How to Make a Slideshow on Mac – The Ultimate Guide You Should Know

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What are the best methods to make slideshows on Mac? Whether you need to create slideshows for birthday parties, professional presentations, or even just for fun, a slideshow maker for Mac is the optimal choice. Are you clueless about how to create a photo slideshow on Mac for free? There are 5 quick and free approaches that are discussed in this post. Come on, let's go ahead and have a look.

How to Make a Slideshow on Mac

Part 1: How to Make a Photo Slideshow on Mac with Photos

Photos app is the built-in app to create a slideshow on Mac, which assists in creating a slideshow with music on your Mac. In comparison to the methods that you may encounter online, it gives you a greater degree of control over the theme, music, timing, and transition.

Step 1. Import the desired pictures from the Mac into the Photos app and you can choose which ones to use in your slideshow. From the File menu, select the Create Slideshow option.

Step 2. A popup containing the slideshow's default name will appear. You can change the name of the slideshow if necessary. To import the images used to create the slideshow, click the Upload Photos option.

Step 3: The imported media files will be shown on the left pane beneath the Projects tab. To make a slideshow on Mac, click the Play icon. By pressing the sound icon in the floating control, you may alter the audio volume of the background music to make a slideshow on Mac.

Step 4: Click the Music option and choose music from the selection displayed in the library to use as the slideshow's background music. To specify the duration of each slide, click the Duration button.

Make Slideshow on Mac with Photos

Part 2: How to Make a Video Slideshow on Mac with iMovie

iMovie is a widely used video editing tool that comes pre-installed on all Mac computers. Additionally, it enables you to build a professional presentation in a matter of minutes. It works on both macOS and iOS, you can sync the files between devices to make slideshows on Mac.

Step 1. Launch the iMovie on your Mac and click the File button. Choose the New Movie option to create a new slideshow on Mac. Choose the desired theme that is most appropriate for your project.

Step 2. Open the pictures folder by clicking the Import Media option. Simply press the Command key on your computer and click to choose each image you wish to upload, and then click the Import All button.

Step 3. To add a new track to the background music library, navigate to the Import tab, pick the track, and click Import. To begin the slideshow, click the Play button. After editing, you may save the project.

Add Photo iMovie

Part 3: How to Make a Slideshow on Mac with WidsMob Viewer

Is there an easy method to choose the desired photos and create a slideshow on Mac? WidsMob Viewer is a versatile method to select the desired photos and make a slideshow on Mac easily. It also provides some excellent editing features to polish the photos, such as cropping the desired parts; applying the photo filters, and more.

1. Preview and select the desired photos and videos within the media library.

2. Choose the favorite photos with the Favorite mode for a slideshow on Mac.

3. Provide multiple photo filters, rotate the photos, crop the files, and more.

4. Make a slideshow on Mac with different durations, themes, sizes, etc.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Viewer, launch the program on your Mac. Just open one photo to access all your pictures stored in your MacBook directly. Thus, there is no need to open each photo to find your target picture.

Open Folder Viewer Pro

Step 2: Choose the five-pointed star to add a photo to the My Favorites folder. Click the icon beside to see all your favorite photos. Moreover, you can also choose the Add to My Favorites button from the Edit drop-down menu or further edit the photos.

Add to Favorite WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 3: Choose the Play icon at the bottom to make a slideshow on Mac. It enables you to preview the selected photos appearing automatically every 5 seconds. When you want to exit the slideshow, you can simply tap the Esc button to end the slideshow.

Slideshow Play TIFF WidsMob Viewer Pro Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: How to Create Slideshow on Mac Using Preview in Finder

Fortunately, the Mac computer devices have a built-in Finder application because it is useful for this simple problem. Moreover, the Preview app provided on Mac computers includes a slideshow feature that can be accessed directly from the Finder feature.

Step 1. Open the Finder application and select the images from your Mac that you want to utilize to create a slideshow. Right-click on the selected pictures and then hit the Open button from the menu to launch the application that will process them.

Step 2. Once Preview has opened all of the pictures you've selected, click the View option and then pick the Slideshow option to make a slideshow on your MacBook. Moreover, you can also edit the photos with the basic photo filters on your MacBook.

Step 3. The double pointing arrow on the left will take you to the first slide, while the double pointing right arrow on the right will take you to the slideshow's last slide. To pause the playback, click the two vertical bars. To terminate the slideshow, click the cross button.

Preview Slideshow Mac

Part 5: How to Make Photo Slideshow Online with Clideo

If you don’t prefer to install new applications on your Mac to create slideshows, you can have one with the help of online tools. Clideo is the desired online slideshow maker on Mac without downloading the application. However, you may still face limitations with this kind of online app.

Step 1. Open the online slideshow maker in Clideo. Simply drag and drop the required photos/recordings into the screen, or use the Choose files option or choose them from your device.

Step 2. To add additional files, choose the option with the same name on the top right and then add additional images or videos using the same methods as in the previous stage.

Step 3. After that, you can rearrange them according to your requirements and select the Add audio option to import any song from your device or online storage.

Step 4. Moreover, you can also utilize only a portion of it, or even use the Trim audio option and more other editing features. Once you're finished editing, click the Export button.

Make Slideshow Online Mac


These five approaches described above might assist you in creating a slideshow on Mac. Just use the default features on Mac to make a simple slideshow, such as Preview, Photos, and iMovie. WidsMob Viewer is the simplest and most effective method for making an auto-play slideshow.

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