Upload Photos to Google Photos

5 Best Tips to Upload Photos to Google Photos

Compared to the 5GB restriction of Apple’s iCloud, Google Photos offers unlimited storage for Android photos and videos with compression. Moreover you can also access and manage these photos on Windows or Mac with ease. Is that all Google Photos can do for you? Just read the article to learn more about the useful tips about uploading photos to Google Photos.

Upload Photos to Google Photos

Tip 1: Upload photos from Android automatically

There are multiple solutions for cloud storage services. Google Photos not only offers the unlimited storage for Android photos with compression, but also automatically upload every single photo you take to Google Photos. If you have already enabled the Automatic upload feature, you can take high quality selfie, use HDR mode or download cute wallpapers. You can always retrieve them back from Google Photos when you delete Android photos or videos by mistake.

Backup Android Photos

Tip 2: Label faces and group similar photos

Once you upload the Android photos, Google Photos is able to automatically group the photos by location and date. And if you can enter the label for the recognized face, Google Photos can use the advanced image recognition to group the Android photos for the same person. Google Photos is also able to extract the stuff from the images as a search text, such as the food, cars, animals and more. You just need to type what you want to find from Google Photos.

Google Photo Faces

Tip 3: Manage and backup Android photos

Google Photos, as the other Android photo editor, provides some editing features to manage the backup photos. You can also use Google Photos to crop, add filter, and adjust photos in the browser, automatically remove the image or video from your Android phone. And you can also use delete the photos, zoom in/zoom out to enjoy the best preview or select multiple photos with a single tap. Google Photos also empower you to show photos on a TV with a Chromecast.

Google Photo Quick Edit

Tip 4: Montage & Collage & Animation

Google Photos also provides multiple small tools to create short video clips with photos and videos, put music and photos into a digital scrapbook, convert photos to GIF file or so called Animation, combine photos as photo collages. The small tools just have the basic functions; you cannot do any further customization for these tools according to your requirements. You still have to use the best photo editing tools for Android instead of Google Photos.

Google Photo New Collage

Tip 5: Share Android photos with ease

When you use the Shared Albums of Google Photos, you are able to share photos with friends using just a link. Except for sharing Android photos with Google Photos, you can also share them to Android Beam, Google Drive, Instagram, Message, Facebook, Hangouts, Gmail, Bluetooth and more other applications. Of course, you can also automatically sync the photos from different photo applications to Google Photos as well. Google Photos should be the best place to manage photos.

Share Android Photos


The above are some key features of Google Photos, you can also use Google Photos to save the deleted Android photos, change the backup size or sync settings in order to get the desired result. All in one word, Google Photos is not a hosting service for syncing photos, you can also use the powerful features of Google Photos to manage the multimedia files accordingly.