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4 Easy Ways to View Private Instagram Photos without Following

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When you need to access the content on Instagram private account, you have to ask the account owner to approve the follower request first.

Can people see private Instagram photos without following?

The answer is yes. Although we suggest people should send a private message and follow the others to see private photos, someone still needs to look at private Instagram photos without following.

A young man, for example, still loves his ex-girlfriend and only wants to know her current situation.

Therefore, we will share some legal ways to view private Instagram photos without following.

View Private Instagram Photos

Part 1. View Private Instagram Photos Online for Free

If you want to browse private Instagram photo without notification, you can try Instagram photos viewer services online.

There are many online tools that allow people to browse private Instagram accounts without following.

You can view the hidden images of the restricted accounts and the photos.

In the following, we will introduce 6 Instagram private photo viewers on how to view private Instagram photos with no verification. The processes to view private Instagram photos via other online tools are similar.

Section 1. How to see private Instagram photos with InstaSpy

InstaSpy is one of the Instagram private profile viewer which can let you view locked Instagram profiles safely and easily.

Since your access to the profile is protected with proxy and encrypting settings, your session cannot be traced back to you.

And as it is browser based, you do not need to download anything to use it. Moreover, it is completely free with no hidden costs or requirements.

Steps on viewing private Instagram photos

1. Go to InstaSpy in any browser and click on the See Private Profiles Now! button in home page. InstaSpy will take you to the spy page.

2. Create a new tab in your browser and access Instagram. Find out the account you want to browse and copy the URL.

3. Back to InstaSpy and paste the URL into the field of Enter Instagram Profile URL.

4. Unfold the drop-down list of What to View and choose Photos option. And then select View Profile data online in the drop-down list of Online or download.

5. When you are ready, press the Continue button to go on. InstaSpy may ask you to verify you are human. Click on the HUMAN VERIFICATION! Button and press the VERIFY NOW button in the pop-up window.

See Private Instagram Photos with InstaSpy

Then you can browse the private Instagram photos online. Some Instagram spy tools may ask your username and other personal information. So, you’d better think about it carefully.

Section 2. How to view private instagram photos online with InstaViewy

InstaViewy is an online private Instagram photo viewer, which is free, fast and easy to use.

All you need is an Instagram account to get them with ease.

Steps on viewing someones private Instagram photos

1. Just enter the URL of the Instagram account that you want to view private Instagram photos. And then copy the URL of the Instagram account.

2. And then you can copy and paste the URL of the Instagram account to InstaViewy. Click the View Profile button to access to the account of the Instagram. After that you can click the View Private Pictures.

3. The next step is simply verify that you are a human in order to make sure that the website is not abused. Enter the Email address and click on Continue. You will get an email to view private Instagram photos.

See Private Instagram Photos with InstaViewy

Section 3. How to view private instagram photos online with InstaLooker

InstaLooker can let you view private Instagram accounts without following his or her account and without the use of any program.

Steps on viewing private Instagram photos without following

1. Go to and enter the targets profile username on the box.

2. Click “Check Account” button to start decryption process. It will take 2 to 3 minutes to search.

3. Now you can view the target accounts private photos or videos on the webpage. You can also download all data by choosing the “EXPORT ALL” button.


Section 4. How to view private instagram photos online with InstaBusters

InstaBusters can check any private profile on Instagram. With this tool, you can see pictures and videos on users with private profile.

Steps on viewing private Instagram profiles with no survey

1. Enter the username you want to check on

2. Click "Continue" to confirm the username you want to check and confirm again when all the photos, videos and activities are extracted.

3. After confirmation, you can download the photos and videos of that Instagram private profile.


Section 5. How to view private instagram photos online with Private Photo Viewer

Private Photo Viewer is a private Instagram viewer to see someone’s content without permission.

