Unblur a Picture

How to Unblur a Picture on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android (Step by Step)

Taking blurry images can be caused by many reasons, like camera shake, vibration, focus issues, light condition, action shots and anything else. It is not a big deal if you find the problem immediately. You can retake those photos again. But what if there is no opportunity to do so? You have no choice but to unblur a picture that has been partly or completely blurred.

Fortunately, you can get some nice tools to reduce image blurring and make blurry images clear again. Yes, Photoshop is a smart choice. If you are unfamiliar with Photoshop, you can use the Photoshop alternative to retouch the blurry picture effortlessly. Both beginners and experts can unblur a picture on computer or phone with ease here. Let’s see how to make your blurry picture better.

Unblur a Picture

Part 1: How to Fix a Blurry Photo While Preserving Image Detail

The easiest solution is to sharpen a blurry image with WidsMob Retoucher. You can sharpen the unfocused picture to make your picture less blurry. Photo unblurring is quite easy here. You can adjust luminance, chrominance and sharpness freely to unblur a picture that has been blurred. Moreover, you can also apply photo retouching effects and analog films to your shots. Thanks to the intuitive interface and easy-to-use filters, you can finish your work in a few minutes.

1. Unblur a photo and eliminate image noise without reducing quality.

2. Adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature and tint based on your requirement.

3. Retouch and beautify portrait images by skin smoothing and whitening.

4. Apply artistic effects, such as color opacity, vignetting and fisheye.

5. Analog film effects with dozens of camera profiles, color modes, and film grains.

6. Safe, clean and easy to use.

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Step 1: Add your blurry images.

Free download, install and launch the photo editor on your Windows or Mac computer. This section will take the Mac version as an example. Drag and drop blurry pictures into the main interface.

Add Blurry Images

Step 2: Fix image blurry

Click “Next” to access the blurry photo fixing program. You can click “B/A” near the bottom to view the before and after picture directly. Head to the “De-noise” section. Here you can move sliders under “Luminance”, “Chrominance” and “Sharpness” to reduce the fuzziness.

Sharpen Picture

Step 3: Adjust image details

You can also go to the “Adjustment” section to make a blurry picture clear. The instant preview window can show you the photo adjustment immediately. Thus, you can bring the blurry picture into focus by dragging sliders.

Apply Adjustment

Step 4: Save or share your picture

There are also some interesting photo editing features you can get from “Portrait”, “LOMO” and “Film Pack” sections. At last, click “Share” or “Save” to export your corrected picture. You can share the unblurred picture to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. What’s more, you can save your picture as JPEG or TIFF format too. It is easy and fun to unblur a picture without Photoshop.

Save Your Photo

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Part 2: How to Unblur a Picture in Photoshop

Is there any other method to add photo captions on computer? Here are 3 more frequently used ones, such as AddText as the online method, PhotoBite as the professional photo caption editor, and Paints as the free one for PC.

If you buy Photoshop before, you can unblur a very blurry picture with Photoshop too. There are several filters for unblurring images on Windows and Mac. You can choose any of them to make your picture less blurry. If you figure out other ways to fix blurry images with Photoshop, you can comment down below and share with us.

1. Use Shake Reduction

Step 1: Open your blurry picture with Photoshop.

Step 2: Click “Filter” > “Sharpen” > “Shake Reduction”.

Step 3: Photoshop will reduce image blurring caused by camera shake automatically.

Step 4: Preview and correct some details to unblur in Photoshop.

2. Duplicate Background Layer

Step 1: Run Photoshop. Add your blurry picture.

Step 2: Duplicate the background layer of your picture. Then select this duplicated layer.

Step 3: Click “Filter” > “Other” > “High Pass”. You can set “High Pass” to 10% or so.

Step 4: Switch the blend mode to “Hard Light”.

Step 5: Increase or decrease the opacity to unblur a picture using Adobe Photoshop.

3. Photoshop Enhance Feature

Step 1: Import the blurry image into Photoshop.

Step 2: Choose “Enhance” from the “Filter” menu.

Step 3: Click “Unsharp Mark”.

Step 4: Balance the “Radius” and “Amount” to fix blurry picture in Photoshop.

Part 3: How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear on iPhone and Android

Then how about an unblur a picture app for Android and iPhone users? Well, Snapseed is a hot choice to unblur photos on your phone. There are also some tools that allow users to unblur a picture online, like Fotor Photo Blur, Photo Sharpen, Focus Magic, Blurity, etc. From this section, you can use Snapseed app to unblur a picture on iPhone and Android.

Step 1: Run the Snapseed app. Tap “Upload” to add the blurry image that you want to unblur.

Step 2: Choose “Details” to get the “Sharpen” option.

Step 3: Tap on “Unblur” to unblur with Snapseed.

Step 4: Select “Structure” followed by “Show more detail” to unblur the blurry image too.

Unblur a Picture on iPhone with Snapseed

Using WidsMob Retoucher is your cheapest, easiest and fastest way to unblur a picture. There is no learning curve because Retoucher offers a clean and simple interface. You can get quick results when you unblur a pixelated picture here. Most popular image formats are supported. Thus, you can import blurry pictures taken with your smart phone, DSLR camera and more. If you are a shutterbug looking for powerful and easy-to-use photo retouching software, definitely WidsMob Retoucher will shock you. Just free download and have a try right now.

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