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Top Photo Stitching Software to Stitch Pictures on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android and Online

When you enjoy the beautiful scenery or feel happy with your friends, the first activity may be take out your smartphone and capture the moment. However you may find that the angle of the camera is limited, so you cannot take the whole landscape in one shot or put all your friends into the shooting range. Some advanced smartphones have the ability of panoramas mode. But it is usually a challenge to hold the smartphone horizontally during the process. The other solution is to take some photos separately and then stitch pictures together. Therefore, this article will introduce how to stitch pictures together with different devices and top photo stitchers for your reference.

Part 1: How to Stitch Photo on Mac and Windows 10/8/7

For amateurs, stitching images is not an average task. So it is difficult to do it with the simple guidance of the software. For advanced photographers, simply stitching images is not a big problem. However, they might want to control the process and do more post-processing jobs with professional software. Here you can learn how to use the professional software to stitch photo on your computer, no matter you are using PC or Mac.

How to Stitch Photo with Photoshop

Photomerge feature allows photographers to stitch images horizontally or vertically.

1. Located to File and then Automate in Photoshop; select Photomerge. This feature is also available in Lightroom.

2. After the Photomerge window pops up, select Files or Folders in the drop-down list of Use.

3. Then click on button to import photo files or the folder where contained images to stitch.

4. There are three check options in the bottom of Photomerge window. You can select depending on requirements.

Blend Images Together option will stitch the images seamlessly. And Photoshop will adjust the exposure and color automatically.

Photomerge on Photoshop

Vignette Removal option will help photographers to correct lens vignetting automatically. The option of Geometric Distortion Correction will fix lens distortion spontaneously.

5. Select a layout in the Layout panel on the left of Photomerge window.

6. After setting, click on OK to start stitching images. The output will show up in Photoshop and it may be a little distorted. Fortunately, Photoshop has the ability to correct such distortion.

7. Right click the output layer in Layer panel and select Convert to Smart Object.

8. Located to Filter on ribbon and select Adaptive Wide Angle to remove distortion.

9. After correcting distortion, you can also adjust the color, saturation and other options.

10. Finally, navigate to File and select Save As to save the result.

Vignette Removal on Photoshop

How to Stitch Pictures with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a package of image editing software with many plugins. Another advantage of Windows Live Photo Gallery is free total and developed by Microsoft for Windows users. After install Windows Live Photo Gallery on your computer, you can start to stitch images.

1. Before importing, you can put all photo files in a folder.

2. Located to Home tab in Windows Live Photo Gallery and select Import to load images. Make sure that these selected images have some overlap parts.

3. Go to Create tab and select Panorama in Tools panel, then the semi-finished panoramic picture will show in an editing window.

4. The panoramic picture is a little distorted, for the editor tries to align the source photo. You can drag the guidelines to adjust it. Click on Crop and select Apply crop to confirm changes.

5. Finally, you can save the stitched image on your computer.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

How to Blend Images with Hugin

Photographers could enjoy extensive professional feature in Photoshop. It could help you do everything you want to; but the subscription way makes Photoshop too expansive to average customers. So you maybe search for a free image stitcher, like Hugin.

Hugin is a cross system photo stitching application. It is compatible with not only Windows and Mac OS, but also Linux. And it is also a free photo-stitching tool with powerful features. Although Hugin is an excellent photo stitch application, it is not an appropriate choice to stitch photos regularly. The process of stitching photos with Hugin is a little complicated, for its unique stitching feature. Hugin will add control points, once the photos to stitch imported. You have to align the photos through these control points. But it is useful when you stitch photos that were shot at a different angle or stitch photos to a 360 picture. However it is not a simple task to use Hugin to stitch images.

1. Open Hugin and click on Load Images to import the images to stitch.

2. Click on Align button after loaded to organize the images positions.

3. Select Fisheye lenses in the menu bar before create panoramas.

4. Then click on Create Panorama button to start the process. That is not the end, because the auto stitching images process would produce an imperfect result.

5. Located to Preview tab and select Show Control Points.

6. Click on Identify button and move mouse over the output to show the source images.

7. Open Move/Drag tab and select Normal, Individual drag mode to adjust the control points. This step will need some time and patience.

8. After you get a satisfactory output through adjusting control points, go to Crop tab and select Autocrop option to crop the extra areas.

9. Then you can save the stitched image on your computer.


How to Combine Images with PTGui

Apple has pre-installed photo editing software on Mac OS; however, they are not professional photo stitching application. And if you want to stitch pictures smoothly, you’d better choose a third party tools, like PTGui. PTGui supports stitching images and other photo formats.