Steps on viewing private Instagram pictures without survey

1. Go to the with any browser.

2. Enter the target’s username and confirm the user by looking at the details.

3. Choose what you like to view and check the contents now.

Private Photo Viewer

Section 6. How to view private instagram photos online with PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta is a one of a kind service that allows you to view the private Instagram photos of any user.

All you need to do to get started is enter a username and click 'Submit'.

You will then be directed to a page with all of that user's photos.

You are not breaking any of Instagram's terms of service by using PrivateInsta.


Just name a few similar online websites to view private Instagram photos, InstaView, InstaSpy and more. Some of them might ask for the Instagram username instead. Whatsoever, you only need to follow some simple process to view them online.

Part 2. Look at Private Instagram Photos with Apps on Smartphone

1. Use Instagram+ to view private Instagram photos

Besides online Instagram spy tools, developers have released several apps, such as Instagram+, which permits people to view private Instagram photos quietly.

Unfortunately, this app is just available to Android devices. And App Store has stronger restrictions on such apps.

The process to look at private Instagram photos with Instagram+ is easier than you thought.

How Instagram+ works

1. Considering the conflicts between Instagram+ and official Instagram app, you should uninstall the latter first. Go to Settings app and check the box of Unknown Source. And then install Instagram+ on your Android phone with APK file.

2. Launch Instagram+ in the home screen and log in your Instagram account. Instagram+ allows you to browse Instagram pictures, only after you log in.

3. When your account opened, you can search for the private profile you’d like to view as in the official Instagram app.

4. Tap on the private Instagram picture until it shows up on the screen. And then you can download the private Instagram picture to your smartphone.


Instagram+ allows you to browse the private pictures on Instagram like the open pictures.

And you can download the private picture directly. Similar to online spy tools, you have to sign in your Instagram account within Instagram+.

So, make sure you do not care about leaving your information to Instagram+.

2. Access Private Photos of Instagram with Activity

Another option to view a private Instagram account, you need to go to the Activity tab on the bottom of the screen.

You will only be able to do this if one of the users that you already follow likes one of the private users pictures.

Just check the detail process to view private Instagram photos with the way.

1. Once you tab the Activity tab, which looks like a speech bubble with a heart inside. You will be presented with the activity on your posts.

2. And then at the top of the screen you will see the words You and Following. You will want to go to following option, which provides the activity of the people you are following.

3. You are able to view private users accounts in the method. If you tap a users picture that one of your friends liked, you will then be able to get to their full profile. Even if it is private.

Access Private Photos of Instagram with Acitivity

As for the method, you are able to see posts, followers, who they follow, and any pictures the user is tagged in. Now you can view private photos of Instagram on smartphone with ease. All of this will be visible without following the user.

Part 3. View Instagram Photos on Private Account with Fake ID

Sometimes, you may be curious about the lives of some people, like ex-girlfriend.

But asking for permission directly is obviously a bit embarrassing.

Creating a fake ID should be a way to view private Instagram photos without leaving any tracks.

It is a method against the ethics or manners, but it should be an efficient way.

You can follow the steps below to create a new account and view someone’s private Instagram photos.

1. If you want to view ex-girlfriend’s Instagram profile, you’d better make up an account with a girl’s photo. Otherwise, you should create a profile with a boy’s picture to look at ex-boyfriend’s Instagram content.

2. You should ask all questions about your profile when creating the new account and make the account real. You can post some photos to display interest, friends. A real account could increase the chances to get permission and look at private Instagram photos.

3. Setting the fake account to private one is a good idea to make the account trusted. Others may be also curious about your Instagram content and exchange private Instagram photos with you.

4. After creating the new account, you could manage the account for a while and share content frequently. That will make the fake account more like a real one.

View Instagram Photos on Private Account with Fake ID

When you are done, you can send a request or personal message to get permission.

If you are looking for viewing private Instagram photos with someone you are familiar, it should be a nice solution.

You can also try to search the person that holds the private Instagram photos you want to look at on other social networks, like Facebook or Twitter.

