutions, you can delete Picasa photos from Samsung or any Android device. And if you regret deleting pictures from the Picasa web album, you can also recover deleted photos from Android.

Except for Picasa, Google Photos enable you to store pictures automatically. You can also save photos to iCloud, which is more suitable for Android users. If you have any queries about deleting Picasa photos, you can share your comments in the article with us.

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