How to Take a Professional Photo

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 by Peter Wood

Most beginners and amateur photographers want to learn how to take professional photos. Sometimes, you can distinguish a professional image from the pictures taken by amateurs instantly. Some photographers complain that professional cameras cannot help them take a professional photo. Although a good camera is essential to take good photos, other factors are as important as a professional camera. There are some secrets related to taking a professional photo shared among professionals. If you want to shoot professional pictures, the quickest way is to learn from the professional's experiences.

How to Take a Professional Photo

Part 1: Grasp your Camera to Take Professional Photos

You may have a DSLR camera, but that does not mean you have known your camera. A DSLR camera usually has good settings. If you can grasp such knowledge, you can easily use your camera.

1. When you buy a DSLR camera, the camera vendor will give you a manual about all features and settings of the DSLR camera. You should read the manual carefully, although it may be a little boring.

2. Almost all digital cameras are with Auto Mode. But the camera maybe not be as smart as you thought. The Auto Mode follows the simple guide to taking photos in certain situations. So if you want to take a professional image, you’d better use manual mode.

3. A DSLR camera has plentiful settings. And the number of compositions could reach hundreds. You can try to play with these settings compositions and test the effects. Modern cameras usually have factory reset at any time, so you do not need to worry about setting confusion.

4. You can try some photography rules when taking photos, like gridlines, leading lines, frames, and so on. These rules could make your image balanced and even.

Canon DSLR Camera

Part 2: Enjoy Shooting Professional Photos

1. The biggest challenge to taking a professional photo is lighting. An image that looks professional presents the subject in proper light circumstances. When you prepare to take a picture, you should put it in the shade and place lighting on its face. Or you can try to turn the subject to the sun and enjoy the natural light.

Natural Light

2. Another secret related to taking professional photos is to shoot a subject at once. You cannot put all things in one image. That will make your photos crowded and confusing. Oppositely, you can shoot a subject and highlight it from the background.

Food Photography

3. Unique perspective could make your photo professional as well. We usually shoot the subject in front of us horizontally. If you take an image upward with the sky as background, you will get a great photo. Or you can try to shoot downward and create a panorama.

Shoot Symmetry Subjects

4. Many amateur photographers overlook mood. Even though you may feel you cannot catch up with the professionals’ skills, your emotion is as alive as professional photographers. You can shoot the people who share some mood with you and put some feeling into your photos.

Emotional Photography

Part 3: Polish your Photos as Professionals

Taking a professional photo is as difficult as you thought. Do you think all professional photos are from cameras? Post-processing is another important factor. Every professional photographer has a powerful photo editor, such as WidsMob AI Retoucher. It provides advanced AI algorithms to make professional photos, including AI Retouch, AI Face Clean, AI Cartoonization, AI Face Mosaic, AI Style Transfer, and more. There are a series of editing tools, HSL enhancements, color adjustments, and noise reduction settings.

1. Reduce noise, recover lowlight, and remove haze automatically with AI.

2. Tweak exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, color tones, and more.

3. Make professional photos for portraits with face detection and retouching.

4. Turn photos into cartoons, paintings, sketches, and B/A films with AI.

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Step 1. Once you have installed WidsMob AI Retoucher, you can launch the program and click the Import button to upload the photos you want to edit. It supports most RAW file formats, JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF, and others for a batch process.

Import Photos Retoucher

Step 2. To make professional photos, you can click the AI Retouch option on the left side to enhance the photos with noise reduction, lowlight recovery, and haze removal. Just choose the desired one to fix some imperfections in the photos beforehand.

Apply Noise Reduction Retoucher Reover Lowlight Details Retoucher Remove Haze AI Retoucher

Step 3. When you need to tweak the parameters of the photos, you can simply go to the Adjust menu, which provides the whole series of HSL enhancements, color tones, and noise reduction in one window, you can tweak them and even reduce noise manually.

Adjust HSL Parameters Retoucher Win Download Mac Download

Step 4. You can also adjust the light lenses, HDR filters, analog films, noises, textures, and more from the Filters menu. There are multiple classic filters and a series of black-and-white films that you can render. Of course, you can combine the parameters from the Adjust menu.

HDR Effect WidsMob Retoucher Blur Photo with Frosted Glass Retoucher Lomo Effect WidsMob Retoucher Vivid Effect WidsMob Retoucher Soft Light WidsMob Retoucher Dark Light Filter Retoucher Chill Filter Retoucher Psychedelic Filter for Photo Retoucher Photo to Pencil Sketch Retoucher Black and White Film Retoucher

Step 5. Moreover, you can also make portrait photos professional with AI portraits. Besides, there are some basic editing features to rotate the photos, cut out the desired parts, and even turn the photos into cartoons, paintings, and pencil sketches within one click.

Retoucher Photo to Candy Painting Convert Portrait to Cartoon Retoucher Win Download Mac Download
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This article has introduced some tips to take a photo to look professional. To most photographers, the problem is not to have the new version of the DSLR camera but to use their camera properly. A DSLR camera has many settings, like exposure, ISO, etc. that affect the pictures and generate outputs. You can explore its potential functions. During shooting, many factors impact photos, like lighting, the subject, and perspectives. You can learn how to deal with these factors to take a professional image. However, the mood is not something you can learn from words. Remember to put feelings into your photos from yourself or the subject. You should also know how to polish an image as a professional photographer with WidsMob AI Retoucher, which provides multiple AI algorithms to touch up photos automatically.