To look at private Instagram photos, you can create a new account with the profile of one of his or her followers on other social media.

Part 4. Ask for Permission Directly

This is the easiest way to view private Instagram photos. Sometimes, people just do not want to broadcast their photos.

If you express that you are interested with the pictures, Instagram users may permit you to access their private Instagram photos.

There are some basic steps to achieve the goal.

1. If you want to follow an Instagram account or look at private Instagram photos, you’d better send a follower request. The Instagram user that holds the private account will receive you request. And then he may talk to you via message or permit your request directly.

2. Another way to get permission on private Instagram photos is send a private message. You can describe your purpose and express your interest. If the person feels you sincere, he will approve the request. Sometimes, he may follow back. You not only get the permission to look at private Instagram photos, but also make friends with others.

3. When you send the request or private message, make sure to be genuine and honest. Instagram is a social media, personal interactions do work sometimes.

Asking for permission directly is suitable when you are interested with the private Instagram pictures.

WidsMob PhotoVault

WidsMob Photo Vault Program - Keep your personal photos hidden from others. Whether you have some personal photos, or important documents in JPEG, you need to encrypt and hidden photos from others, this program can be your safe photo vault.

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Recommendation - Instagram Photo Viewer

Instagram is popular among internet users, because it is a simple way to display personality through sharing photos. So you may need an Instagram photos viewer to look at and beautify your photos before sharing.

WidsMob Viewer is such a Instagram photos viewer. Photo Viewer not only allows you to preview photos in batch, but also has the ability to beautify your photos. With Photo Viewer, you can resize the photos in bulk and without lost quality. The process to view Instagram photos with Photo Viewer is easy.

Download for Mac Version

1. Launch Photo Viewer on your computer and drag-and-drop the folder to import photos in batch. Or you can press Add button to load photos to the program.

2. Photo Viewer provides multiple modes, including Viewing Mode, Thumbnail Mode, Slideshow mode and more. You can choose any mode to preview your private Instagram photos or switch between these modes.

3. When you view photos, Photo Viewer allows you to make some basic editing on these photos, like crop, rotate, or add some image effects. You can go to Image Edit window to adjust multiple parameters of the photos as well.

Share Photo Viewer

When you are satisfied with the result, you can choose to save the photos on hard drive or share to Instagram directly.

Extended Reading - General Introduction of Instagram

As one of the most popular social networks for sharing your photos and looking at others’ sharing, Instagram is the 3rd most used social app after Facebook and Twitter.

Instagrammers could use photos to share their life with friends and families. There are usually two kinds of Instagram accounts. One is for public and the other one is for private usage. You can easily find a person and his pictures with public account. But for private account, there are more constraints.

Instagram Icon

Many people prefer to Instagram because it allows users to set private options, once the users set privacy options, only the selected followers could view the pictures.

Sometimes, privacy photos will trigger more curiosity. We found that many people asked the way to look at private Instagram photos.

You can follow the instructions to reach a private Instagram account and photos.

How to Set Your Own Profile to Private

If you’ve read through this article and decided that you now want to set your own profile to private, it’s very easy to do. Just follow these few simple steps:

1. In the Instagram app, go to your profile page, Then tap the three lines at the top right and then tap ‘Settings’

2. Choose ‘Privacy and Security’ then ‘Account Privacy’

3. You will now see the option to turn the ‘Private Account’ option on or off.

Instagram Privacy Setting


When you need to view private Instagram picture profiles, you can apply for Following the account first. If the request is rejected, you can use the multiple solutions to access the Instagram without following.

As for someone you are familiar, you can create a fake ID or search for the Twitter account. Some online Instagram Private photo viewers should be another solution if you cannot access the account with ease.

The Smartphone users can go to Activity or Instagram+ to access the Instagram Private account to view photos. If you have other solution to view Instagram photos on Private account, you can feel free to let us know in the comments.

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