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How to Take Wedding Photos

More and more people choose the take wedding photos by themselves or their friends. However, how to take wedding photos is still a challenge to newlyweds. I mean that a wedding is one of the most wonderful moments in your life. Can you imagine that this wonderful moment is not recorded in the way you wish? It is impossible to train each couple of newlyweds into professional photographers in short time. However, there are some tips that newlyweds can follow when taking DIY wedding photos. And you can learn these tips in details below.

Take Wedding Photo


If you are not an expert, you should do everything you can to prepare.

1. If you prepare to take DIY wedding photos, you should prepare more than one cameras. DSLR cameras are too expensive to purchase. You can borrow two or more cameras from studios. And you can set these cameras in different angles. Even though the photos shot by one camera are poor, you can get some good outputs from the other one.

2. Make a shot list. One of the most useful tips related to take wedding photos is to think ahead about the shots you’d like to record on wedding day. You can make a list and check these shots in advance. That is especially important when taking family shots and making sure that all relatives and friends were photographed. And remember to include any particular or meaningful decorate items you want to shoot in the shot list.

3. Other hardware. Besides cameras, you might need tripods, reflectors, external flashes and other hardware. Light is essential to wedding pictures; however, the light in churches is very low. So, if it is permitted, you should consider using a flash diffuser to soften the light.

4. Most cameras have the ability to convert photos to JPEG format automatically; however, this compression photo format is not suitable to edit in future. So you should tell your photographers to take wedding photos in RAW files. Even though wedding photos are not perfect, RAW files could provide more information and make editing easily.

Canon DSLR Camera

Enjoy your day

Wedding day is the most important moment in your life. You should enjoy this moment; but there are something important to you and your photographers.

1. Most people capture the scene in front of them horizontally. But you can change the perspective when taking wedding photos. Adding some creative will make your wedding pictures fantastic. Make sure that your wedding photos contain shots from down low, up high, at wide angles and more.

2. Newlyweds usually shuffle down the aisle, because they are nervous. But that will make your photographers headache. If you want to take beautiful wedding photos, you should keep your head up with a natural smile on your face. Sometimes, you can stare at your bride affectionately. Such shots will make your wedding pictures memorable.

3. Continuous shooting mode is useful in wedding day. Such mode could capture dozens of photos in a few seconds. So continuous shooting mode could ensure that you will not miss important footages of your wedding day.

4. You are the character of your wedding, so you should enjoy your wedding day. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident smile and genuine feeling expression. Your photographers will capture your happiness and record it in your wedding photos.

Wedding Photograph Moment

Polish your wedding photos

Taking wedding photos is a hard task; but that does not mean you cannot make it by yourself. After wedding, you may find that there are a lot of imperfect wedding photos. Some pictures are blurry and others may have noise. Don’t discard these photos. Your real need is a powerful photo enhancer, like WidsMob Denoise. It is an easy-to-use photo editor. You can reduce noise in your wedding photos with Photo Denoise easily. Photo Denoise could detect various noises and deal with your wedding photos automatically. The workflow of Photo Denoise is simple; all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. Access Photo Denoise on your computer and tap on Import button to read the pictures you want to enhance. Or you can drag and drop the folder contains all you wedding photos into this program in batch.

Open Denoise

2. Photo Denoise has the ability to decrease the luminance noise and chrominance noise automatically. And advanced users could modify these options manually.

3. If you need to highlight details, you can adjust the value of Sharpness.

Denoise Image Process

4. When you are done, press Save button and save your wedding pictures to local hard.

With Photo Denoise, you can polish all your wedding photos in bulk.


This article has introduced how to take wedding photos. If you want to DIY your wedding pictures, you can follow the suggestions in this article. Before wedding day, you’d better prepare all necessary hardware and make a critical plan. During your wedding day, you should enjoy every moment and display your confidence. All these things will be captured by your photographers. After your wedding, you also need a smart photo enhancer to polish your wedding photos. WidsMob Denoise could meet all your requirements. Photo Denoise could de-noise photos in batch. This feature is useful when you need to polish hundreds of wedding photos.