5 Best Methods to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad

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iPad become another professional device for business, which you can find some professional photo editors to polish your photos. What would you do if you need to transfer photos from computer to iPad? Besides the default way to transfer photos between iPad and computer via iTunes, what are the best methods to sync the files? The article shares 5 frequently used methods to transfer photos from computer to iPad. Just learn more about the process and choose the desired one according to your requirement.


Part 1: Professional Method to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad

When you need to transfer all the photos from computer to iPad, or vice versa, iPhone Data Transfer is the all-in-one method to sync the photos between your iPad and computer. You can also manage and organize the photos, such as delete the photos in batch, find the duplicated pictures, transfer them in a batch process, and more. Moreover, you can also preview the HEIC photos and convert HEIC to JPEG easily.

  • Transfer multiple photos from computer to iPad within a batch process.
  • View HEIC files on PC and convert HEIC to JPEG without extra program.
  • Smartly classify your photos to different albums, saving your time and effort.
  • Sync photos between iOS devices, iOS and computer, and more in clicks.
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Step 1: After you have installed iPhone Data Transfer on your computer, you can run the program. Connect the iPad with your computer with a USB cable to scan your photos detected in the program.

iOS Transfer

Step 2: Choose the Photos icon on the left sidebar menu and wait for a while to have all the photos shown on the main interface. After that, you can see all the photos are classified into different groups.


Step 3: Click the Add button and locate the photos you want to import. Check the photos and click the Open button. It will transfer the selected photos from the computer to your iPad in batch.

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Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone with MediaServer

Have you ever considered turning your Mac into a media server? You can access your computer to preview, playback, and download the desired photos only. WidsMob MediaServer is the ultimate method to transfer photos from computer to iPad with ease.

  1. Preview, playback, and transfer photos from a computer within the iPad.
  2. Sync photos from your Mac to iPad and other devices at the same time.
  3. Full control over the Wi-Fi networks and devices to access the program.
  4. Import photos from the local folder, iTunes library, and Photos library.
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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob MediaServer, launch the program on your Mac. Make sure your iPad and Mac computer are under the same Wi-Fi connection. As for the case, you can view and transfer photos from computer to iPad.


Step 2: Choose the desired iPad within the program. Just install some free UPnP device, such as UPNP Xtreme to your iPad beforehand. The Mac can recognize iPhone automatically. You can get all the media files, such as photos, videos, and music files from Mac now.


Step 3: Select the photos for transferring, you can choose the desired folder from your computer. After that, you can drag and drop the photos to sync photos from computer to iPad. Of course, you can also import photos from the iTunes library or Photos library with one click.


Step 4: Launch UPNP Xtreme or another UPnP device, you can preview the photos in different folders. If you want to copy photos from computer to iPad with the original quality, you can simply save these files to iPad Camera Roll within one click.

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Part 3: How to Copy Pictures from PC to iPhone via iTunes

Just make sure that you install the latest version of iTunes for your computer. Besides there is one more important thing to transfer photos from computer to iPad with iTunes, all the photos existing on your iPhone will be replaced by the photos from your PC,

Step 1: Once you download or update the latest iTunes version, launch the program on your computer and connect the iPad to your computer with the original USB cable. If there is a prompt appears on the iPhone screen, tap on Trust and continue.

Step 2: Click the Device button in iTunes and choose the Photos option. Keep the checkbox next to Sync Photos selected and choose the folder or App you want to transfer photos from in the drop-down menu of Copy photos from.

Step 3: When you set to sync all the photos or selected items. Then you can click the Apply option to transfer photos from PC to iPad via iTunes. Make sure you have already backed up the photos on your iPad beforehand.


Part 4: How to Sync Pictures from Computer to iPad via Google Photos

Is there any method to transfer photos from computer to iPad without iTunes? Google Photos should be a nice option with cloud service, where you can upload and download images. Just download and install the Google Photos app on iPad. Set up an account on Google Photos to get an account.

Step 1: Sign in to Google Photos on your computer via your browser. Click the Create icon on the upright corner to import photos. Upload pictures or files to a new folder on Google Photos to prepare for transferring photos from computer to iPad.

Step 2: Go back to your iPad. Launch the Google Photos app on iPad and choose the Menu icon on the up left corner. Click the Collections to see all photos you upload before.

Step 3: Press images or files and choose the More icon on the up left corner. Choose the Select option. Click the Shareicon and then tap on the Save Images button to transfer photos from computer to iPad.

Step 4: Once you transfer the photos to Google Photo. You can sort out and backup pictures automatically. If you cannot remember which images you are looking for, just search for some keywords or tags of these photos.


Part 5: How to Copy Images from Computer to iPad with ePhoto Transfer

Photo Transfer App is another simple method to transfer photos and videos from computer to iPad. You have to download the program for both your computer and iPad. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1: Launch the Photo Transfer app and touch the Receive option. Tap the Apple Computer for Mac and Windows Computer for PC when you transfer photos from computer to iPad.

Step 2: You can transfer the photos within the app or use a web browser when you launch the computer version. Open the Photo Transfer App and click the UPLOAD Photos button to choose the photos.

Step 3: After that, you can see a progress bar on the web page as the images or videos are uploaded to your device. Once you upload the photos, you can get the images on your iPad.


Part 6: FAQs about How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad

1How to transfer photos from iPad to PC?

Connect your iPad to the computer with a USB cable. Open the Computer button and select the iPad. Open the Internal Storage folder to find the DCIM folder. You can locate the images you want to transfer. Right-click the images to copy and paste them in a destination on your PC.

2How can I move photos to a custom album on an iPad?

Open the Photos app and go to the Albums option. Select the All Photos button and choose the Select option. Pick all the photos you want to choose and select the Add to option and choose the New Album option. Moreover, you can select the Share button to move to the desired album.

3How to transfer and save photos to the iPad’s Camera Roll?

Once you have transferred the photos to your iPad, such as your Email, you can open the message and locate the transferred photos, touch and hold the photos, a popup will offer the Save as option. After that, you can view the photos within the Camera Roll of your iPad.


Whether you transfer photos from computer to iPad with iTunes, AirDrop, Email, Google Photos, or professional programs, you should manage the photos on the computer. Different from all these applications, you can just set up a folder on the computer, you can use your iPad to access all the synced photos and transfer photos from computer to iPad.

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