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Photo to Sketch - How to Turn Photo into Sketch in 20 Easy Ways

Wanna to have a pencil sketch photo of your own?

Actually, there is no need to pay another fess to ask somebody to draw, though some artists will do some changes, and specialize your selfies.

If you do not have too much requirements towards pencil sketch drawing, then why not use photo sketch editor, to turn photographs into sketch draws by yourself.

And here, I will introduce you 20 methods, to create sketch photos on PC and smart phones, to make creation into a divertive job. And you can also find Mac or online solution to achieve the desired result from the article.

Part 1: Turn A Photo into Pencil Sketch on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac (Including macOS Catalina)

1. How to Make Sketch Effect in Photoshop

In some people’s eyes, Adobe Photoshop is the tool to deal with complicated photo editing tasks, with elaborate filters and dozens of layers.

That’s the prejudice towards photo editing with Photoshop. Actually, it is not difficult to convert photo to sketch with Photoshop. If you have already converted photo to line drawing with Photoshop, you only need to use the blend mode and adjust the layer opacity to convert photo to sketch.

So let’s start photo sketch conversion.

Step 1. First of all, import your image, and then press Ctrl/ Cmd, Shift and D simultaneously, to convert colorful picture into grayscale.

Photoshop Grayscale

Step 2. Later, drag the duplicated layer to the new layer option. Press Cmd/ Ctrl and I together, to invert the layer. During this period, your photo may seem kind of horrible, like a ghost.

Photoshop Invert layer

Step 3. Later, change into Linear Dodge blend mode to see the white image, or you can use Color Dodge to sharpen edges.

Color Dodge Blend Mode

Step 4. Use the Gaussian Blur tool under the Blur Filter, to adjust the blur to do the final sketch photo perfection.

Photoshop Gaussian Blur

For people who are not satisfied with pure pencil sketch photo, use the Xtra-credit to add some color.

Part 2: Turn Picture to Sketch Online with 8 Tools in No Time

In fact, there are lots of online pencil sketch photo editor which can help you achieve sketch effect on your photos easily and effectively without installing any program on your computer.

Here we will introduce there online photo editor below for your reference. Let's start checking together!

1. PicMonkey Online Editor Edge Sketch for Pencil Sketch Effect

PicMonkey can help you to make your photo editing, collage making and graphic design ideas come to life.

With its Edge Sketch, you can easily make sketches out of your photos.

Here is at least a few traits that are shared with images playing particularly well with Edge Sketch including:

  • Sharp, clear lines
  • High contrast
  • Low detail
  • Broad swathes of the same tone

Edge Sketch Sunflower

Now let's check the easy steps of turning a photo into a sketch.

Step 1: Put your image on the PicMonkey Editor.

Step 2: Select Edge Sketch from the Artsy effect group from the effects tab on the left.

Step 3: Then it will transform your photo into a monochrome sketch.

Step 4: You can adjust the Thickness, Level of detail and Fade sliders to fine-tune the look until you get the sketched look good.

Step 5: Then click Apply and save your image for posterity.

PicMonkey Edge Sketch

2. Snapstouch Free Online Tool to Make Photo to Sketch

Snapstouch is a free online photo editing tool to convert photo to sketch, photo to pencil sketch, photo to painting, photo to drawing and photo to outline.

This online tool can give natural artistic effect in the same resolution as the original image is. Snapstouch supports many image format including JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.

Snapstouch will provide many additional options to improvise your effect, such as sketch in light pencil or dark or outline in painting for your image.

The steps for convert photo to sketch with Snapstouch is simple:

Step 1: Just choose your image and upload to Snapstouch.

Step 2: You can select sketch color by checking Custom color and set the RGB (Red, Green and Blue color) parameter. If you do not use custom color, the default sketch color would be Black and White

Step 3: You can check the additional option including Dark Pencil Sketch and Refine Faces according to your need.

Step 4: Click SKETCH button and wait for seconds to let Snapstouch convert your photo into sketch. Then you can click DOWNLOAD to download the sketched photo on your computer.

Snapstouch Pencil Effect

3. Picture to People Free Online Photo to Pencil Sketch Converter is a free online photo editor to turn your photos into pencil sketches online for free.

It is a powerful and configurable software to transform a photo into an astonishingly realistic pencil sketch or other type of detailed art such as the ones made by the best professional artists.

You can get different kinds of strokes, pressures and blends by changing the interface parameters. So it is possible to produce a piece of art that looks like made by using pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, crayon, chalk, watercolor, pastel, etc.

The steps are easy. Just input your image to within JPG, PNG or GIF format. Set configuration like overall style, strokes style, contour thickness, contour darkness, background color, strokes color, etc. Then click GENERATE button to wait for the conversion.

