Here we will introduce you to the ways to save and download pictures from Instagram to your iPhone 13/12, Android Phone, Windows, or Mac.

How to Save a Photo from Instagram on iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac

Last Updated on November 15, 2021 by Peter Wood

There are many reasons that people want to learn about how to save a picture from Instagram. Firstly, Instagram is one of the most popular visual social networks. People can tell stories using photos, images, and selfies. Backup these moments for viewing in the future is important too. On the other hand, many people treat Instagram as an image database, discovering funny or delicate pictures here. So, sometimes you want to save a photo from other people’s Instagram pages. Anyway, we will show you how to save an image from Instagram to your computer and smartphone in detail.

Save a Photo from Instagram

Part 1. How to Save a Picture from Instagram to Your Mobile Phone

Many people prefer to edit photos on Instagram before posting. And some people share photos to Instagram directly using a third-party camera app. Saving a picture from Instagram on a mobile phone is a necessary skill to back up those photos. Instagram has considered such demands and developed corresponding features to help users do it.

Method 1: Save my own picture from Instagram to mobile phone

Step 1: Open an Instagram app from your home screen and go to the Profile tab. And tap on the Settings menu with a gear icon.

Step 2: On the settings screen, scroll down and find the option labeled Save Original Photos.

Step 3: Move the slider to turn it on so that it shows a blue color. When you post a picture on Instagram from your mobile phone or third-party apps, it will save from Instagram to your phone.

Save Instagram Picture to Mobile

Method 2: Save others’ pictures from Instagram to my phone

When you discover an attractive picture on Instagram, you can add a Bookmark to the photo post. Then the next time you open an Instagram app, you can revisit the photo in the save tab. But you need to know that Bookmark is not to save the picture from Instagram to your phone. And once the owner deleted the photo, you cannot view it in the Instagram app anymore.

So, if you want to save others’ pictures from Instagram to your mobile phone, you can take a screenshot or try third-party apps.

Save Instagram Picture on iPhone

Part 2. How to Save a Picture from Instagram to Your Computer

Instagram is a mobile-first social network, but it does not mean you cannot access it on computers. Plus, people are more likely to back up pictures on their computers due to the larger space. How to save a photo from Instagram to computers? The guide below is feasible.

Step 1: Access Instagram in your browser and log in to your account. Find out the picture you want to save to your computer. This way is available to both photos in your account and others’ accounts. But if you use others’ pictures, you’d better ask for permission first.

Step 2: Click the picture to open the original file in your browser. Then right-click on the photo and choose View Page Source on the menu list.

Step 3: The picture page will turn to HTML code. Press Ctrl + F or Command + F to evoke the search bar. Then type in jpg in the search bar, press Enter key to find out the picture address.

Step 4: Locate to the first result started at HTTP and ended with jpg. And visit the address in a new tab. Then you can right-click on the picture on the new page and choose Save Image As to download it to your computer.

Copy Instagram Picture

Note: View Page Source command may produce different results in various browsers. For example, Firefox will open the picture in a new dialog and offer Save As button directly.

Part 3. How to Save a Private Picture from Instagram

People post private pictures on Instagram to prevent strangers from accessing them. If you are interested in someone’s private photos, you can ask for them through private messages. But it is embarrassed to do such a thing. Your girlfriend is angry and refuses your access. You can try some third-party solutions to access and save a picture from Instagram, like InstaSpy.

Step 1: Access InstaSpy in any browser and press the See Private Profiles Now! on the home page to go to the spy page.

Step 2: Open Instagram in a new tab and search for the account that contains the private picture you want to save. Copy the account URL and paste it into to Enter Instagram Profile URL on the spy page.

Step 3: Pick up Photos from the What to View dropdown menu and select Download.ZIP file in the Online or download option.

Step 4: After settings, click on the Continue button to start extracting photos from the account. When prompt to verify human, follow the onscreen instructions to complete it. Then you will be taken into the result page and save the private photos from Instagram to your computer.

See Private Instagram Photos with InstaSpy

Note: Third-party tools that can view and download private photos on Instagram ask for personal information. So, you should think about it carefully.

Recommend: Easiest Way to Manage Instagram Pictures on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

After you save tons of pictures from Instagram on your Mac computer, you will need an excellent tool to organize them. WidsMob Viewer is a good choice. Its key features include:

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1. Organize and correct pictures based on EXIF information.

2. Support all picture formats, including RAW files and other rare formats.

3. View pictures in full screen, slideshow, and other modes.

4. Offer basic photo editing features, including crop, rotate, flip, and more.

5. Convert, resize or rename multiple pictures at one time.

6. Lossless edit and enhance any pictures in original conditions.

View Photo with WidsMob Viewer Win Download Mac Download


In this tutorial, we have discussed how to save a picture from Instagram to your computer or smartphone. As one of the most popular social networks, people post oceans of photos on Instagram. We hope that our guides can help you keep memorable moments forever. The automatic backup feature in Instagram is convenient. The HTML code method is a little complex. But our tutorial is detailed. Moreover, we have recommended an easy-to-use photo manager, WidsMob Viewer, to help you organize the pictures saved from Instagram.