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5 Easiest Ways to Upload MP3 to YouTube on Windows and Mac

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“How can I put a song on YouTube with just a picture and no video?”

“Can I upload MP3 or WMA audio files to YouTube?”

“Is there any recommendation of good video uploader for YouTube?”

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to watch YouTube music movies and listen to samples before purchasing songs in iTunes. As a result, you can upload songs to YouTube to get better visual experience as well. So here comes a question, is it possible to upload a song to YouTube?

Though YouTube does not support pure audio files, you can convert audio to video with picture to solve the problem. In another word, you can use online or offline tools to convert MP3 song to video and then share to YouTube. Thus, this article introduces how to upload MP3 to YouTube on Mac and Windows. Just read and follow.

Part 1: How to Use Windows Live Movie Maker to Upload Audio to YouTube on Windows

By using Windows Live Movie Maker, you can convert audio tracks to any video file with ease. After that, you can upload converted video to YouTube manually. And you do not need to install extra audio to video converter as well.

Step 1: Choose “Add Videos and Photos” on the top toolbar

Step 2: Click “Add Music” to add your audio tracks

Step 3: Adjust the image to fit the audio track on your timeline

Step 4: Choose “Recommended for this project”

Step 5: Click “Save” to convert MP3 to YouTube video

Upload MP3 to YouTube Windows Live Movie Maker

Then log into your YouTube account and follow the common steps to share videos. You can click “Upload” and “Select Files from Your Computer” options to upload MP3 to YouTube on Windows.

Part 2: How to Run iMovie to Upload an MP3 to YouTube with Picture

You can also use iMovie to upload audio to YouTube on Mac in easy ways. And iMovie allows users to convert audio to video, and then turn your videos into movie magic in high quality. In addition, you can output video files to most portable players directly.

Step 1: Drag and drop audios and images into iMovie

Step 2: Adjust the duration of the image to match the audio track

Note: Choose the gear icon on the top to click “Clip Adjustments”. Enter the numbers under “Source Duration”. Later, you can adjust the images and audio tracks in balance.

Step 3: Click the “Share” menu

Step 4: Choose “Export using QuickTime”

Step 5: Name your file and choose “Save”

Upload MP3 to YouTube iMovie

Once the video is finished, you can upload MP3 to YouTube with no watermark successfully. And iMovie is a good video editor you can apply to achieve wonderful effect for free.

Part 3: How to Upload MP3 to YouTube Using Online Tools

In spite of using upload MP3 to YouTube software, you can turn to online audio to video converters for help. There is no need to install any third-party app or plugin, you can convert and upload an MP3 to YouTube in minutes.

Upload MP3 to YouTube Using TunesToTube

Open TunesToTube online audio to video converter. You will be required to sign into your YouTube channel. Be aware that there is a 50 MB file size limit for the free account.

Step 1: Choose “Sign in with Google” and “Allow”

Note: Make sure to sign into the same Google account that you can upload YouTube video.

Step 2: Click “Upload Files” to add songs less than 50 MB

Step 3: Browse the image you want to upload

Step 4: Customize the video title, description, tag and video size

Step 5: Choose “Create Video” to upload MP3 to YouTube

Upload MP3 to YouTube TunesToTube

Convert MP3 and Image to YouTube with Tovid.io

Tovid.io allows users to convert MP3 to YouTube for free online. You need to check if audio tracks up to 30 minutes or not. With its simple and easy-understanding interface, you can convert MP3 to YouTube video quickly. Later, you are able to upload MP3 to YouTube channel.

Step 1: Search and open Tovid.io on your browser

Step 2: Click “Browse” to upload an image

Step 3: Drag and drop a MP3 file to the certain section

Step 4: Tick “I agree to the terms and conditions”

Step 5: Choose “Connect to YouTube”

Upload MP3 to YouTube Tovid.io

Add MP3 Songs to YouTube by Audioship

Audioship allows users to upload MP3 to YouTube and Facebook online. Moreover, you are able to batch convert audio files to YouTube videos for free. Audioship offers free audio to YouTube conversion up to 10 hours per month.

Step 1: Click “Choose Audio Files to Start” in Audioship

Step 2: Sign into your Google or Facebook account

Step 3: Write down your YouTube description and tags

Step 4: Choose the preset and upload your own picture

Step 5: Click “Post All Videos to YouTube” to share MP3 to YouTube

Upload MP3 to YouTube

Compares with Windows Live Movie Maker and iMovie, online audio to YouTube converters can help users upload converted files to YouTube directly. Though you may not get much video editing filters here.

The above paragraphs introduce how to upload audio to YouTube Mac and Windows. As for iPhone and Android users, using online video converter to upload audio to YouTube will be a better choice. As a consequence, you can record songs of yourself and try above methods to upload MP3 to YouTube for free. In another word, here are 5 different MP3 to YouTube upload converters you can choose. If you have any other good recommendation about MP3 audio to YouTube conversion, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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