How to Photoshop Someone into a Picture without Quality Loss

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This guide will talk about how to Photoshop someone into a picture. Sometimes, you take a landscape photo with beautiful sense. You may want to add your selfies or someone else into the picture. But it is not as simple as overlay the portrait or selfies onto the photo. It requires some technical skills to do the task and combines two images naturally. That is why you should read our guide carefully and follow the steps to produce the best result.

Photoshop Someone into a Picture

Part 1: How to Photoshop Someone into A Picture

Digital photos and photo editors, such as Photoshop, give you countless creative opportunities. But it does need several steps to Photoshop someone into a picture.

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Step 1: Crop an object

Firstly, open your Photoshop. If you do not have Photoshop, download it from the Adobe website and subscribe to a license. Adobe only offers the subscription model. Though Photoshop is pricy, you can try the free trial version. Adobe offers Photoshop 7 days for free.

Next, open the portrait of yourself or someone else that you want to Photoshop into another picture. You can drag and drop the portrait photo into Photoshop to open it directly or go to File -> Open and open it. When Photoshop someone into a picture, you’d better use a portrait with a clean background. If the background image is busy, you can use erase it first. Double click on the layer in the Layers panel to unlock it, and then select the Eraser tool from the toolbox and draw on the background.

When cropping the object, Photoshop offers several tools. For instance, choose the Pen tool and draw on the edge until it is enclosed. Right-click on the object to select Make Selection and hit OK to confirm it. When selecting the object, you can magnify the photo to get details. Then go to the Select menu on the top ribbon and choose Inverse. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the background.

Another way to select the object is the Magic Wand tool. Click the Wand tool on the toolbar and choose the Magic Wand tool. Hit one point on the edge of the object, and then follow the edge to enclose the object. Then remove the background.

After selecting the object, you should smooth the selection, such as hair and other parts.

Rough Select with Photoshop

Step 2: Open the background photo

Go to File -> Open to trigger the open-file dialog. Find the background photo and open it. Please keep in mind that you cannot open another image with the drag-and-drop command since Photoshop has already opened an image.

Open Picture in Photoshop

Step 3: Photoshop someone into a picture

Go to the first image, and copy the object for Photoshop someone into a picture by hitting Ctrl + C. Then turn to the background photo and press Ctrl + V to paste the object into the picture. Since the two images may have a different dimension, you need to resize the object based on the background. Make sure to select the object layer in the Layers panel, press Ctrl + T to trigger the Free Transform tool, and resize the object. Drag and drop the object in the right position.

Resize and Adjust with Photoshop

Step 4: Adjust the photo light

Now, you already Photoshop someone into a picture, but it might look wired. It means that you still need to adjust the shadow, light, and other elements.

Create a new layer and name it shadow or something else. Then use the Brush tool with black color to paint on where you want to add shadows. Next, change the shadow layer’s mix to Overlay. To intensify the shadow, make a copy of the shadow layer. Adding shadow is the most important thing to make the object as realistic as possible.

To get someone to Photoshop in a picture naturally, you also need to adjust the light, color, saturation, and more. These options are available in the Image menu on the top ribbon.

Reduce Opacity in Photoshop

Step 5: Save result

After Photoshop someone into a picture, you can save the result to your hard drive. Click File -> Save as to open the Save-As dialog. Type in a filename and click the Format option. We suggest you make a copy as PSD so that you can edit it later. Choose your favorite image format and click on the Save button.

If you want to share the output to social media, choose to Save for Web from the File menu. Then you can decide the file size based on the rule of the target platform.

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Part 2: FAQs about Photoshop Someone into A Picture

1How to Photoshop pictures for free?
As you know, Photoshop is a professional photo editor but not freeware. It means that you have to purchase and subscribe to the license. However, there are still ways to use Photoshop for free. Officially, Adobe offers a 7-day free trial. So, you can use the full version without paying a penny. Another way is to look for a free Photoshop alternative, such as GIMP.
2How to insert picture in Photoshop?
To insert a picture in Photoshop, you need to open it and the background. Then drag the image and drop it into the photo background. That is the easiest way to do the job. Of course, you can copy the picture and paste it into the photo background too.
3How much does Photoshop cost?
The price of Photoshop is pretty complicated. Firstly, if you want to get Photoshop, you can pay $20 per month or $240 per year.


Based on the sharing above, you should learn how to Photoshop someone into a picture. With the guide above, you can also insert any subjects into another image and create a natural-looking. Before that, it is an important step to remove background and unwanted areas from the original picture. Plus, a shadow can help you make the object realistic on a new photo background. We hope that our guide is helpful to you. If you have other questions, write them down below the post.

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