Then you can easily click Download Image button to download the pencil sketch or Back to make another sketched photo.

Picture to People Photo Sketch

4. Graphite Pencil Sketch to Get Realistic Pencil Sketch from Photo provide Graphite Pencil Sketch photo effect to make your photo have a completed look with some art and convert photo into realistic pencil sketch online. can instantly sketch your photo for free, turning it into a drawing, so your "sketch me" request is a simple thing now. And the effect has two variants of the final look:

  • 1. Pure Drawing: looks like a piece of cartridge-paper with a picture on it.
  • 2. Drawing with accessories: realistic pins, which is the best for ecards.

No matter what picture you will choose, a portrait of a landscape, in color or b&w, when you sketch it online, the tool will automatically turn a picture into a b&w pencil sketch. Photo Sketch

5. PhotoFunia Free Photo Effects and Online Photo Editor

PhotoFunia is the last but not least online sketch photo editor we mention here. With online photo effect took, you can instantly turn your photo into a pencil drawing.

Step 1: Click Choose photo to upload your photo from your computer, use the recent uploaded photos, shoot a photo directly with your computer camera or share image from your online account.

Step 2: You can choose the photo area you want to keep by adjust editing area. Then click crop button to set up the selected area.

Step 3: You can check Fade Edges option according to your need. Then click GO to start transforming your image into pencil drawing.

After few seconds, you can directly download the finished sketch by clicking Download button.

PhotoFunia Photo Sketch

6. Convert Photo to Sketch with Sketchmyphoto

If you do not want to download extra program to convert photo to sketch, you can use the online solution with Sketchmyphoto. You can convert photo to digital sketch creation for portrait, pets, couple, building or any other types of photos.

When you open the Sketchmyphoto, you can access different sketches, such as digital sketch, color sketch or sketch canvas. If you are satisfied with the result, you can follow the steps to turn photo to sketch art.

Step 1. Click Browse to upload the photo to convert to sketch. It takes a period of time to upload the file to the online converter.

Step 2. And then click Convert to Sketch button, please wait a period of time for the whole process.

Step 3. Just preview the sketch online, you can select the product to purchase now. If you convert photo to sketch only, you can purchase Digital Sketch with US$6.95.


There are more options to get sketch in variation types. The Sketch Preview only provides a result in a low quality. The digital sketch is great in quality with US$6.95, you can also convert photo to sketch with retouch with US$16.95. As for Digital color sketch, you need to pay extra US$3.00.

7. Convertimage Applying Pencil Sketch Effect on a Picture Online

Convertimage can let you achieve real hand drawn sketches over any photography, and then turn it into a beautiful online stroke drawing. Without complicated software or any plugin to install, and directly online. ConvertImage will carry out for you a beautiful pencil drawing effect, and can thus give a unique atmosphere to your photographs.

Step 1. Go to Convertimage webpage and choose the picture output format or keep it as original.

Step 2. Then apply the Sketch Drawing effect to your picture and select a picture you want to turn to line drawing sketch effect.

Step 3. Click "Send this image" button and wait for a minute to download the sketched picture from the website.


8. Lunapic Free Online Sketch Photo Editor

Lunapic is a free online photo editor which can turn photos into sketch or paint effects. This Lunapic image software and free art animated creator is designed for users to edit photos for Tumblr, Facebook, Chromebook or webSites.

  • You can use Lunapic to sketch your Image.
  • You can edit image file from your computer or directly online with URL.
  • Steps are simple: access this tool from the menu above LunaPic > Effects > Pencil Sketch.

Edge Sketch Sunflower

WidsMob Retoucher

4 different color profiles with 28 classic and different camera profiles.

Custom film grain, color mode, color parameters, focus mode and toning.

Optimize the photographs with portrait touchup, noise reduction, etc.

Combine different effects from analog film, noise reduction and others to combine a desired result.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Part 3: Photo to Sketch App on iPhone and Android

And in most cases, people tend to convert photo to sketch on smart phone after shooting. There is no need to transfer images to PC first, to continue photo-sketching process.

1. Pencil Sketch (Android Photo Sketch Editor)

Pencil Sketch is the all-in-one photo sketch editor, to convert photos from gallery and camera, into black-white or color sketch by one button click. With over 250,000 installation, Pencil Sketch has gathered loyal users because of its well-designed interface and representative image sketch tools, including Sketch, Doodle and Hatch.

The sketch style will change your image into handmade paintings, with smooth edges and curves. And Doodle style will show you cartoon sketch images, while Hatch style will add textures on your sketch photo on Android phone.

