Round Edges in Photoshop

3 Methods to Round Edges of Photos in Photoshop

When you need to make the photos special, round the edge of the photos is one of the methods. In this tutorial, we are going to look at how to round edges in Photoshop. Similar to most things in this professional photo editor, there are various methods to create rounded corners or round edges of a picture.

The article introduces 3 methods to round edges of photos in Photoshop. The first two methods are very easy and even beginners could grasp immediately. And proficiency users could learn about something interesting from the third solution, such as vector masks. Anyway, if you are looking for the answer of how to round edges in Photoshop, you will find our tutorial helpful. If you are ready, let’s start rounding corners of pictures using Photoshop.

Round Edges in Photoshop

Part 1: How to round edges in Photoshop with Rounded Rectangle Tool

As for rounding the corner of photos in Photoshop, Rounded Rectangle Tool is the easiest way for the beginners. Just learn more detailed information as a good starting point.

Step 1: Launch Photoshop program on your computer and go to “File” > “Open” to import the picture you want to create rounded edges. Locate to left sidebar and choose “Rounded Rectangle Tool”.

Rounded Rectangle

Step 2: Then the custom options related to the Rectangle tool will appear on top ribbon. Make sure to pick up “Path” from the style dropdown option. Then you can adjust the number in Radius option. We suggest to entering a number no more than 100. The larger the number is, the smoother the corners. And you can try a small number at beginning.

Tip: If you do not want to crop the picture, you can choose “Fixed Size” in the “Setting” menu with gear icon, and input Width and Height based on your picture.


Step 3: Place your cursor at the top left corner and drag it to enclose the wanted part into the border. Then release your mouse. After that right click on the picture after rounded rectangle finished. Choose “Make Selection” from the menu list and then press OK button to convert the round rectangle path to marquee.

Round Edge

Step 4: Go to “Select” > “Inverse” on top ribbon and then press the Delete key on your keyboard. Then the work of rounding edges in Photoshop is complete. You can edit the picture further or save it to hard drive immediately.

Part 2: How to round edges in Photoshop with Marquee Tool

It is another method to round the edges of photos in Photoshop. Different from the method to rounded edges in Photoshop with Rounded Rectangle Tool, it is able to smooth the edges for the photos.

Step 1: Import the picture you want to round edges in Photoshop. Locate to Layers panel on right side and double click on the picture thumbnail to unlock it. Press the “Marquee Tool” on left toolbar for three seconds and then pick up “Rectangle Marquee Tool” from the list.

Marquee Tool

Step 2: Click on the upper left corner of your picture and drag to the bottom right corner. Then the marquee border will appear on the picture. If it is not satisfying, you can click on the picture again to remove the marquee border.


Step 3: Draw on your picture using Marquee tool until you are satisfied. Go to “Select” > “Modify” > “Smooth”. When smooth selection dialog pops up, input a radius number in the field and click on “OK” button to confirm it. Then you will discover that the rectangle marquee turns to rounded rectangle shape.


Step 4: Click on “Inverse” in “Select” menu and the trim the picture. Your photo will become rounded edges. It should be another method to modify the photos with rounded edge or corner with Photoshop easily.

Part 3: How to round edges in Photoshop using Vector Mask

Just as mentioned, Vector Mask is one of the magic methods to rounded edge in Photoshop. When you need to have something special for the rounded edge, you can look for some special rounded corner vector mask.

Step 1: Open the photo to process in Photo shop, unlock the photo and add a layer mask. Then click the “Add Layer Mask” icon again to add a vector mask to the photo.

Note: If we paint white on the layer mask using Brush Tool, the original picture will appear. And the black color could hide the original picture. But vector mask is to display or hide the picture using shapes.

Add Layer Mask

Step 2: Pick up “Rounded Rectangle Tool” from left Toolbar. Then press “Shape layers” icon on the custom options ribbon. And drop a proper number in the field of “Radius”. Click the “Vector Mask” in Layers panel. Then draw the shape on your picture and make sure to include all parts you want to keep. If you are not satisfied with the rectangle shape, press Ctrl + Z or Command + Z to undo it.

Vector Mask

Step 3: Once release your mouse, the part outside the rounded rectangle will be hidden automatically. If you want adjust the rectangle size, you can press Ctrl + T or Command + T to evoke the “Free Transform Tool”.

Step 4: Go to “Image” > “Trim” and then cut the “Transparent Pixels” on the picture. Finally, click “Save As” option in “File” menu to export the result to your computer.


In this tutorial, you can find how to round edges in Photoshop in different methods. According to the introductions above, you might grasp at least three ways to make rounded edges using Photoshop now. We hope our step-by-step guides are valuable to you, although Photoshop is a complex photo-editing program. Anyway, if you have any questions about the guides above or better suggestions, please leave your message below.