iOS 16 Update – How to Put a Password on Hidden Photos and Videos

Last Updated on September 28, 2022 by Peter Wood

If you have already saved some photos and videos in the hidden album of your iPhone, how to put a password to the hidden photos? When you are looking for the best ways to encrypt the media files on an iPhone or iPad, especially for the latest iOS 16, you can find the workable methods to lock the photos with Face ID, password, and more in the article.

Put Password on Hidden Photos and Videos

Part 1: How to Put a Password on Photos and Videos on an iPhone

iOS 16 has released a new feature to hide the photos and videos on your Apple devices with Face ID. But if you just want to put a password on the photos, you can still encrypt the media files on an iPhone with Photos and Notes.

Method 1: Hide Photos and Videos via Face ID via iOS 16

If you have already updated to iOS 16, you can hide photos and videos on your iPhone directly from the Photos app. No one can access your hidden photos and videos without the proper biometrics or verification, which requires a face ID or a fingerprint for authentication.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app and choose the Photos button from the drop-down list. You need to turn on the Use Passcode button to put a password on hidden photos and videos.

Note: If you need to lock the photos and videos on your iPhone with Touch ID or Face ID, you can turn on the Use Face ID option or the Use Touch ID option accordingly.

Step 2: Open the Photos app on your iPhone and select the desired photo or video you want to encrypt. Tap the Share button and choose the Hide option to add it to the Hidden album.

Step 3: To browse the hidden photos, you can open the Photos app and tap the Albums tab. Scroll down and look for the Hidden album under Utilities. Enter the password to view the locked files.

Put Password for Hidden Photos

Method 2: Put a Password to Hide Photos and Videos on Notes

To protect the photos and videos from prying eyes, or even family members, hiding them on the Photos app is not a nice choice. When you need to get a secret method to conceal images, you can put a password to hide photos or videos with the Notes app as a workaround.

Step 1: Head to the Settings app and select the Notes option. After that, you can choose the Password button to set up a password to protect a new note with the photos or videos.

Step 2: Once you have entered a password, all you have to do to conceal a photo is find it in the Photos app, tap on the Share icon and choose the Add to Notes option.

Step 3: Open the note with the photo you want to hide, tap the Share button from the menu, and then lock the note. When you want to access the hidden photos, you should enter the correct password.

Hide Photos Notes App

Method 3: How to Hide Videos on iPhone with Password

Private Photo Vault Pic Safe is another efficient method to hide videos on iPhone with a password. It keeps others away from snooping through when you hand them your phone. Moreover, you can also use the decoy password to open a completely different set of pictures.

Step 1: Once you have installed the Photo Vault, you can launch the program and set a passcode to enter the app, which is designed to keep trespassers out from the hidden photos and videos.

Step 2: Create a hidden album with a password and import the desired videos from the Photos app or take new ones. Allow the Photo Vault to access all the files within your smartphone accordingly.

Step 3: When you import and hide the videos within the program, there is a message asking for the deletion of the original ones. Tap the Delete button to remove the one from the Photos app.

Private Photo Vault Pic Safe

Part 2: Best Method to Put a Password to iPhone Photos/Videos

Is there a method to hide the photos and videos on iPhone completely from others? Even if you are using a professional photo vault app, your girl friend can get familiar with the app in a few days. WidsMob MediaVault is the all-in-one media vault for Windows and Mac. It enables you to hide photos and videos in different formats, playback the media files, and manage them within different albums.

1. Support JPEG, HEIC, WebP, RAW, MP4, MOV, AVI, and other file formats.

2. Provide multiple encryption methods to hide the photos and videos securely.

3. Cannot find any track of the hidden photos and videos from your computer.

4. Manage the pictures and videos in the Favorite folder and other albums.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob MediaVault, you can launch the program on your computer. If it is the first time to hide photos and videos, you need to set up a password beforehand. Just remember the password to avoid any trouble in the future.

Set Up Password MediaVault

Step 2: Click the Import Files button or the Import Folder button to upload the media files from an iPhone, a digital camera, or others. The imported files will be available in the Library menu, which allows you to locate the desired files from the Photos album or the Video album easily.

Import Files MediaVault

Step 3: Click the plus icon next to the Albums to add a new album with the desired name. After that, you can right-click any photo or video to import it to the album. Moreover, you can also double-click the file to playback the video or browse the photo on a full screen.

Play Video MediaVault Win

Step 4: Go to the Settings option from the File menu, it enables you to input the password again when you want to export and enter Preference. Moreover, you can also check the Automatically locks when application is minimized option for any emergency.

Security Settings for Hiding

Note: Similar to Private Photo Vault, once you have imported the media files into WidsMob MediaVault and deleted them from your computer and the trash bin, the files are no longer searchable.

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Both iPhone and iPad provide helpful solutions to secure your files on your device. If you have already upgraded to iOS 16, you can put a password to hide photos and videos, or even use Face ID or Touch ID to lock the files. But when you need to avoid snooping through from your family, you still need the professional photo vault app or even transfer the files to your computer with WidsMob MediaVault.