How to Edit Animated GIFs with High Quality via the Best GIF Editor

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by Peter Wood

It is not difficult to find a GIF editor, Adobe Photoshop and EZGIF should be the popular choices that you have used. Most online GIF editors, including EZGIF, which have limitations for file size. You also need to export the file each time after editing. Photoshop is a versatile GIF editor, which provides a whole series of editing features. But it is difficult to manage the features if you are not familiar with the giant program. Here you can learn more about how to edit animated GIFs with WidsMob GIF, which enables you to create high-quality GIFs with a simple process.

How to Edit Animated GIFs

Part 1: Make High-Quality GIFs from Photos and Videos

Whether you need to create GIFs from photos or videos, it enables you to get high-quality with a max resolution of 320 pixels and 10 frames per frame. The GIF editor has thousands of colors per frame and supports up to 50FPS frame rate. Moreover, you can adjust the sequence of the photo frames and preview the animation beforehand. Select the Photo to GIF menu and click the Add Frames button to upload a series of photos. Make sure the correct sequence and preview the animation before clicking the Export GIF button.

Import Frame to GIF Maker Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: Adjust GIF Saturation, Contrast, and Brightness

If you need to enhance animated GIFs or adjust the HSL parameters, it has 3 different options to edit GIFs, including saturation, contrast, and brightness. It has sliders to adjust the effect with an instant preview, which enables you to get the desired one easily. Moreover, the feature is available for Photo to GIF and Video to GIF.

Once you have imported the animated GIF, click the GIF Adjustment button to tweak the different HSL parameters to achieve the desired effect, including saturation, brightness, and contrast.

Black and White Color GIF Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: Tweak GIF Size and Export Highest-Quality GIFs

It lets you resize animations and tweak compression levels, so you can make your GIFs fit within upload file size limits. You can choose the different presets for social media sites, like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Of course, you can enter the detailed size, change the scale proportionally, and set up the background color.

Go to the GIF Size button and click the Options menu to select the desired GIF size from multiple presets. Just select the Instagram button to choose the different options or enter the parameters directly.

Tweak GIF Size for Social Media Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: Stitch Frames to a GIF or Cut out the Desired Part

Whether you need to stitch animated GIFs together or cut out desired parts of your animations, you can simply import the files into the GIF editor for further editing. It provides a range of tools for adjusting the timing and sequencing of your animations, which allows you to create smooth transitions and seamless animations as your requirements.

Go to the Photo to GIF button and click the Add Frame button, where you can upload multiple animated GIFs for stitching. As for cutting out the desired part, just drag the selection boxes at both ends of the timeline.

Stitch GIF Win Download Mac Download

Part 5: Add Text/Sticker with Multiple Advanced Settings

Adding text or stickers to your GIFs is a fun and effective way to enhance the visual appeal and convey additional information or emotions. The GIF editor not only enables you to tweak fonts, sizes, colors, and more, but also enables you to tweak the layers, opacities, curves, shapes, and margins within clicks. Just find similar settings for the stickers.

Click the Text button to add a text box to the animated GIF. Enter the text in the pop-up text box, and adjust the format/color/font size of the text. Adjust the layer, curve, and shape to adjust the text box as well.

Tweak the Layers of Text GIF Win Download Mac Download

Part 6: Apply Rotating, Mirroring, Reversing, and More

Besides, you can also find some basic editing features, such as rotating or mirroring an animated GIF. When you need to apply slow motion or fast motion, you can also simply adjust the duration of each frame. Moreover, you can also find the reverse sequence to edit the animated GIF with a back-and-forth effect.

Go to the Mirror button to find the Flip Horizontal option or the Flip Vertical option. As for slow-motion and fast-motion, you can enter the desired duration time. Head to the Sequence menu to adjust the reverse effect.

Rotate Effect GIF Win Download Mac Download

Part 7: Loop an Animated GIF with the Desired Effect

The loop count of GIF animation refers to the number of times the animation will repeat before stopping. By default, GIFs will loop indefinitely, but you can use the GIF editor to set a specific number of loops or make the animation play only once. Preview the animation to make sure the loop behavior is what you intended.

Click the GIF Settings button and enter the number of loops in the value box next to the Loop Count menu. If you choose the default 0, the animated GIF will apply the infinite loop.

Loop Count GIF Win Download Mac Download


When you need to edit animated GIFs, WidsMob GIF is the all-in-one GIF editor you should not miss. It not only provides advanced editing features that enable you to achieve the effect within clicks but also saves the highest quality GIFs with thousands of colors per frame. If you need to find a GIF editor for Windows and Mac, just download it to start your editing.