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How to Find and Post Photos on Facebook

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Post photos on Facebook should be one of the great pleasures for Facebook users. When you share your amazing photos with your Facebook friends through post photos on Facebook page, you also share your happiness with them. While there are different types of photos on Facebook such as profile picture, cover photos and photos post on Facebook Timeline. So knowing how to post photos on Facebook app with the easiest way is deemed essential. Just start learning to post photos on Facebook from computer for various types of photos with multiple ways as below.

Post Facebook Photo

Part 1. How to Post Photos on Facebook Profile

Cover photo and on profile photo Facebook are the most stunning parts on Facebook profile. They are visible to any people who are visiting your Facebook page by default. In some extents, upload cool profile photo and cover photo on Facebook page should attract more people as well as highlight your unique personality. Take post cover photo on Facebook as an example. You can post photos on Facebook profile by following easy steps.

1. Login to your Facebook account and go to Facebook profile.

2. Click on Update Cover Photo in the top-left of your current cover photo.

3. Choose one cover photo. You can post a new wonderful photo on Facebook by clicking Upload photo.

4. Reposition the cover. After you picked a picture, you can drag it up or down, until the photo is in correct position.

5. Click Save Changes. You will find the cover photo has already changed.

Post Facebook Cover Photo

When you finished change cover photo on Facebook, the new cover photo is usually showed up on Facebook Timeline. And your Facebook friends can see your style has changed immediately. Besides, the method to post profile photos on Facebook is similar to the way of posting cover photos on Facebook. You can also apply to change profile photo on Facebook.

Part 2. How to Post Photos on Facebook Timeline

Upload cover photo and profile are the necessary skills. Also it is extremely easy to post photos on Facebook Timeline. When you take magnificent photos while traveling, you can post multiple photos on Facebook to record and share your pleasure memories. At this time, if you want to post photos on Facebook wall rather than just a single photo, you can learn the way to post photos on Facebook Timeline as below.

1. Go to your Facebook News Feed or go to Timeline.

2. Click on the text field on the top of your current page.

3. Click on Photo/Video button and then it will navigate to the photos you want.

4. Select photos in bulk by using Ctrl+Select to pick photos you want to post or click Choose a file to upload to upload photos one by one.

5. Wait for the pictures to load and share your photos.

Post Photo Facebook Timeline

With all five simple steps above, you can post photos on Facebook wall effectively. Actually the basic methods of posting photos on Facebook album and posting photos on Facebook Timeline are consistent. Therefore, if you want to post photos on Facebook album, you can create a new album to add photos on Facebook. Otherwise you can post photos on Facebook current albums. You just need to go to Photos area and choose an album you want post photos on. Enter the album and click Add Photos/Videos.

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Part 3. How to Post Photos on Facebook Comments

Usually when you post photos on Facebook, you will receive comments from other people. It is common to see people post a photo or a sticker in a comment to express their vivid feelings. You can also save fantastic photos from Facebook comments. Obviously if you post stunning photos on Facebook comments, that can delight the people who can see the comments. And you can try to post photos on Facebook comments to convey your appreciation for some awesome stuff instead of just type your comment.

1. Login to Facebook prior to go to Home

2. Find the post you like, and click the camera icon in the right side of text box.

3. Choose a photo you want to attach and then press Enter on your keyboard to post a photo on Facebook comment.

Add Photo Facebook Comment

Post a photo on Facebook comment is easy to learn. Yet if you prefer to post multiple photos on Facebook comment, you can post photos on Facebook again by repeating No.3 step above. Lets you comment with a photo. You can not only post photo on Facebook comments but also write something on your Facebook friends’ profile. To share something your Facebook friend perhaps interest. Meanwhile, add a beautiful photo for text.

Part 4. How to Post Photos on Facebook without Notification

If you post photos on Facebook album, they can always show on Facebook Timeline. Facebook will announce to all your friends that you uploaded photos to an album, it almost post everything you do. It can be very annoying and also will invade your privacy. In order to protect the privacy of photos on Facebook you can choose to make photos private on Facebook or hide photos on Facebook. Moreover, you are able to post photos on Facebook without publishing.

1. Go to your Facebook profile.

2. Click the Photos button under cover photo. Choose an album you want to add photos to.

3. Click Add Photos/Videos and select a file you want.

4. Wait for image to upload and then do not click anything.

5. Click the back button and choose Leave this page.

Hide Tagged Photos on Facebook

Now the photo you added to album has already saved and it will not post to any feeds. This is how to post photos on Facebook without going on newsfeed. But if you want post cover photos or profile pictures on Facebook without notifying anyone you can read make photos private on Facebook or hide photos on Facebook to solve the problem. Post photos on Facebook but not publish will also help you to enjoy a better social media life on Facebook. You can have more time to appreciate splendid photographs rather than deal with meaningless notifications.

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Extended Reading: Top 5 Websites to Find Photos to Put on Facebook

Here are top 5 websites that are accomplished in different types of photos. You are able to browse and choose photos you like to upload on Facebook.

1. Gettyimages

Gettyimages is a professional website of photographs, and has a large number of high definition photos. You can search like Thanksgiving photos for Facebook cover directly to see photos. You will find that Gettyimages has already distinguished photos and list related researches in the top left corner.


2. 500PX

500PX is a website for photographers to communicate and share high definition photos with each other. You can share photos and get exposure in 500PX. Meanwhile, you are also able to appreciate other wonderful photos and get inspired in 500PX. The website has many different kinds of photos.


3. Flickr

Flickr is a website to store and share your own photos. It has a large user group and huge storage space, so you can get all kinds of photos here. You are able to download Flickr on App Store or Google Play as well. The search engines on Flickr are delicate, you can search photos according to their colors and authorizations. The other accurate requirements are also available on it. Just try it by yourself.


4. Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos is a website for people to post and view awkward moments with family members. You can spend lots of time on the website. Every photo has its own unique and specific story. Furthermore, videos and galleries are also common. The background color of Awkward Family Photos is red, which is the represent of festivals and energy.

Awkward Family Photos

5. Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is an online photo editor website which you can edit Thanksgiving photos for Facebook by yourself. If you want to get a unique Thanksgiving photo for Facebook, I recommend that you’d better start the free trail first. You can edit photos to different effects, touch-up photos, design canvas and make a photo collage are also accepted. If you want to make Facebook cover photos, Pic Monkey is also a good choice.

PicMonkey Photo Editor

When you are going to post photos on Facebook, you can read the article to know different-types of photos have different methods to upload. If you have any queries about the approach to post photos on Facebook, you can share your comments in this article.

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