PTGui is one of the most expensive photo stitch applications. Although it provides free edition, you have to pay for at least $109 to enjoy its excellent stitching services. So it is appropriate to stitch pictures for professionals. The advantage of PTGui is to create 360-degree panoramas with multiple modes. On the other hand, it will deal with the photos automatically, so it will make the process of photo stitching 360 pictures easier than you thought before. PTGui has a panorama player and a web-publishing tool. So you can share the stitched 360 pictures online directly.

1. Located to Project Assistant tab and click on Load images…. If you import images from camera directly, you can check Automatic option below. Then PTGui will read the EXIF data to organize these images automatically.

2. You can click on Align images… to preview the output. PTGui also provides Control Points feature to adjust the stitching result.

3. Click Create panorama… to open the Create Panorama window. You can customize settings of the panoramic output, like format, quality, and so on.

4. After setting, click on Create Panorama button to start the process.

5. Finally, export the stitched picture on your Mac computer.


How to Stitch Pictures with WidsMob Panorama

As you can see, both Photoshop and Hugin have some shortcomings. Photoshop is unaffordable and Hugi is too complicated. So you may expect to use an image stitcher, which is neither expensive nor complicated. Then WidsMob Panorama is the best answer. WidsMob Panorama has the ability to make the process seamless, for it use excellent stitching algorithm. Here are the principle features of WidsMob Panorama.

1. This photo stitcher is compatible with the latest version of Mac, so you can enjoy it, no matter what system your computer runs.

2. It has free trail for beginners, so you can download and use basic features freely.

3. The built-in powerful algorithm could help you to select, stitch and adjust the photos automatically.

4. It also has the ability of photo stitching.

5. WidsMob Panorama offers other basic tools, like effects, texts, watermarks, resolution and so on.

6. This photo stitch software supports stitching photos to high quality pictures.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

As for the superiority and powerful algorithm with different stitching modes, so even though you are a beginner, you can enjoy this software and get a perfect stitched photo. When it comes to the details, you can follow the steps below to stitch pictures to panorama with ease.

1. Tap on Import button on the interface to load pictures to stitch from your computer or other digital device, WidsMob Panorama could read almost all photo files, including RAW.

Panorama Interface

2. The Auto-select by Group feature will detect the pictures automatically by default. Of course, you can choose to click on Shift button to select and arrange the pictures manually.

3. There are four modes, Horizontal, Vertical, 360 degree and Tile, offered by WidsMob Panorama. You can select the appropriate mode and this photo stitcher will stitch pictures.

Stitch Photo to Panorama

4. If you decide to stitch pictures manually, you can utilize Align Points and Adjust Blend features to adjust the pictures to stitch.

Adjust Point Panorama

5. After the process, you can add some text and effects on the stitched picture.

6. Finally, you can Save the stitched image as you wish.

Adjust Effect Panorama

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Based on the analysis above, if you stitch photo on your computer, Adobe Photoshop is the famous photo editor and the Photomerge command could make image stitching easier. But you have to adjust the output manually. Not to mention you have to pay for it monthly forever. On the other hand, there are some free image stitchers, like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Hugin. But the process of stitching images is really complicated. For example, Hugin use control points to stitch images. If you just stitch two images, the control points may be clear. But can you imagine stitching hundreds of images in Hugin? The control points will be full of your screen. It is impossible to move and adjust them. So the third solution is to look for an alternative for those photo stitchers. This alternative image stitcher should be smart and not very expensive. Fortunately, WidsMob Panorama is such photo stitching application. And as the guidance shows, all you have to do is several clicks. You can get your panoramic image in less than a minute.

Part 2: How to Stitch Images Online for Free

You might do not like to download and install some applications on your computer. And additional applications do take up memory. Then you may ask is there any solution to stitch pictures without install software on computers. The answer is online picture editors. Some of the online photo editors have the ability of stitching pictures, like Fotor, Photojoiner, etc. In the following we will introduce how to use this two online panorama maker to stitch your own panoramic photography.

How to Combine Pictures with Fotor

1. Visit on your browser and choose COLLAGE in the home page.

2. Select Photo Stitching option on the left menu bar; then the PHOTO STITCHING settings panel will show up.

3. Click on Open button on the top ribbon and load the pictures to stitch; then the pictures will import from your computer and you can preview them on the right.

