How to Fix Tumblr GIF Animation Not Moving? Here is the Troubleshooting

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When you post animated GIFs on Tumblr, you might find the animated file not moving. What should be the problems and how to fix them? There are various factors for the problem, such as network, platform, and even the animated GIF animation itself. If you have any queries or problems about fixing Tumblr GIF not moving, here is the concrete guide you should know.

Fix Tumblr GIF Not Moving

Part 1: The Reasons that Tumblr GIF Animation Not Moving

Slow Internet Connection

If your Internet connection is slow, it may take longer for the GIF animation to load and start playing. You can try waiting a bit longer to see if the Tumblr GIF starts moving.

Tumblr Platform Issues

Sometimes, Tumblr may have technical issues that can cause GIF animations not to play correctly. Just try refreshing the webpage or simply wait for Tumblr to resolve the issue.

GIF File Size

When the animated GIF file is too large, it may take longer to load, causing the animation to appear static. As for a poor Internet environment, the Tumblr GIF will not move.

Compatibility Issues

The animated GIFs are compatible with all web browsers or mobile devices. You can try opening the GIF in a different browser or another device to check whether it works.

Incorrect File Format

If the GIF file is not in the correct format, it may not play correctly on Tumblr. Make sure that the GIF file extension should be .gif and make sure it meets Tumblr's requirements for GIFs.

Note: Tumblr has a maximum file size limit for GIFs, which is currently 10MB. Keep the animated GIF within a reasonable aspect ratio to make sure an optimal viewing experience. Moreover, Tumblr has content guidelines and policies for animated GIFs.

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Part 2: 5 Simple Ways to Fix Tumblr GIFs Not Moving

1. Make a Donation

Some Tumblr users have reported that donating to Tumblr's development team can help resolve issues with GIFs not moving. It is because donations can help support the ongoing development and maintenance.

2. Clean up Extensions

Browser extensions can interfere with the way Tumblr loads and displays GIFs. You can try disabling any browser extensions that may be causing issues and check whether it works to fix the related problems.

3. Reduce the GIF Size

Large GIF files take longer to load, which is the major reason for Tumblr GIFs not moving. You can reduce the size of the GIF by compressing the file size. It helps the GIF load faster and plays more smoothly.

4. Remove Transparent Background

The transparent background is another issue for GIFs not moving correctly on Tumblr. Just remove the transparent background from the GIF and replace it with a solid color background.

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Part 3: How to Edit Animated GIFs for Tumblr

If you cannot upload animated GIFs to Tumblr, whether it is a large animated GIF or further edit, WidsMob GIF is the all-in-one GIF editor to fix related problems for Tumblr GIFs not moving, including the large file size, change the background, save to GIF file format, and more. Besides, it enables you to create animated GIFs for Tumblr from photos, videos, and animated files. It saves animated GIFs with a maximum resolution of 320 pixels and 50 frames per second.

1. Produce high-quality GIFs that use thousands of colors per frame.

2. Adjust GIF file size, frame rate, HSL parameters, and other settings.

3. Add solid backgrounds to animated GIFs to fix Tumblr GIFs not moving.

4. Cut out the desired part, combine multiple clips, add watermarks, etc.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob GIF on your computer. Click the GIF Editor button to select the animated GIF in the pop-up dialog box. Once you have imported the file, you can cut out the desired part from the timeline of the animated GIF accordingly.

WidsMob Cut Out GIF

Step 2: Go to the GIF Size menu to customize the size of the GIF animation. Just uncheck the Scale Proportionally button and enter the corresponding value in the Custom button. Adjust the size of the GIF animation to reduce the file size to 10MB or less.

Reduce GIF Size

Step 3: When you need to add a solid color to the transparent GIF, you can go to the GIF Size menu and check the Background Color menu. After that, you can select the desired color from the color palette. It also enables you to add a sticker as the image background.

WidsMob Sticker GIF

Step 4: Adjust the slider under the Quality menu in the GIF Settings tab to get the desired quality to less than 10MB. Moreover, you can also adjust the other HSL parameters. When you're done, click the Export GIF button to export the GIF animation for Tumblr.

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Part 4: FAQs about How to Fix Tumblr GIF Not Moving

1Why is the quality of the Tumblr GIF reduced after uploading?
Tumblr may apply compression to GIFs during the upload process to reduce their file size and optimize loading times. This compression can sometimes result in a slight reduction in quality.
2Can I convert a non-animated image to an animated GIF on Tumblr?
No, Tumblr does not have a built-in feature to convert a non-animated image to an animated GIF. You need to create or obtain an existing animated GIF file to upload it to Tumblr.
3Can a slow internet connection affect the animation of Tumblr GIFs?
Yes, a slow internet connection can affect the animation of Tumblr GIFs. If your internet connection is slow, the GIF may take longer to load, causing it to appear static or not move at all.


When you encounter a GIF animation that doesn't play properly on Tumblr, here are the workable methods to fix the related problem. If you need to further edit the GIFs, such as reducing the file size, changing the background, and more, WidsMob GIF is the desired GIF editor you can try.

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