Once you import the image, choose the three photo sketch options on the top, and then use the pen below to add some personal elements. Finally, download or share sketched photo as you like.

Pencil Sketch Screenshot

Google Play Download

2. Photo Sketch (Android Photo Sketch Editor)

Photo Sketch app is another popular pencil sketch photo editor works on Android, to convert your picture into sketch effect. With several seconds waiting, Photo Sketch offers background remove filter, with which you can erase the background of sketch images by your finger.

Moreover, the emoji, photo layer editing filter and photo editing tools are free to use in Photo Sketch app on Android phone. Now, are you ready to hug new sketch photos? Photo Sketch app will show you different way to create sketch photos with easy to use filters.

Photo Sketch Screenshot

3. Photo Sketch Maker (Convert Photos Like Pencil Sketches)

Photo Sketch Maker is an amazing app to convert your photos like pencil sketches. This application is very easy to use and totally free on store. You can import a photo from mobile gallery, crop it and convert it into pencil sketch shape easily. Photo Sketch Maker has different sketch types like pencil sketch, color sketch, hard pencil sketch, red pencil sketch, green pencil sketch and so on.

With this picture to sketch app, you can water color sketch, share photos on social media easily and save photos in mobile gallery.

Photo Sketch Maker

Google Play Download

4. Artomaton (iOS Photo Sketch Editor)

Artomation is the iOS photo sketch converter and editor, which contains not only picture sketch tools, but also painting options, like oil, color pencil, charcoal, marker and many other photo sketch effect.

To start with, choose the drawing resolution once you upload a picture on iPhone. And then choose the sketch photo effect and apply the art tool. There are other images editing tools you can adjust. For instance, set thickness, density, color saturation, brightness and etc.

In conclusion, you can find 5 main standard art tools and 11 standard canvas materials in the free Artomation pencil sketch editor app.


App Store Download

5. Imaengine Vector Camera (iOS Photo Sketch Editor)

Imaengine Vector Camera is the characteristic pencil sketch photo editor on iPhone, to create artificial photo sketch pictures of simple geometric objects. Not similar with normal selfie sketches, the result you get is the distinctly and computerized sketch images.

The whole photo sketch editor’s interface is also cartoonlike, for you to pick sketch filters and effects in obvious way. During the time you importing the photograph, select from 30 filters to convert it into two-tone stencils, original Pop-Art drawings and other sketches on iPhone.

Imaengine Vector Camera Screenshot

App Store Download

6. My Sketch (Pencil Drawing Sketches)

My Sketch can turn your photos to beautiful realistic sketch and create unlimited sketches in high resolution. You can use photos directly taken from Camera or Photo Album to convert to sketch in 20 different types. You can also do adjustment of brightness and contrast to achieve the best sketch results and share them via Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr,Flickr and E-mail.

My Sketch

App Store Download

7. Clip2Comic (Sketch-style Photo Effects)

Clip2comic is a great app for making those caricatures of your favorite people. This app has a very simple user interface, making you more likely to use it on your portrait shots. On opening the app you are presented with your photo library. Tap on an image (the original photo) to open it and quickly transform it into a comic book style drawing.


App Store Download

8. Becasso (Transform Picture into Artwork)

Becasso is a drawing app that is only available as an iPhone app. It uses clever algorithms to transform your pictures into beautiful works of art. On top of this, there are a wide range of awesome effects that make your images pop. There are three main areas to this iPhone drawing application. It transforms images either as a watercolor, cartoon or oil painting.


App Store Download

9. Enlight Photofox (Preset Sketch Tools)

Enlight Photofox drawing app is perfect for those who want simple photographic edits. It also attracts those who want to turn their images into amazing pieces of art. The features include drawing effects, image correction, painterly effects, and photographic filters. If you wanted to turn your image into a painting, head to the artistic part of the app and choose Sketch.

Enlight Photofox

App Store Download

10. Photolab (Turn Photo into Sketch on iPhone)

Photolab is a great Android and iPhone app. It is ideal for turning your photo or picture into a sketch, painting or even a watercolor image. On top of these painterly filters, you have the options of borders, frames and montages. From opening the app and choosing your image, you are free to choose the effects category you want. Each will have several options to browse through, giving you full control over your image.

Photo Lab

Google Play DownloadApp Store Download


The photo sketch apps above are all free to use, and do not focus on sketch images only, pay attention to the photo filters inside as well, which can decorate your sketched photos beautifier and more perfect.

Sketches are one represents to express your personal feelings and thoughts towards arts. So find the good pencil sketch photo editor to specialize current pictures, to give them a new life. Whatever the solution you choose, you can get a unique atmosphere to your photographs. If you have any query related to sketch, you can leave a comment here.