4 Effective Methods to Hide Photos on iPhone [iOS 15 Included]

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You should have some private photos on iPhone, such as sexy photos, terrible selfies, old baby pictures, and more other photos. How do you hide photos on your iPhone 13/12/11/XR, especially for iOS 15? The article explains 4 different ways to hide some private photos on your iPhone. Read the article to learn more details and choose the desired solution to hide photos on iPhone according to your requirement.

Hide Photos on iPhone

Part 1: How to Hide Photos in Photos App on iPhone

When you need to hide photos on an iPhone, you can try the default solution of the Photos App. The solution can be used for some unimportant photos only. When anyone looks through all your photos, he can still find the supposed hidden photos. Here is the detailed process to hide photos on iPhone via the Photos App.

Step 1: Open the Photos app from the home screen of your iPhone, and then select the Album option.

Step 2: Inside the photo album, you can tap and select the desired photos to hide on your iPhone accordingly.

Step 3: Once the photos are selected, you can tap the Share icon followed by the Hide option.

Step 4: When you tap on the Hide Photos option on iPhone, the selected photos will remain hidden from Moments, Collections, and Years, but still visible in Albums.

Before iOS 14, the album is listed as the Hidden Album next to all your other albums in Photos, which was not a very inconspicuous solution. But now, you can also go into your Settings app and turn off the Photos app's ability to even display your hidden album.

Hide Photos on iPhone Photos App

How to Access Hidden Photos in Photos App

Even if you hide photos on iPhone, it is only invisible to the Collections and Years views. You can still find them placed in a separate Hidden Album. It means the photos are not encrypted, but still visible in Albums. Now follow the steps to access the hidden photos on Photos App.

Step 1: Open the Photos app from the home screen of your iPhone, and then tap to choose the Album option.

Step 2: Find the Hidden folder from the list of Albums. The Hidden album will offer additional privacy features.

Step 3: After that, you can find your hidden photos in the album. It can still be shared or sent through messages as usual, as long as you access it from this hidden album.

If you do not want to hide photos on iPhone anymore, you can unhide the picture in iOS instead. Just enter the Hidden photo album, tap and hold on the pictures to tap the Unhide option from the submenu that pops up.

Access Hidden Photos on iPhone

Part 2: How to Lock Images on Notes App on iPhone

Just as mentioned, even if you hide photos on your iPhone with the Photos App, your friends or family can still access them. If you are looking for a method to hide and encrypt photos on iPhone from prying eyes, it is recommended to use Notes App to lock them away. Here is the solution to lock images on Notes app as below.

Step 1: Locate the images in the Photos app of your iPhone 13/12/11.

Step 2: Tap the Share icon to save the desired photo to the Notes app.

Step 3: Open the note with the photo in the app, tap the Share icon and lock the note.

Step 4: You’ll be prompted to create a password with a hint. You can set Touch ID or set your password, and then tap the Done option.

Step 5: Return to the Photos App and delete the photo on your iPhone.

Step 6: To hide photos on iPhone completely, remember to open your Recently Deleted folder within Photos and delete the photos completely.

When you hide photos in Notes app on your iPhone, nobody can access the photos without the password or your touch ID. Be aware that adding a password to your Notes app doesn’t protect the entire app. You must protect each note of photos individually.

Lock Images on Notes App on iPhone

Part 3: How to Make Pictures Invisible with Private Photo Vault

Except for the above solutions provided by Apple, you can also download some apps to hide photos on iPhone instead. You can also download and use the app to hide photos. The section just takes Private Photo Vault for an example, it allows you to import photos into albums and hide them behind a Pin code.

Step 1: Once you have downloaded the photo hider from the App Store, you can launch the program accordingly.

Step 2: Go to the Albums option to choose the desired one. You can also create a new album by tapping the Plus button.

Step 3: Tap the Import option and choose the location you want to import from, usually your Camera Roll.

Step 4: Choose the location you want to import to. You can hide photos on your iPhone with the application now.

Step 5: Once you have imported the photos, you can delete the original from your Camera Roll. Otherwise, it’s pointless to keep it in a private collection.

Private Photo Vault

Part 4: Best Alternative to Hide iPhone Photos on Windows/Mac

Whether you hide the photos with the Photos app or even choose the Private Photo Vault, there is one major restriction, it takes a large storage space of your iPhone. WidsMob MediaVault is one of the best alternatives to hide iPhone photos, including the original HEIC files and videos. It provides the advanced combined encryption method to hide photos and videos with a password automatically. You can also view the media files with several different modes, sort the desired file easily and edit them with some basic features.

  1. Protect different photos from an iPhone, such as JPEG, PNG, and HEIC.
  2. Preview iPhone photos with full screen, thumbnail, and slideshow modes.
  3. Rotate photos, zoom in/zoom out images, and apply other editing features.
  4. Export photos to your other public folder or email private media files.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed the program, you can launch the program on your computer. Make sure you have already transferred the photos from iPhone to the computer beforehand. If it is the first time you use the program, you need to set up a password beforehand.

Set up the Security Level

Step 2: When you need to manage the iPhone photos from different folders, you can simply right-click the photos and choose the Add to Favorites option or the Add to Album option to move pictures to the desired folder. Moreover, you can delete them directly.

Export Pictures MediaVault

Step 3: It enables you to view the private photos with full-screen and thumbnail. Just double click any media file to play it in full screen. You can also sort the desired file with different parameters, manage them between different folder, or even export them to another device easily.

View Pictures MediaVault Win Download Mac Download

Part 5: FAQs about How to Hide Photos on iPhone

1Is it possible to hide the photos on iPhone with text?

Yes. When you need to hide the photos somewhere not saving the photos, you can simply text yourself the photo or note via an Email or message, and then erase it from your photos. Unless someone snoops through your texts, he cannot find the hidden photos.

2How to lock and hide photos on iPhone with a Cloud service?

When you need to protect and hide photos on an iPhone, Google Photos and more other Cloud services are the recommended options to automatically upload and backup your photos and videos from your iPhone. Moreover, you can access the files with a browse on any device.

3What are the best photo vault apps for iPhones to hide photos?

Besides the above methods, you can choose a photo vault app to hide photos on iPhone, such as KeepSafe, KYMS, Spy Calc, and more others. Of course, when you need to save a large number of photos and videos, you should choose the best photo vault on Windows and Mac instead.


Of course, there are lots of other programs with excellent features. Once you hide photos on your iPhone within other Apps, you can delete them right away and make sure your iPhone has a secure password on it. If you have any other queries about hiding photos on iPhone, you can share more detail in the comments now.

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