How to Separate PDF Pages – 3 Workable Methods to Split up a Large PDF File

Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Tina Clark

If you have a financial report in PDF, which you need to separate PDF pages on your MacBook for different colleagues, what are the best methods to split a large PDF into different files? It is not difficult to divide multiple-page PDFs into several parts on different devices, especially using online PDF toolkits. But when you need to apply a new footer and header, stitch the PDF pages with other files, or even manage the pages, you have to use a professional PDF editor instead. Here are 3 workable methods to separate PDF pages on Mac you should know.

How to Separate PDF Pages

Part 1: The Simple Method to Separate PDF Pages on Mac

PDFelement is a versatile method to split up PDF pages on Mac. Whether you need to divide a large PDF into several parts or change the links, texts, and other files, there are multiple advanced features to edit the photos before separating. Moreover, you can also add headers and footers to rearrange the PDF pages according to your requirements.

1. Separate the PDF pages on Mac by selecting a page range or bookmark.

2. Provide multiple managing features to combine, split, and organize pages.

3. Split and combine different file formats into PDF pages in multiple ways.

4. Add or remove the header/footer to make the independent PDF files.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Open button to import the desired PDF file you want to split. Moreover, you can drag-n-drop the PDF files you want to separate to the program accordingly.

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Step 2: Click the Organize Pages button and select the Split button. You can choose the different methods to separate the PDF pages on Mac, such as the Custom Ranges option and the Suggested Page option. Choose the desired mode and preview the divided pages.

Organize Pages PDFElement

Step 3: Choose the destination folder for the separate PDFs. Once you click the Split button, it will split up the PDF pages according to the chosen mode. After that, you can find the divided PDF files within your Mac and make some changes, such as adding or removing the header.

Split PDF Pages PDFElement

Step 4: Just import the divided PDF into the program again, you can go to the Tools menu and choose the Add or Edit Header and Footer option to add the header and footer to the PDF. Simply add the page number to make the divided PDF pages as the independent files.

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Part 2: How to Separate PDF Pages on Mac with Preview

Preview is the built-in PDF editor to separate PDF pages on Mac. It enables you to split up the multiple pages PDF into different several files. Moreover, you can also make annotations, redact, and separate PDF pages. Of course, simply follow the same process to combine the pages into a single PDF file within the program.

Step 1: Double-click the PDF and choose the Preview app to open the large PDF on your Mac. In a pop-up screen, a file selection box will appear where you can search the directory of your choice and choose the desired PDF pages you want to separate on Mac.

Step 2: Choose the View menu from the top navigation bar and choose the Thumbnails option. You can find the thumbnails of the PDF pages located in the left sidebar of the screen. After that, you can choose the desired pages you wish to extract.

Step 3: Hold down the Shift key and select all the page thumbnails you wish to extract. You can also drag the cursor to highlight your pages. Simply drag and drop the thumbnails onto your desktop. A new file will be created with the suffix appended to the original name.

Import PDF to Preview

Note: You can cut the pages if you wish to remove the split pages. Press the Command + X keys on your keyboard to remove the pages before saving a new PDF file.

Part 3: How to Split up a Large PDF Online into Multiple Files

Whether you need to separate PDF pages on your MacBook, Windows, or iPhone, ILOVEPDF is the excellent PDF editor to split large PDFs or a whole set for easy conversion into independent PDF files. Moreover, you can also import the files from the cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox to get the desired PDF files.

Step 1: Go to ILOVEPDF with any of your web browsers and click the SPLIT PDF button in the top menu. After that, you can import the PDF from your computer or smartphone. Of course, there are options to load the PDF via the cloud services.

Step 2: There are two different modes, Split by range and Extract pages. Just select the desired one and extract the desired pages of the PDF on Mac or Windows. Moreover, it also enables you to add a range and merge all ranges in one PDF file.

Step 3: Click the Split PDF button to divide the PDF pages as desired. After that, you can click the Download split PDF button to download the files. It provides different options to sync files to cloud services, share them with a link, or further edit the files.

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Separating pages in PDF on your MacBook is an easy task. If you just need some simple tools to divide the PDF pages, you can simply choose the online PDF editors or Preview. When you need to remove the footer or header, add some special comments, or manage the pages of the PDF, PDFelement is the desired choice you should take into consideration.

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