Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

3 Best Methods to Transfer Photos from One iPhone to Another

When you want to share stunning photos taken with one iPhone to another, you can find multiple solutions or third party applications. What are the default solutions to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone? Here are the 3 frequently used methods you should know.

Whether you want to transfer photos to a new device with iCloud, backup large photos with Photo Stream, or simply share some funny photos from one iPhone to another via Wi-Fi, you can find the detailed process from the article.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

Part 1: How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone via Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available for nearby café shop, supermarket or bus station. You can get photos from iPhone to iPhone within the Wi-Fi environment. AirDrop is the default solution to transfer files via Wi-Fi for iDevices. Just learn more detail about the detail process as below.

Step 1: Make sure to turn on AirDrop for both iPhones. Then keep the two iPhones in range of each other till you are able to set up a connection.

Step 2: Swiping upwards to access the Control Center from the bottom of the iPhone screen. And then set to either “Contacts Only” or “Everyone”.

Step 3: You can go to the Photos App to get photos off iPhone to other devices. Click the “Sharing” button to send photos from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 4: After that you can click the icon for your contact in the AirDrop field. Where you can see find the desired iPhone icon showing up.

It is suitable for transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone of friends of family members. When you take some beautiful photos, you can share them via AirDrop. As for the method, you can select more than one image. Another way to share photos from iPhone to iPhone is social media. You can upload the photos to Facebook or Twitter, and then other can download them to their iPhone with ease.

Turn Airdrop on iPhone iPad

Part 2: How to copy pictures between iPhones with Photo Stream

In order to get large number photos from iPhone to iPhone, Photo Stream should be taken into consideration. When you create a new photo stream, you can share it to a large number of people at the same time. It is a much better solution to copy pictures to each other at a time.

Step 1: Get into your Photos App and tap on the Shared Tab at the bottom of the screen. And then press the Plus sign at the upper left corner. Name the new photo stream accordingly.

Step 2: Next you can specify the persons who can view the photo streams. Just pick up the desired one from contact list. Then the person can copy photos from iPhone to iPhone with Photo Stream.

Step 3: Your new stream will appear on the Streams screen of your “Shared”. Tap it to enter the stream. Tap the + sign again and choose pictures to add from your camera roll.

Step 4: After that you can tick as many photos as you want, then hit the “Done” button to get photos from your iPhone to the other’s iPhone within few seconds.

And then the persons you invited can view the stream will be able to access photo in their Photos App under Shared Tab as well. If they want to download photos from iPhone to iPhone, they simply need to tap on a photo, hit the sharing icon and select Save to Camera Roll.

Photo Stream

Part 3: How to move images from old iPhone to new one with iCloud

If you are looking for a method to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone automatically, iCloud should be the best solution. Just backup the photos of the old iPhone to iCloud first. And then login the same iCloud account with the new iPhone to get the photos. You only have to make sure there is enough space of your iCloud for the photos.

Step 1: Backup all the photos to iCloud. Go to head to “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Backup” and tap “Back Up Now”. It takes a short period to backup all the photos to your iCloud account.

Step 2: And then you can turn on your new iPhone. If you still have not set up the iPhone, you can also directly login the same account of the new iPhone to get photos from old iPhone to new iPhone within the setup.

Step 3: Once you login the account of the iCloud account with Apple ID and Password. Select either Backup from iCloud or Backup from iTunes and select the most recent backup from your old iPhone.

Step 4: After selecting the desired photos, your photos will now be restored to the new iPhone soon. When you complete the process, you can find the photos in the original iPhone is available on the new one now.

It is the way to get photos from iPhone to iPhone when you need to upgrade your iPhone, or get photos from iPhone to iPad. Sharing the same iCloud with others is not a nice option. Of course, you can also use get photos from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes to achieve the similar result, the only difference is that you can get photos from iPhone to computer as well for the method.

iCloud Photo Library

Wrapped Up

When you need to get photos from iPhone to iPhone automatically, you can use iCloud instead. In the way, you can transfer the photos in a private and safe method. And if you want to transfer one or several photos to a friend nearby, get photos from iPhone to iPhone with Wi-Fi should be the most convenience way. As for a large amount of photos, you can use Photo Stream instead. If you have any other query about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

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