WidsMob ImageConvert

Support import various image formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and famous RAW format from Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. and batch convert them into widely used JPG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP files.

WidsMob ImageConvert User Guide

You can see many photo editors online like photo resizer, photo converter and others, it is not easy to get an all-in-one photo editor. Fortunately, you find WidsMob ImageConvert, which offers easy-to-use and powerful photo-editing filters. As a result, you can resize, rename, rotate, adjust border, add text watermark and image watermark easily. Want to know how to use this fantastic photo editor? Here is the complete user guide you need.

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Get Started

Here are some basic features about WidsMob ImageConvert you should know. Just read and follow steps below to control this photo converter with ease.

Open ImageConvert

How to Batch Import Pictures

You can drag and drop all pictures from desktop to WidsMob ImageConvert directly. And you can also try the following steps to import photos from different folders if necessary.

Step 1: Launch WidsMob ImageConvert.

Step 2: Choose File on the top.

Step 3: Select Import to add images

Import Photo to ImageConvert

How to Import a New Photo

What if you forget to upload the certain photo but start editing photos already? Well, you can add a new photo during the whole process whenever you want. And WidsMob ImageConvert can apply your previous changes on that photo automatically.

Step 1: Choose Import from the File drop-down menu.

Step 2: Find that picture on your computer.

Step 3: Click Open to add a new photo.

How to Select All Images

Of course, you can choose all your photos manually by dragging. But if you import numerous images into WidsMob ImageConvert, it takes a long time to complete the process. Thus, you can use another way to select all photos in a short time.

Step 1: Click Edit on the toolbar

Step 2: Choose Select All option

Select ImageConvert

How to View a Picture with the Detail Information

There is a slider on the top of WidsMob ImageConvert. You can move it to adjust the size of each photo smoothly. In addition, you can preview the photo effect more carefully during the editing process any time you want.

Step 1: Find the icon besides the trash bin on the top

Step 2: Hover your mouse to see the Preview message

Preview Icon ImageConvert

Step 3: Click Preview to view the detail information

Step 4: Choose Done in the top right corner to exit

Preview ImageConvert

How to Delete a Photo

It is quite easy to remove any unwanted photo. And the photo deletion will not influence the left pictures. Moreover, you can also delete all pictures to import new items here.

Step 1: Choose the uploaded photo.

Step 2: Find the delete icon on the top.

Step 3: Click that icon with Remove Selected to remove a photo.

Delete ImageConvert

Resize All Your Images Freely

You can see 6 icons display in the right panel. Choose the first one to locate photo resizing window first. To start with, make sure you have triggered the on-off option on the top. Otherwise, you cannot access the following filters.

How to Resize photos by Width

Step 1: Select By Width in Mode.

Step 2: Fill in the width of your photos in pixels.

Step 3: Enter Resolution blank.

Step 4: Tick Enlarge smaller images if necessary.

Resize by Width ImageConvert

How to Resize photos by Height

Step 1: Choose By Height in Mode.

Step 2: Type your photo height in pixels.

Step 3: Fill in photo resolution in pixels or inch.

Step 4: Mark Enlarge smaller images if you want.

Resize by Height ImageConvert

How to Resize photos by Percentage

Step 1: Click By Percentage in Mode.

Step 2: Write down the percentage of photo resizing.

Step 3: Enter the photo resolution.

Step 4: Tick the box before Enlarge smaller images.

Percentage Resize ImageConvert

How to Resize photos in a Free Way

Step 1: Select Free in the Mode menu.

Step 2: Fill in Width and Height options in pixels.

Step 3: Type your target photo resolution.

Step 4: Tick Enlarge smaller images to scale up images.

Free Resize ImageConvert

Edit Photos

Rename Photos Automatically

Well, you can move to the second icon with the name of Rename to change new names without hassle. In another word, WidsMob ImageConvert can help you rename all converted photos in a smart way.

Step 1: Turn on the on-off option into the blue state.

Step 2: Enter blanks of Prefix, Suffix and New Name.

Step 3: Fill in Start with option.

Rename ImageConvert

Rotate Your Photos

Wanna batch rotate photos? You just come to the right place. WidsMob ImageConvert enables users to rotate photos to left, right or 180 in batch in one click.

Step 1: Trigger the on-off option on the top.

Step 2: Tick before No, Rotate left, Rotate right or 180.

Step 3: View rotated photos instantly.

Rotate ImageConvert

Customize Borders on All Photos

You can add simple borders on all your photos in seconds too. Here are two modes you can choose in the Border window. As a result, you are able to set borders with any color easily. In addition, you need to turn on the Border option on the top in advance.

How to Add Solid Color Borders

Step 1: Set the width of your border.

Step 2: Select Solid Color in Color Mode.

Step 3: Click Color and choose your color.

Solid Color Border ImageConvert

How to Add Gradient Color Borders

Step 1: Adjust the photo width in pixels.

Step 2: Choose Gradient Color in Color Mode.

Step 3: Set the color of your border.

Step 4: Move the Angle slider.

Gradient Color Border ImageConvert

Add Text Watermarks in One Click

To prevent other people from stealing your photography for commercial use, you can design and add the text watermark here. Just choose the fifth icon to access all tools to add text watermarks.

Step 1: Turn on Text Watermark on-off option.

Step 2: Write down your text watermark in the blank box.

Step 3: Adjust related tools to perfect the text watermark.

Text Watermark ImageConvert

Stitch Image Watermarks in Batch

It is also supported to add your well-designed logo as your image watermark. Furthermore, you can get basic photo-editing tools to adjust its performance as well.

Step 1: Click Open to upload your image watermark.

Step 2: Adjust Opacity, Scale and Angle options.

Step 3: Set the Position to place your image watermark.

Image Watermark ImageConvert

Output Converted Images to Your Computer

At Last, you need to output those converted photos using WidsMob ImageConvert in batch. Actually, there is no need to use all provided features. You can just choose the useful section and get your target photos in high quality.

Step 1: Click Start Convert button.

Start Convert ImageConvert

Step 2: Choose your destination folder.

Step 3: Set the output photo format and image quality.

Step 4: Tick Discard meta data or Overwrite files … if necessary.

Step 5: Click Export to output converted pictures.

Convert Images ImageConvert

That’s all for how to use WidsMob ImageConvert. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problem about this photo converter. And you can also share your opinion below.

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