Take Artsy Photo

How to Take Artsy Photos

As Apple and other smartphone venders improve camera technology, photography becomes a new hot topic again. And there are more and more photos on social media. Both factors drive people to adopt more photography techniques. It makes sense that some people left messages asking how to take artsy photos. It is hard to answer this question since it is complex. But we will summarize some tips about artsy photography to help you enhance your photography techniques. There are many things in our lives worthy of appreciation. Maybe you just need some suggestions to display them in correct ways.

Take Artsy Photo

Use the right tool to artsy photos

If you want to take a photo, you will need a camera. Of course, many people use their mobile phones as digital camera. Generally speaking, both digital cameras and latest smartphone models are able to capture artsy photos.

Though digital cameras are smart, you’d better set the parameters manually. You will discover the slight differences when you adjust these parameters. That could help you grasp your camera thoroughly and use the right combination of these parameters to take various photos.

If you decide to use your smartphone to capture artsy photos, you can try third party apps. They can make the artsy photography easier.

Canon DSLR Camera

Find the right scenes to capture artsy photos

Are any scenes suitable to take artsy photos? The answer is no. An artsy image is usually colorful. If there are a lot of objects in the scene, your artsy photo will become chaos. So, our suggestion is to focus on one object one time when you take artsy pictures. This rule is true, no matter for smartphone or digital camera.

How to focus on one object? It is simple. Get close to the object until it fills your viewfinder and leave other objects as the background.

On the other hand, you should capture the scenes with higher contrast. If the outline of your subject is not clear or its color is very similar to the background, your artsy photo will become blurry.

Photo Booth Mac

Add techniques in your artsy photography

There are several photography techniques could help you get an artsy photo easier.

1. Use grid lines when shooting artsy pictures. As I said, you have to focus one object and get as close as possible to create an artsy photo. The grid lines could help you grasp the right way to get close to your subject. Both digital cameras and latest smartphone models support grid lines.

Grid Lines Android

2. Apply motion blur in your pictures. If you have a pro-level digital camera or a professional camera app, you can try to slow down your shutter speed to capture the subjects in motion, like a running car. Such photography technique means you can shoot the movement and blur the background.

Blur Image Background App

3. Try different angles. Generally speaking, when we capture a subject, we just put the camera in front of it and press the shutter. But, we live in a three-dimension world. That means you can take artsy photos from any angles. And sometimes, a different angle can create a special effect. Taking a photo from below, for example, makes the subject look more powerful.

Unique Angle Shoot Mobile

How to take artsy photos with smartphone

There are many third part camera apps for capturing artsy photos on iPhones and Android phones for free. Prisma is one of them available to both iPhones and Android phones. The built-in photo effects are able to turn your photos to artworks in one tap.

Step 1: Install Prisma on your smartphone and launch it. Permit it to access your camera. Tap on the camera icon to capture a picture. If you want to switch to front camera, you can touch the icon at bottom right corner.

Step 2: After shooting, you will be brought to photo effect screen. Scroll left and right to discover your favorite effect. Tap on it to apply it on your photo. You can adjust the strength by swiping screen.

Step 3: When it is done, tap on the Share icon. Then you can decide to share it to Facebook or save it to your smartphone.

Prisma Screenshot

Generate artsy photos with ordinary pictures

WidsMob Montage is a special photo editor, which is able to design artsy photos using high resolution images. If you are interested in special artsy images, you can learn about our step-by-step guides below.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to create artsy photos

Step 1: Import the background photo

Install the latest version of WidsMob Montage to your computer and run it. Click on the Plus button on the upper right corner of the home interface. Then import the background photo from hard disk. You can edit the background photo or apply filters.

Select Photo as Background Montage

Step 2: Load tiles images

Put all tiles images you want to use in the artsy photo in a single folder. Drag and drop the folder into the photo editor to load all images in batch.

Choose PNG Montage

Step 3: Make an artsy photo

When you are ready, click on the Create button, Photo Montage will do the rest works. And you can adjust the parameters for the artsy photo, like Columns and Tiles. If you are satisfied with the result, you can save it to your computer or share it online.

Generate Montage Photo


An artsy photo is an art form whereby the photographer applies various techniques and effects to the photograph in order to create artworks. As technology improving, artsy photography is not a privilege of professional photographers. Now, you can take artsy images with digital cameras and even smartphones. To help beginners capture fine-art photos, we have shared several tips above. Following the guides, you can try to create artsy photos by your own. In the end, we have recommended a special photo editor, WidsMob Montage. It cannot crop or de-noise pictures, but is able to turn ordinary photos to fine art.