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Stream MultiMedia Files for UPnP Devices

Turn Mac into a MultiMedia Server.

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Stream Multi-Media Files

It is a standard UPnP(Universal Plug and Play) AV (Audio/Video) media server that automatically recognizes devices within the same network. It is able to stream audio files, photos and video files between UPnP devices in the local network. As for the case, other UPnP devices are able to use, play and display shared media files with the UPnP standard.

Turn Mac into Media Server

It link up Mac computer to other consumer electronics to create a unified media centre. When you need to play a large movie of Mac on iPad, you do not have to transfer or download the files to iPad, instead you can directly play the files within the same network. As for the case, you can enjoy all the multimedia files between different devices with ease.

Support Multiple Channels

Just one click to import the media files from Photo library or iTunes library to the media server on Mac. Not only the files from Photos library and iTunes library, you can also import files from your local folders, it will search all the supported media files and index them automatically. When you need to play some home made music files, you can directly add the files to the program, which is able to stream to others in no time.

Control Over Device

Choose the desired network and setup the network portal according to your requirements. You can choose the "Allow Access" UPnP devices or "Deny Access" ones that you are not familiar. Moreover, you can also "Automatically allow new devices to access MediaServer".

WidsMob MediaServer Screenshots

  • Setup Network Interface
  • import-media-from-channels
  • manage-the-stream-files
  • check-transfer-status
  • manage-and-control-devices

WidsMob MediaServer Video Tutorial

Customer Review

  • John T.
    Simple and easy to use. I can now stream videos to my Mac over wifi without any hiccups. I love and highly recommend this app. 5-star
  • Nico Kipmen
    Love this application. Just found it a few minutes ago and installed it. The best DLNA media server. Works flawlessly with all my rendering devices. 5-star
  • Dylan M.
    Using a home media server for streaming multimedia files over all the devices in your home network can be fun and convenient when it works. 5-star