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How to Turn Photo to Painting on iPhone/Android/Online Easily

It will be fun if you turn your photo to painting. No profession drawing and tools, all you need to do is to import your selfies, and then wait for the paint photo editor, to receive paints with few clicks. Most people will prefer to turn images to oil paintings.

Moreover, you can do basic photo editing before using photo to paint converter. If you have the similar interests of photo to painting conversion like me, then you can read this article, to get some new ideas and good recommendations.

Part 1. Edit Photo to paints on iPhone and Android

For people who love to take photos with smart phone, installing paint photo editor on iPhone or Android will be a nice idea. You can prevent unnecessary photo transferring. And it will be easy too, to change photo to be painting, as you are the real painter.

1. Brushstroke - Turn iPhone Photos into Painting

Brushstroke is one of the best iPhone photo editors to create paintings with multiple photo filters. Brushstroke, just as Bonfire not only turn iPhone photos into watercolor paintings, but also provides variety of painting styles, color palettes, signatures and choices of canvas surface. Just play around Brushstroke with iPhone photos to enjoy painterly style images.

Brushstroke Icon

Key Features of Brushstroke

When you need to use the different brushes of Brushstroke to create paintings as Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne or Renoir, you only choose variety of Paint styles to achieve the paintings with ease.

  • Paint: There are more than 13 different groups of photo filters with different painting effects. You can apply the artsy paintings with one click of Brushstroke.
  • Color: More than 35 different color options, you can add or remove different shadows and effects of Brushstroke to make the paintings colorful.
  • Canvases: If you need to change the texture of the paintings of Brushstroke, you can use the different textures, such as Canvas, paper and surface.
  • Signature: Signature is another unique feature of Brushstroke. You can sign the masterpiece of painting as your artwork in different colors and positions.

There are other different parameters to adjust the painting of Brushstroke, including the fundamental editing features and the multiple sizes of paintings. Brushstroke opens a simple but elegant design features to transform iPhone photos into a rendered painting.

Brushstroke Screenshot

Test & Review

Compared to the freebie of iPhone photo editors, Brushstroke costs US$2.99 to turn iPhone photos into paintings. And it is easy to make paintings as profession, even if you want to print the paintings, you can place an order using advanced equipment.


  • There are different types of painting styles, color palettes and frame to create a stylish painting.
  • The feature to make your own digital signature should be a plus to have a great experience to drawing paintings.
  • It is easy to share the painting to social media with others.


  • It is not a freeware and the price for the printing might be a little high for customers to enjoy fun.

How to turn iPhone Photos into Paintings

If you still have not installed the latest version of Brushstroke, you can download the Brushstroke iPhone App to create a stylish painting. The photo editor of Code Organa can help you draw the painting easily.

1. Launch the Brushstroke to create a painting, tap the left button to access your iPhone or iPad’s image library. Choose the iPhone photos to turn them to a beautiful painting.

2. Brushstroke provides different options to scale and crop your image accordingly. You can turn part of the image into a painting or the whole images.

3. And then tap the right arrow on the upper right of Brushstroke to convert iPhone photos into paintings. Brushstroke only takes a few ticks to convert the images into paintings.

4. Once you iPhone photos are transformed into paintings, you can find new photo filters to apply, which presents a different stylish painting. You can also change the colors or other parameters.

5. If you want to make the whole painting looks gorgeous, you can also change the background’s texture like art painted onto a block of wood or a sheet of paper.

6. Just use the basic functions to further edit the photos with brightness, contrast, saturation, density, exposure and other features to make a perfect painting with Brushstroke.

7. Finally you can make a digital signature for your painting. You can save the painting or share onto social media as the other iPhone photo editing tools.


2. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Icon

Prisma is the photo paint editor application both for iPhone and Android users. You may hear it before, on Instagram, Facebook or somewhere, because of its high quality photo to painting conversion, ad artistic filters to use. There are no additional operations you have to do.

Just import your images, and then apply the filters in Prisma. It may cost you 10 or 20 seconds to change a photo to a painting on iPhone or Android, with one filter. Moreover, you can move the intensity slider, to adjust photo intensity from 0 to 100.

There are many other features you can get from Prisma, not only limited in instant preview and intensity. If you wanna to install the photo paint editor on iPad, it will still cost you $2.99. Though you are able to convert photos to paintings on iPhone and Android for free already.

Prisma Screenshot

3. Pikazo AI Art for Photo to Painting

Pikazo Icon

Pikazo is the paint photo editor with a long history. You are able to not only use the offered free filters to customize images to paintings, but also personalization filter to apply with. It means you can create your unique photo-editing tool in Pikazo, to design paintings with obvious characteristics. The moment you choose one image from your photo gallery, Pikazo is prepared to offer you easy to use and well-designed templates to apply with.

Choose the preloaded painting templates, and then add the customizable painting. Later, choose the filters from the paint photo editor, to get created paintings for free.

Pikazo Screenshot

Part 2. Turn Photo to Painting Online for Free

Or you can use online editor, to get photo to painting effects. Most of them are free and easy to use. Moreover, you can get better photo editing experiences, to deal with painting creations and prepare work. So, here I will show you two good online paint photo editor, to help you manage images easily.

1. is the free online photo editor, with which you can process innovative paintings for free. There are many professional filters for you to choose from. The well-designed interface enables users to get those filters as fast as possible. You can get unlimited undo, special effects, with wide selections, and layers support.

The moment you upload one photo into, the filters are displayed on the left pane, and menus on the top prepared already. You can apply all filters to compare photo-editing effects. At last, save the converted paintings on computer directly. Or you can share to social platform, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. you can regard it as replacement of Photoshop, to process images in professional way, well, for free actually. Screenshot

2. Befunky

BeFunky is the well-known online photo editor, which everyone should know about, well, in my opinion. You can use BeFunky to do most photo editing tasks, online and for free. No extra charges. There are so many well-designed filters and attractive templates for you to try. Turn photo to painting online is just a piece of cake for BeFunky.

To be more specific, painting is a large topic, BeFunky supports users to change images to Cartoons as well, including oil painting, sketches, digital art, watercolor, under painting and more. In another word, BeFunky can help you to turn photo to painting online with multiple choices.

You need to import the image into BeFunky first. Later, find the painting part in the left pane, and choose. And there are any other basic photo editing filters for you choose. Or you can add stickers, change background, and add some texts, with fonts and many other changeable settings.

Enter Befunky Photo to Art

Recommendation: Get More Effects than Photo to Painting

If you want to turn your photos to more effects rather than painting, you can choose WidsMob Retoucher. WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile photo effects editor. You can get 28 different camera profiles with different color modes and film grain. What is more, you can also get some excellent photo retouching features, such as color adjustment, portrait touchup, noise reduction, image focusing and more.

1. 4 different color profiles with 28 classic and different camera profiles.

2. Custom film grain, color mode, color parameters, focus mode and toning.

3. Optimize the photographs with portrait touchup, noise reduction, etc.

4. Combine different effects from analog film, noise reduction and others to combine a desired result.

Before and After Photos Retoucher

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


Changing photo to painting is not difficult to achieve. And whether the painting beautiful enough is not only depended on the paint genres, but also the previous prepares. It means you need to edit images before converting to paintings. Later, whether to process images on smart phones or online is not very important actually. Though you may insist on the specific photo editing filters or the certain painting effect to apply with.

If you have something hard to understand from the above descriptions, feel free to contact us. Or you can leave your comments below, to share photo to painting turning experience below, to attract people with similar experience.