4. Drag the pictures to the editing area one by one and adjust the arrangement.

5. You can set the direction and other options. Fotor offers horizontal mode and vertical mode to stitch the pictures. If you want to panoramic picture, you can slide Spacing and Round Corners to 0.

6. Then you can put some words on the stitched picture by the Text tool on the left tool bar.

7. Click on Save or Share button on the top ribbon to save the output or share it to social media.

Online Panorama Maker Fotor

How to Collage PNG Images Online with Photojoiner

If you mainly try to stitch PNG images, of course, some online photo editors also have the ability to stitch PNG images, like Photojoiner. The benefit of online editor is you do not need to install anything on your computer. The details are similar, so we use Photojoiner as the example.

1. Visit in any browser.

2. The menu on the left provides multiple stitching modes, like horizontal and vertical. You can select anyone depending on your requirement.

3. Photojoiner supports to upload no more than 8 PNG images to stitch. And you can click on ADD IMAGES on the upper right corner or Open icon on the top menu bar to load PNG images.

4. After loaded, the PNG to stitch could be previewed in the right panel. Drag them and drop in the editing area one by one.

5. Move the slider of Border Size on the left to 0.

6. Click on APPLY button to start stitching PNG.

7. Finally, you can explore the result on your computer by click on Save button or share it online directly.


Part 3: How to Stitch Pictures on iPhone and Android

If you search stitch photos in App Store or Google Play Store, you will get dozens photo stitchers, including Montage Lite. It is a free picture stitcher with in app purchased feature. And it is available on both iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Another advantage of Montage Lite is the ability of sticking pictures together without borders. So we can use this photo stitcher to stick pictures on our smartphones.

1. Launch Montage Lite on screen. Then you will find that the interface of this picture stitcher is really simple and clear.

2. Tap on ADD button on the top menu bar and then select All Photos under the Albums menu.

3. Select the picture to stitch and click on Done to load the picture into the application.

4. Repeat step 3 to load other pictures to stitch. After all pictures necessary loaded, you can touch and drag them to the right location.

5. The arrows on the bottom allow you to select the picture to move and edit it.

6. You can use the icon looks like a compass to change the angle of the picture.

7. The icon shaped as a ladder is used to change the layer of the current picture.

8. After settings, locate to top menu bar and click on SHARE to confirm the process.

9. Then you can click on the export button on the upper right corner to save the output or share it on social networks.

Stitch Photo on Phone

Part 4: Other Top Photo Stitchers to Stitch Photos You May Consider

Image Composite Editor

Image Composite Editor is the panorama maker developed by Microsoft. It is available only on Windows and Windows users could use it for photo stitching freely. The advantage of this photo stitch application is easy to use, although it looks too simple to use for professionals. When stitching photos, all you have to do is load the photos to stitch and stick them in the software. The whole process just needs a few clicks and less than a minute. It supports different kinds of camera motion. And it also has the ability to complete missing parts of the stitched picture.

Image Composite Editor


Autostitch is another easy-to-use photo stitch application. It supports Windows and Mac; and it is also available on Android and iOS. So you can use it for photos stitching on your smartphone freely. The process of photos stitching is simplest. All you have to do is import photos and it will stitch them and export the output automatically. The disadvantage of this photo stitcher is you have to crop the photos to stitch into same size manually. If you are looking for a simplest photo stitching application without other fancy features, Autostitch may be a good choice.


ArcSoft Panorama Maker

ArcSoft Panorama Maker is a paid photo stitching application. It offers 15 day free trail; then you have to pay $ 79.99 to buy it. As a paid photo stitcher, it has more powerful features. For example, it provides five auto-stitch modes, including Auto, Horizontal, 360, Tile and Vertical. So you can not only create a personalized 2D panoramic picture, but also make 360 pictures with it. The process of photos stitching is easier than you thought. The auto-select feature will help you to select the photos to stitch automatically. Then you can organize and stitch the photos into a panoramic picture and save it on your computer. This photo stitcher provides some useful tools when you stitch the photos, like Align Points and Photo Blend.

Panorama Maker 6


Based on the introduction above, you can enjoy the process of stitching pictures on computer, online and smartphone. These powerful photo stitching applications could help you to smooth the process of stitching pictures. The strong algorithm offered by WidsMob Panorama could let you stitch pictures easily and get a perfect output. And you can also choose to stitch pictures online to save computer storage. You can even stitch pictures on your smartphone easily, if you follow the steps in this article.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version