How to Obtain a PDF Copy of an Unofficial Transcript [Simple Guide]

Last Updated on September 14, 2022 by Tina Clark

Whether you need to apply for a job online or use the unofficial transcript for the past academic records, it is essential to print or save the unofficial transcript beforehand. Even the detailed directions should be different from each other. You can still find some processes and tips in the comment. Here is a simple guide for exploring the methods to save unofficial transcripts as PDF files.

Save Unofficial Transcripts as PDF

Part 1: Tips and Tricks about Saving Unofficial Transcripts as PDF

Do Unofficial Transcripts Similar to an Official Copy?

Both official and unofficial have the same information regarding the past academic results of the student. However, an official transcript has much importance when it comes to employment and studies as compared to unofficial transcripts in other universities. But when you just need a copy for reference, you can save an unofficial transcript as a PDF beforehand.

Why Do I Need to Have a Copy of My Unofficial Transcript as PDF?

If you need a copy of your transcript for reference but still need to wait for months to get the official one then you can always request your unofficial transcript anytime online. It is handy to use the unofficial transcript in PDF file format. The only restriction is that it may not be the official copy. It can be used as a reference for past academic records.

Where Can I Request the Unofficial Transcript as PDF?

Simply go to the official website of your college to find the entrance. Of course, you can also find the unofficial transcript from the Student Center. If you still cannot locate the entrance for this, you can ask for the information from your alumnus or even your professors. After that, you can save it as a PDF format or print it out accordingly.

Part 2: How to Print and Save Unofficial Transcript as PDF

Requesting a transcript from your previous university is not as difficult as your imagination. Just visit the official website to find more details about how to save unofficial transcripts as PDFs. Since the detailed process is different for each university, you have to follow the one of your university.

Step 1: Go to the Official website of your University and search ExpressLane on your browser and log in. From here, you can start your request task for the unofficial transcript you need to download or print.

Step 2: From the myEnrollment tab, you can choose the Student Academic Records and Transcripts section. There is a box for you to fill up with your necessary information before sending the request.

Enter Myenrollment

Step 3: Press the Unofficial Academic Transcript section. A new box will appear where you can request your unofficial transcript. Click the necessary button to save the unofficial transcript as a PDF.

Request Unofficial Transcript

Step 4: Choose transcript level and type. A new box will then appear asking for the level and type of transcript you are requesting. Press the Submit tab to request the unofficial transcript from the website.

Select Transcript Level

Once you have saved the official transcript, you can simply press the Ctrl + P command for PCs or Command + P on a Mac to print the file. Of course, you can also change the print location to Save as PDF to obtain a copy of the unofficial transcript as PDF.

Part 3: How to Manage and Edit Unofficial Transcript in PDF Format

What should you do to manage and edit the downloaded unofficial transcript in PDF format? PDFelement is the versatile method to manage, edit, convert, annotate, and perform OCR features. It will convert the PDF into a searchable and editable file. Moreover, you can add some special comments and even add a signature to the unofficial transcript easily.

1. Fill out PDF forms, convert PDF to Word/Excel, and manage PDF pages.

2. Annotate, mark up and add a signature to the unofficial transcript easily.

3. Combine PDFs, split a large PDF, insert PDF pages, and delete them.

4. Print the unofficial transcript with the original layout and optimal quality.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install PDFelement, you can launch the program on your computer and import the downloaded unofficial transcript you need to change and edit. Press the Open files button to upload the file from your computer accordingly.

Open PDF for Conversion PDFElement

Step 2: From the top menu, press the Edit button to edit the PDF or add some interactive tools. Once you are done choosing the right switch mode, click the text you wish to edit. Moreover, you can alter the size, color, and font type using the text-editing bar.

Fill in PDF PDFElement

Step 3: To draw a box, simply press the Add Text button to drag your mouse to the location you wish to add your text. To delete a text, choose the exact text you wish to delete by pressing the Backspace key or the Delete key to remove those unnecessary texts.

Recognize Form PDFElement

Step 4: When you need to annotate PDF, you can go to the Comment icon, click on the Shapes button and click the Arrow icon. You can also select any drawings to add to your PDF file as your needs. After that, you can save the unofficial transcript in PDF file format.

PDF Annotator PDFElement Win Download Mac Download


Now that you have learned the methods that would help you how to save an unofficial transcript as a PDF as well as edit the PDF file. It is important to obtain a copy of your unofficial transcript for future reference. You also need to rely on the right site where you can see and download a copy to ensure that your details and information are all secured and safe.