Export OneNote to PDF Documents – Here is the Simple Guide You Should Know

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When you need to share notes from OneNote with others, exporting OneNote to PDF is the optimal choice. Microsoft OneNote includes a feature that allows you to share a complete notebook or a section of it as a PDF document. In addition, you can convert it to a Word DOC file and upload it to One Drive using Microsoft Word.

Moreover, OneNote OCR, which Microsoft refers to as its cloud optical character recognition tool, can also do the operation in a fraction of the time it would take a human to complete it. It is extremely simple to use and requires just a few simple steps to complete. You can learn the detailed process of how to convert OneNote to PDF files from the article.

Export OneNote to PDF Documents

Part 1: How to Export OneNote Notes to PDF Files

How to Export Notebooks from OneNote to PDF Directly

To share a handout with a friend or colleague who does not have a OneNote account, you should either provide your account or export OneNote to PDF. It is beneficial in a variety of situations when you save the notes as PDF files. But there is one major drawback, which is time-consuming to convert the notes in the method.

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Step 1: If you have already installed OneNote on your computer, you can launch the program and navigate to the notebook you desire to convert to PDF format, and click on it.

Step 2: Click the File tab in the upper-left corner of your OneNote screen to open the File menu. To export OneNote to PDF, select the Export option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Then, under the Select Format column, click the Export button and choose the PDF format from the drop-down menu. It also preserves a static snapshot of the information.

How to Save OneNote to PDF from Web Browser

When you need to save OneNote on another computer without the app, you can also use the online account to save OneNote to PDF. There is a limitation to export the notebooks in the method. It is not possible to exporting the whole notebook or portion to PDF. You can only print or save one page of OneNote at one time.

Step 1: Once you have entered the OneNote account, you can choose OneNote for the web page you desire to export as a PDF from your web browser and then go to it.

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Step 2: Click the File option and select the Print button. After that, you can click on the Print button to export the desired notebook page from OneNote to a PDF page.

Step 3: Select the Microsoft Print to PDF option from the list of available printers. It will save the PDF file to the Documents folder on your computer's hard drive.

Part 2: Why Cannot Export OneNote to PDF Directly

How to fix the Microsoft Print to PDF of OneNote not working?

When you right-click on the Microsoft Print to PDF option and choose the Set as default printer from the context menu. Restart your computer and check to see if the problem occurs when you are using the Microsoft Print to PDF application to export OneNote to PDF.

What should I do if the export PDF text formatting is messed up?

Choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option to export notebooks to PDF. You can click on the View tab. On the Page Setup group, click the Paper Size option and set the Size to Letter option, which you can adjust the parameters before saving the file.

Why is the Export option not available to export OneNote to PDF?

Make sure you have already updated OneNote to the latest version. Go to the Account option and click the Connected service button to add your personal OneDrive account. Click the Move section to option and select your personal OneDrive account.

Part 3: The Ultimate Method to Export OneNote to PDF

What should you do if you cannot export OneNote to PDF properly, such as the page cut-off, margin rules, and more? Whether you need to save the notes to PDF properly or further edit the PDF files, PDFelement is the all-in-one PDF editor you should choose. Moreover, you can also add annotations, apply encryption, and even extract the texts with OCR algorithms.

1. Convert notebooks, XPS, Word, and other formats to PDF files exactly.

2. Adjust the page sizes, languages, fonts, orientation, and other settings.

3. Add annotations, including the texts, images, drawings, shapes, etc.

4. Encrypt the PDF, perform the OCR algorithm, and set up printing features.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can open the program on your computer, which contains a number of configuration options. Click the Open File menu and navigate to the notebook file you want to export, and then select the Open in Explorer button.

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Step 2: When you imported the notebook, select the Convert menu and choose the OCR option from the drop-down menu. It will automatically detect text in the image and invite you to perform optical character recognition to extract the texts from the note.

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Step 3. Following the extraction of the text from the image, you have the option of keeping it as a Searchable Text Image or an Editable Text. Just choose the Editable Text option to export the note to PDF and choose the proper language. Hit the OK button to finish.

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Step 4. As soon as the OCR process is completed, the text will show as editable text on your computer screen. You may then copy and paste it into another document or use it within the same PDF by selecting it in the top window and selecting the Edit menu.

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You have learned the best three methods to convert a OneNote file to a PDF without the help of technical experts. Moreover, you can find troubleshoot if you cannot export the files directly. PDFelement is the best alternative when you need to save the notes to PDF or other files with OCR algorithms.