Take Photo on Mac

How to Take a Photo on a Mac Computer

Have you ever think about taking a photo on Mac computer? The next time you want to post a new profile picture, you maybe notice the built-in webcam on your Mac computer. Unlike smartphones, webcam is more stable. Whatever the purpose, it is an easy way to take a picture with webcam on Mac OS. Today, all Mac computers have webcams, like MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and so on. Although the quality of the photos depends on the performance of your FaceTime camera, the newer models tend to have better cameras. Besides the performance of your webcam, right way to take a photo on Mac will improve the quality of pictures as well. Therefore, we will learn how to take a photo on a Mac computer.

Take Photo on Mac

How to take pictures with Photo Booth

Photo Booth is the professional shooting software that developed by Apple. It is usually pre-installed on all Mac computers. You can use Photo Booth to take photos via iSight on your Mac computer. In addition to take photos, Photo Booth provides several special effects as well. You can follow the steps blow to shoot a picture with Photo Booth.

Photo Booth Mac

1. Launch Photo Booth application on your Mac computer. You can find it in Applications folder. When Photo Booth is open, your FaceTime camera will activate automatically. You can see that the green indicator light turns on.

2. If you want to add some special effect on your picture, you can tap on Effects button on the bottom right corner and make a decision. Otherwise, you can skip to next step.

3. There are three options on the bottom left corner. The left one is burst mode, which allows you to take four pictures at once. The middle one is single-photo mode. And the right one is video mode. You can select a mode to take photos on Mac depending on your requirements.

4. When you are ready, press the camera button to shoot a picture. You’d better to take multiple photos and choose the best one.

5. After shooting, go to File menu and choose Export to save the picture on Mac computer. Or you can press the share button on the bottom to post the picture online.

Photo Booth provides more than ten special effects. You can try to take unique selfies with Photo Booth and FaceTime camera.

Take Photo with Photo Booth Mac

Take a picture on a Mac online

There are many online services that have the ability to take pictures on Mac online with webcam. Such online services do not have computability problems and could run on any operating systems. And you can enjoy more webcam effects with an online webcam effects website, Pixect should be the best program to take a picture online.

1. Enter pixect.com in the address bar of your browser and press Enter key to access Pixect.

2. In home page, tap on Get started now button to go to webcam page.

3. Pixect will pop up a message to request you open your webcam. You should choose permit to continue.

4. Then you can make some settings before shooting. The options on left side are related to photo quality, like Brightness, Contrast and more. You can adjust them by moving sliders.

5. Located to the bottom, you can select a webcam effects by press the triangle icon. Pixect also supports time-lapse photography feature. You can set it on bottom ribbon.

6. After settings, press the big camera icon to take a photo on a Mac.

Pixect is a powerful online webcam application with hundreds of webcam effects.


How to polish photos on Mac

Although FaceTime cameras on Mac are HD cameras, their performance still cannot catch up with SLR cameras. So, after you take a picture on a Mac computer, you may need a photo enhance application as well, like Photoshop. We will introduce the basic steps to de-noise photos in Photoshop below.

1. Open the unperfected picture that you take on your Mac computer in Photoshop.

2. Select Reduce Noise from Noise option, which belongs to Filter.

3. Then you can reset the parameters to de-noise.

4. When you get a better photo, tap on OK button to close Reduce Noise window and confirm the changes.

After de-noise, you can adjust the values of Exposure, Contrast, Color Vibrance and Saturation to get a clearer picture with Photoshop.

Sharp Noise Command Photoshop

WidsMob Retoucher

WidsMob Retoucher applies to your digital images the saturation, the contrast, and the grain of the most legendary grain of analog films to give your photo unique feel. With various color rendition and film grain, you can mix up splendid photo.

When detecting faces, you can use "Portrait" to do skin smoothing and skin whitening to beautify your portrait image. With these useful tools, you can make your photo look more energetic.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


Based on the introductions above, you might grasp at least two ways to take photos on Mac computer. Photo Booth is a pre-installed application, so every Mac user could use it to take pictures on Mac without paying any penny. Moreover, Photo Booth offers several special effects that could make your pictures unique. If you want to learn the way that allows you to make more settings, you can try Pixect. It is an online application. You do not need to install it on your Mac computer. When you want to take pictures on Mac, you can go to Pixect and shoot directly. Furthermore, Pixect has many custom settings and a lot of webcam effects. You can explore the potential of Pixect at any time. After taking photos with iSight, you might need a powerful photo editor to enhance your photos. So we introduce the simple workflow to enhance photos with Photoshop in the last part.

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