4 Different Methods to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

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To share some photos of the iPhone with friends or family, you’d better share them on an iPad with a big screen. Now here comes the problem, especially for elder ones, there’s no USB port embedded in an iPad, how do you transfer photos from iPhone to iPad?

The article explains 4 different methods to sync photos from iPhone to iPad, especially when the iOS devices are not sharing the same iCloud account. Just read the article and choose the desired solution according to your requirements.


Part 1: Best Method to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

Can you transfer photos from iPhone to iPad directly? iPhone Data Transfer is an efficient method to sync photos via a computer. It not only transfers the selected photos between iOS devices, but also manages the photos, such as creating new albums, deleting the unwanted ones, and converting HEIC to JPEG/PNG. Moreover, it provides a fast speed to convert photos without an Internet connection.

  1. Transfer photos from iPhone to iPad or vice versa without Internet.
  2. Preview the HEIC photos from iPhone and convert HEIC to JPEG.
  3. Manage and organize the photos, such as add, transfer, edit, etc.
  4. Sync photos between iOS devices at a fast speed in original quality.
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Step 1: When you have installed iPhone Transfer on your computer, you can launch it. Connect both iOS devices to your computer with two USB cables. After that, the program can detect photos, videos, and more other data from iPhone and iPad.

iOS Transfer

Step 2: Select the Photos button on the left side of the main interface. You can find the photos have been classified into different albums with the group list on the left. Choose the iPhone as the source device to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad.

Backup Photos to iPhone

Step 3: Choose the photos from your iPhone you need to transfer. After that, you can click the Device Export icon and choose the Export to Device option. It will transfer the selected photos from the iPhone to your iPad. Just check the transferred photos in the desired album.

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Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad Using iCloud

My Photo Stream is an album shown in the Photos app of iPhone, which is a centralized location for sharing photos across devices. You can get the recent iPhone photos on any Apple device with iCloud. If the My Photo Stream folder is not available, make sure you have already enabled it in iCloud. Just turn on the auto-update function of saving photos, and you can also get rid of auto backup photos.

Step 1: Update your iPhone and iPad to the latest version of iOS. Make sure you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

Step 2: Set up iCloud on your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi. Follow the same process to your iPad.

Step 3: Go to the Settings app and choose the iCloud option. Open the Photos option to turn on the iCloud Photo Library option.

Step 4: Log in to your iPad with the same Apple ID and password. Once you open iPad Photos, you can sync photos from iPhone to iPad.


Part 3: How to Sync Photos from iPhone to iPad via AirDrop

AirDrop is an effective tool for transferring files between iOS devices. It enables you to sync photos from iPhone to iPad in the same Wi-Fi environment. If your iPad is near the iPhone, it can be the best way to do a transfer. Without using mails or mass storage devices, this ad-hoc transferring service has the sense of a future. Just learn more details about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad.

Step 1: The AirDrop function requires iOS 7 on iPhone 5 or later, and iPad 4 or later. Make sure you have updated the operating systems and devices are available for the function.

Step 2: Start by turning on the AirDrop feature on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom and tapping the AirDrop tab. Just follow the same process to enable the AirDrop feature on the iPad.

Step 3: For AirDrop to work on your iPad you need to make sure your iPad is connected over the same Wi-Fi. After that, you need to confirm that the AirDrop connection is visible to your iPhone.

Step 4: If you are only using it for a few minutes then it’s safe to change it so it allows you to see everyone, so select the Everyone option from the dropdown menu beside Allow me to be discovered by.

Step 5: Just check the image want to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad, click the Share icon, and on the screen, you will receive and down the transferred photos on your iPad.


Part 4: How to Move Photos of iPhone to iPad with Dropbox

Why not choose another third-party cloud service to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad? Dropbox is a professional service works guarantee quality and security. Although it caters well with its family member iPhone and iPad, iCloud still have something to improve, like restricted rules and limited cloud storage. Below are the steps for sending your photos on iPhone to iPad with Dropbox.

Step 1: Install or update Dropbox both in your iPhone, register with your email or phone number. Choose the plan you want to use, for first-time users, a free plan or trial plan will be your choice.

Step 2: Tap the folder that you want to transfer to the iPad. Then tap the + sign in the upper left corner of the screen. Click the Upload Here button, a window will popup with your photos in it.

Step 3: Choose the camera roll album. Press on the photos that you want to upload and then tap the Upload button at the top of the window to transfer the desired photos.

Step 4: Go to Dropbox on your iPad, log in with the same account you register on iPhone. Open the file you have just saved your photo from iPhone in, the photos once stored in iPhone display on your iPad.

Dropbox can also automatically upload photos and videos taken from your iPhone. But you need to upgrade your plan to Pro to enjoy the function.


Part 5: FAQs about How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad

1Why won't My Photo Stream sync photos from iPhone to iPad?

Make sure both iOS devices are connected to the same network. Then, you should check the My Photo Stream option on both devices before sharing photos. If the above method does not work, you can check whether you log in with the same Apple ID.

2How to AirDrop JPEG instead of HEIC from iPhone to iPad?

Go to the Settings app to disable the HEIC feature and save photos in JPG format. Turn on the AirDrop option and choose the Contacts Only or Everyone. Head to the Photos app and select the photos you want to transfer and tap the Share icon and select the iPad to share with.

3Does iMessage compress photos when I transfer them from iPhone to iPad?

No. iMessage does not compress photos or reduce their quality after sending them. The picture quality remains untouched. But transferring photos in this way will consume your data, so make sure the recipient has enough data for the file, especially for large photos.


Getting photos from iPhone to iPad with iCloud is a typical way for Apple crowds while depending on Airdrop for transferring is an ad-hoc way. You can also choose a third-party cloud service like Dropbox, which provides an open-minded solution for getting photos from iPhone to iPad. Moreover, the professional iPhone Data Transfer is the all-in-one method to transfer and sync the photos at a fast speed. You can share more details about your problem in the comments if you have any related questions.

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