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WidsMob Montage User Guide

If you are looking for an easy-to-use photo montage maker, then you come to the right place. WidsMob Montage Maker can help you create stunning mosaic photos with numerous tile-images. It is able to turn everything into mosaic photo or montage photos, whether you have a PNG or JPEG, you can get it into mosaic photos. What is more, you can also turn word or any image into shape montage.

The whole process has been simplified with easy steps. You can also customize the mosaic photos with frame,  mode, column count, size, match color and more other parameters. Thus, you can create a fantastic photomontage within several minutes. Wanna create a montage with your photo collections? Just read the following guide and have a try.

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Get Started: Basic Editing Features for WidsMob Montage

When you need to make photo mosaic or photo montage, you can learn the detailed process to add photos, make montage, create montages and remove color.  Please download and install WidsMob Montage first.

How to Make a Photo Montage for Your Family

To get common photomontages, you can follow steps below to make fantastic mosaic without several hours of hard work. Actually, you can create a simple but funny photo montage as a Pro with ease. Now, let’s start the trial to customize stunning photo montages using Montage Maker here.

Open WidsMob Montage

Step 1: Select one image as your background

Free download and install Montage Maker. Then double click its icon to run Montage Maker directly. Hit Select Background button in the lower right corner. Then you can pick out one photo from your desktop or other folders. Move the slider below to enlarge your background photo and video its detail information. In addition, you can see the width and length of your background picture in pixels. Later, press Next button besides to move on.

Select Photo as Background Montage

Step 2: Upload at least 5 images as tiles

Press Select Tiles to select more than 5 photos. Once you upload the wrong photo, you can select it and tap Remove button to delete. Montage Maker allows users to upload photos as much as possible to create gorgeous photomosaic. Therefore, if you have thousands of photos about family reunions and other funny activities, you can upload all of them at the same time. Then tap Next button to move to continue.

Select Image as Tile Montage

Step 3: Adjust settings and frame to perfect details

Once you click Next button, Montage Marker can follow you order and start processing photomontage in seconds. There are photo editing filters in the right panel, you can use them to modify this generated photomosaic if necessary. To be more specific, you are able to manage frames and settings to make fantastic mosaic.

Adjust Setting Montage

There are 8 different frames you can choose. And you can tick Tile or Interlace below to arrange images with different orders. Furthermore, you can move parameters of Column Count and Tile Size to adjust related Settings. Can you see the option named Match Color below? Well, the moment you untick Match Color button, the photomontage will go back to its original color. Do not forget to press Generate Mosaic every time you want to apply the new change you have made.

Generate Montage Photo

Step 4: Save the photomosaic

Hit Save button to output your artwork. Then add tags if you want to distinguish this mosaic photo with others. In addition, you can also save mosaic photos to PNG, JPG and TIFF formats in high resolution.

Save Montage Photo
Montage Photo BeforeMontage Photo

How to Create a Photo Montage with PNG Background

Montage Maker also support users to create photomontages with specific photo effects. For instance, you can create a photo montage of your Logo in PNG format. Be aware that you need to upload the PNG photo with mosaics contained, not the picture with PNG name extension.

Step 1: Upload a PNG background photo

Launch Montage Maker on your computer. Click Select Background button to add a PNG image as background. As a result, you can see the object or icon you want to present only, since the background color is transparent. Choose Next button to move to the next step.

Select PNG Montage

Step 2: Select more than 5 pictures as tiles

Tap Select Tiles button to import photos to Montage Maker. The photo mosaic should be composed by at least 5 photos. So check if you have uploaded more than 5 pictures. In addition, you can choose the unwanted photos and then hit Remove button in the lower right corner to delete them. After you have selected all pictures, choose Next button besides.

Choose PNG Montage

Step 3: Customize photomosaic with PNG background

Move the slider on the bottom to view every composed picture in small icon. Montage Maker can combine all those file images without quality loss. So you can still see every small photo in detail. Then you can apply photo effects on this photomontage with filters in the right side. To start with, you need to know that only you click Generate Mosaic button below can you apply your newly-adjusted frame and settings.

Pick out one frame you like. Later, choose whether to use Tile or Interlace mode to adjust placement of tile images. Furthermore, you can customize columns and pixels of tiles with Column Count and Tile Size sliders. If you want to match images with color of the background photo, you need to tick Match Color by default. Otherwise, uncheck the box before Match Color to see the original color of your photomosaic. Press Generate Mosaic every time you want to preview the photo effect.

Create PNG Montage

Step 4: Output the photo mosaic

Click Save and set a destination folder to keep this photo montage on your desktop. In addition, you can choose the output image format as JPG, PNG and TIFF. Add tags if necessary, then press Save to output photo mosaic in high resolution.

PNG Image BeforePNG Montage

Tips and Tricks You Can Follow During Photomontage Creation

Here are some small tips you can follow about Montage Maker. Thus, you can save more time and get better experience during the whole photomontage-editing process.

How to Change a Background Photo

Step 1: Tap Back button

The Back icon locates in the lower left corner. You can tap it to go back to the former step without limitation.

Back to Choose Background Montage

Step 2: Change a new background image

Hit Select Background button to upload your new background picture.

Change Background Montage

How to Make a New Photomosaic

Step 1: Click New Mosaic

You can choose New Mosaic in the lower right corner to create a new photomosaic. Remember to save the photomontage you are editing.

New Mosaic Montage

Step 2: Follow steps above to create mosaic photos

Read above instructions of how to make a photo montage and do as it tells.

How to Print a Photo Montage

Step 1: Select Print from the File drop-down menu

Click File on the top and choose Print in its list. Then you can adjust the print settings.

Choose Print Montage

Step 2: Print the photomosaic

You can select a printer, set copies and choose pages in its settings menu. Finally, tap Print button to print photo mosaics.

Print Montage Photo

How to Add Frames for Mosaic Photos

Step 1: Make a mosaic photo with tiles

In order to add frames for mosaic photos, you have to create one with background photos and tiles first.

Step 2: Choose the frame for mosaic

Just select the frame you want to apply for the mosaic photo, it will turn the mosaic photo into a PNG file.

Add Frame to Montage

Step 3: Generate a new mosaic photo

After that click the General Mosaic to apply for the new frame. Make sure you save the photo as a PNG file.

How to Change Composite Modes for Mosaic

Step 1: Create a mosaic photo

Just the same process to make a mosaic photo or montage photo with JPEG or PNG first.

Step 2: Choose Tile or Interlace mode

When you apply Tile mode, the mosaic is composited in tile, it should be a default mode to create mosaic photos. And you can also choose the Interlace mode, which composite the photos in a interlace way.

Change Composite Mode Montage

Step 3: Generate interlace mosaic

And then click the Generate Mosaic button to generate a new mosaic photo in a interlace method.

How to Remove Match Color of Mosaic

In order to turn some characters into Mosaic, such as the name of the company, number or other shape, you can click the Remove Color option for the mosaic photo to get the shape for the character of the mosaic without considering the color.

Match Color Montage

If you still have anything hard to understand about Montage Maker, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help you solve any problem whenever you need.

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Montage Image BeforeMontage Image