WidsMob MediaVault

Hide Media Files from Different Channels.

Keep personal media files hidden from others.

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Hide Your Personal Photos and Videos from Others

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Support importing various photo formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, HEIC and RAW image files.

Fully support importing and previewing video formats like MP4, MOV, etc. and keep them private.

Arrange the pictures and videos you like most to the Favorite folder with esaily browsing.

Add a single photo or many photos to different albums or delete your unwanted media files anytime.

You can hide your videos and photos safely and easily in MediaVault with password protection.

Put your secret videos and photos into the MeidaVault and hide them there without anyone knows.

You can easily view all your secret videos and pictures on MeidaVault easily without any limitation.

You can use MediaVault to view secret videos and pictures smoothly like professional media viewer.

Encrypted Media Library

To protect the private media files from different channels, you can create an encrypted media library on your computer. It supports photos, videos and more other files. It also enables you to sync the media files from iOS device and hide them in different folder. Moreover, you can also manage the photos and videos with ease.

Sync from iPhone

Besides the hiding features, whether you need to group the media files within different folders, export to your computer, add to favorites, join the album, view the photos and videos, and even remove the media files, it provides an all-in-one solution to manage the photos and videos within the program within clicks.

Various Media Formats

Support a wide arrange of file formats, including photos and video. You can add JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4, MOV and more other files into the programs. The latest version enables you to add photos from an iPhone, but you can also add media files from Google Photos, Google Drive and more others within clicks.

One Click Lock

Just one click of the Lock icon to encrypt the media libray for whatever status. It not only enables you to view the photos, but also play the video files. Moreover, you can also set up hot key to hide the media files, reset the password, and more.

Manage and Group

Select the desired photos and videos into one group, view the photos and play the videos directly within the program, add to the favorite folder or create a new album, join to a desired album, export the media file to your computer, share to social media websites, and even remove the unwanted ones easily.

WidsMob MediaVault Screenshots

  • Main Interface MediaVault
  • Slideshow Interface MediaVault
  • Set Password MediaVault Win
  • Preview MediaVault Win
  • Play Video MediaVault Win
  • Add Photo Album MediaVault Win
  • Change Password MediaVault Win

WidsMob MediaVault Video Tutorial

Customer Review

  • Laree Wood

    It is an excellent program for hiding the videos and photos. I can use it as a media player for the private videos and sensitive photos.

  • Jim Miller

    Hiding videos with MediaVault is really the best way to make sure that nobody steals videos on your PC.

  • Billie Else

    WidsMob MediaVault is an app that makes the process of hiding away and encrypting videos quick and easy.