Transfer Android Photos to Another Device with OTG Cable

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Is there a direct method to transfer Android photos to another Android or Flash drive of digital camera on the go?OTG (on-the-go) USB stick might be the right answer. The type of USB stick has a micro USB head on one end, which you can connect to an Android phone. You can use the regular USB connection for a digital camera or computer.

If you have to manage all photos from an Android phone, camera, and computer, you should use USB OTG to transfer Android photos between different devices. The OTG USB stick is a direct solution to connect Android to others directly. Just find how USB OTG transfers photos between Android phone and computer from the article.


Part 1: How to Transfer Android Photos with OTG Cables

Even if the touchscreen is broken, you can connect a mouse or keyboard to an Android phone with OTG, then control your Android photos with different devices. If you use Google Photos or other applications to backup Android photos or transfer photos to another Android tablet, it does require a fast Internet connection.

Just follow the steps to transfer photos from Android phones to Android tablets as below. Before you transfer Android photos between the devices. You have to make sure the Android devices are compatible with OTG.

Step 1. Connect Android tablets to OTG

Connect OTG USB cable to the destination Android and plug-in USB cable with the source Android phone. Once you link Android tablets with an OTG USB cable, you can enable the USB debugging on Android tablets.


Step 2. Select the Android photos to transfer

Choose the destination folder for Android tablet, you can choose "Just Once" or "Always" for the transferred Android photos. Then confirm the pop-up information "All the app Gallery to access the USB device".


Step 3. Transfer photos to Android with OTG

Select the Android photos with a long tap on them, then press the "IMPORT" at the upper-right corner to transfer Android photos from Android phone to Android tablet with ease.


Of course, you can transfer Android photos, videos, music, movies, and even documents between Android devices with an OTG USB cable. When you transfer Android photos to PC, data can be read before you transfer Android to PC.

Part 2: How to Transfer Photos to Android via OTG Cables

It should be very convenient to transfer Android photos to tablets or another device. How about transferring photos to an Android phone? When you need to share the gorgeous photos taken by your DSLR camera. You can take advantage of OTG to transfer photos from other devices to Android as well, which share these photos to social networks easily.

Step 1. Connect Android phone to OTG

Just follow a similar procedure to connect the Android phone to OTG, connect the digital camera with a USB cable, link OTG together with a USB cable to transfer the photos to Android.


Step 2. Download RAW format viewer

When you need to transfer the RAW formats of your DSLR camera, you should download a RAW format viewer according to your camera first. And then launch the RAW viewer application.


Step 3. Transfer Photos from Camera to Android

Then you can view and select the photos from the DSLR camera to your Android phone. When you use OTG to transfer the RAW files, it takes much less time for transferring with WI-FI.


Part 3: The Best Alternative to Transfer Android Photos

What is the best OTG alternative to transfer Android photos? If you need to transfer Android photos between different devices, especially for an iOS device, Android iOS Transfer is the versatile method to transfer pictures among iOS, Android, and computers. Moreover, you can also manage iOS and Android data, such as classify, delete, merge, preview, etc.

  1. Sync and transfer Android photos to iOS devices and computers without OTG.
  2. Compatible with contacts, pictures, videos, messages, voice memos, and more.
  3. Manage the Android photos, such as add, edit info, export to a computer, etc.
  4. Convert HEIC to JPEG/PNG without any quality loss for transferring photos.
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Step 1: Once you have installed Android iOS Transfer, you can launch the program on your computer. Connect the desired Android phone you want to transfer photos to a computer with a USB cable. After that, you can connect another Android phone or iPhone as the target device.

Android iOS Transfer Interface

Step 2: Select your source Android phone to show in the Device list in the middle at the top. If not, just click the dropdown to select the source phone. You can click on the Photos menu on the left and then check the detailed information of each data on the right preview window.

Connect Device

Step 3: Just select the desired photos that you want to share from your Android phone to another phone, and click the Export to Device button to start the syncing. It also enables you to click the Add File(s) button to import and transfer photos from PC to phone as an OTG alternative.

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Part 4: FAQs about How to Transfer Android Photos with OTG

This is the title

1What is an OTG for Android devices?

The full name of USB OTG is USB On-The-Go, which enables you to connect your Android phone to a USB cable device. You can read USB flash drives and card readers from your phone or tablet. Moreover, it allows the supported devices to switch back and forth between host and device.

2How to check an OTG cable if it cannot transfer Android photos?

Once you connect the devices with an OTG cable, you can check if your Android phone charges for another smartphone or not. Make sure the smartphone supports the OTG connection and there is a five volts boost module in the device when you need to transfer Android photos with OTG.

3What are the supported devices for Android OTG?

If you want to use transfer your Android phone with OTG, you can use the USB OTG function to connect a USB hub, a mouse, and a keyboard. You can also connect a video game controller to your Android tablet. It should always be the initial choice to extend the storage space.


To transfer Android photos to Flash Drive, a computer, digital camera, OTG USB cable should be the right choice. Moreover, you can also take advantage of OTG to transfer files to Android. If you have any queries about the usage of OTG USB cable for the Android photos, you can feel free to leave a comment in the article.

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