How to Make Animated GIF Collages – Here are 4 Workable Methods to Choose

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by Peter Wood

When you need to find a more effective way to tell a story, convey a message, or simply provide entertainment, an animated GIF collage is always the initial choice. How to make animated GIF collages with high quality? It is not difficult to create a photo collage or make an animated GIF. If you need to combine a visually appealing and harmonious GIF collage, here are the 4 workable ways you should know for different platforms.

Make Animated GIF Collages

Part 1: How to Make a GIF Collage on Windows/Mac

WidsMob GIF is a versatile GIF collage maker, which enables you to make a GIF collage from multiple photos or a video collage. You can save the GIF collage with a maximum resolution of 320 pixels with up to a 50FPS frame rate. Moreover, there are multiple editing features, applying reverse/slow-motion/fast-motion filters, adjusting HSL parameters, choosing GIF size for different social media sites, and more.

1. Compatible with GIF, APNG, WebP, JPEG, PNG, and other file formats.

2. Tweak background colors, specify the GIF size, and scale proportionally.

3. Adjust GIF quality manually with sliders and choose the desired frame rate.

4. Cut out the desired GIF part, stitch different clips, and manage the files.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob GIF, you can click the Photo to GIF button and choose the Add Frames button to import the collage photos you want to edit. After that, you can adjust the sequence for the frames before making a GIF collage.

Import Frames to GIF Maker

Step 2: Go to the Frame Adjustment button to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can have an instant preview of the effect. If you need to apply the slow-motion or fast-motion effect, you can enter the detailed time duration for the frame accordingly.

Apply HSL Parameters GIF

Step 3: Click the Text button to add a text frame and double-click it to enter the desired text. Besides the basic features, you can change the perspective and transparency for adding text to animated GIFs. It allows you to alter the shape, color, transparency, and margin of the text box.

Tweak the Layers of Text GIF

Step 4: To save the GIF collage for Instagram or other social media sites, you can click the Options button under the GIF Size menu to choose the desired template. After that, you can tweak the GIF quality and enter the loop account before clicking the Export GIF button.

Tweak GIF Size for Social Media Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: How to Design a GIF Collage Online

Kapwing is a cloud-based GIF collage maker that offers a wide range of tools and templates for creating and editing visual content. It allows you to combine multiple GIFs into a single composition using various layout options and even customization settings. Moreover, you can import the media files from Cloud services directly.

Step 1: Go to in the browser directly. Click the Make a collage button and choose the Click to upload button o to upload the animation files, videos, and photos you want to make a GIF collage.

Make GIF Collage with Kawing

Step 2: Once you have imported the desired media files, you can click the Crop button to cut out the desired part, and choose the desired effect with the Filter button. Moreover, you can select other features to polish the photo or video beforehand.

Apply Filter for Media Files GIF Kawing

Step 3: Select the Templates menu to select the desired collage template or add the templates for different social media sites. It also enables you to add transitions, adjust timing, add audio files, and more. Preview the GIF collage from the timeline.

Choose GIF Template Kawing

Step 4: When you get everything done, you should click the Export Project button. Select the GIF button as the output format and tweak the compression level. After that, you can log in to your account and click the Export as GIF button to download the file.

Export GIF Collage Online Kawing Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: How to Make a GIF Collage on iOS Devices

PicPlayPost is a popular video and photo editing app that offers a wide range of tools and collage templates for creating/editing visual content and making a GIF collage. The GIF collage maker provides a range of customization options, in which you can create unique and personalized GIF collages that reflect your brand or individual style.

Step 1: Download the PicPlayPost app from the App Store and launch it on your iPhone. After that, tap the New Project tab and select the Create a Collage button to select the desired collage layouts. Just fill out the collages with photos from your iPhone.

Step 2: When you finished the collages, you can tap the New Project tab to select the Create a Video or Slideshow button. Choose the desired ratio, such as 9:16 for Instagram. Tap the + button to add the collage and other files to make a GIF collage.

Step 3: When you need to edit the GIF collage, there are multiple features, including Text, Stickers, Effects, Filters, Music, Video Audio, etc. Choose the desired one and adjust the parameters using the gestures. Preview the GIF collage before exporting.

Step 4: When you get everything done, you can click the SAVE & SHARE button. Select the desired social media site to export the collage as a video. It also enables you to save the collage to the camera roll on your iPhone. After that, you can convert it to a GIF collage.

PicPlayPost GIF Collage Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: How to Create a GIF Collage on Android Devices

Creating a GIF collage is a combination of photo and video editing, Canva is the all-rounded GIF collage maker on Android that offers a range of tools and templates for creating visual content. If you need to make it from scratch, you can create photo collages and save them into a video or an animated GIF with advanced settings and features.

Step 1: Download and install the Canva app from Google Play and launch it on your Android phone. Tap on the Create New menu and select the Grid button from the options provided. It enables you to create collages for making an animated GIF collage.

Step 2: Select the layout of the GIF collage and tap the Upload button to select your collage from your photo library. Drag and drop collage files and adjust size and position using gestures.

Step 3: Add text or stickers to your GIF collage, preview your GIF collage by clicking on the Play button. Tap on the Save button to export the file to the photo library of your Android phone.

Canva GIF Collage Win Download Mac Download


When you need to create a GIF collage, here are 4 workable methods you should try on different platforms. If you just need to create some funny GIF collages, you can either use the online choices or make them on your phone directly. As for making high-quality GIF collages for business, WidsMob GIF is always the initial choice you should not miss.