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Auto stitch for panoramas with JPG and RAW

Best photo stitching software in different modes

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Make High Quality Panorama in One Click

WidsMob Panorama is professional panorama software to create panorama automatically. This panoramic image stitching software can stitch panorama and normal photos in blazing speed and easy steps.

You Can Create and View Panorama in Different Angle

Stitch Images into Panorama in Horizontal Mode

Create Panorama with Photos in Vertical Mode

Make Panorama with Pictures in Tile Mode

Stitch Images into 360 Panorama in 360 Panorama Mode

More Functions of WidsMob Panorama

Auto Stitch

Auto stitch collections of unordered images into panoramas. It aligns images without manually messing around moving photos, automatic exposure leveling and lens shading correction. What is more, the program automatic crops the extras to present the best panorama photography.

Stitch Modes

Stitch images into panoramas with vertical, horizontal, tile and 360 degree 4 different modes. Whether you need to composite images taken vertically, horizontally, in tile or use 360 panoramas, you can always find the stitching modes within the program. What is more, you only need to select the stitching modes and the images to get a desired panorama without tech background.

Camera Compatibility

Support both JPEG and RAW files, including Canon, Epson, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and other hundreds of camera types. It should be the best Nikon Panorama Maker alternative. And you can also export panoramas to TIFF, JPEG or JPEG-2000 files.

Blend & Align

Adjust the Align Points to correct the stitching angles of different images. When you need to composite images in tile, you should adjust the align points to make a perfect panorama. In order to remove the ghost parts, you can adjust the blend to have a better result.

Adjust Effects

Further edit the panoramas with different parameters, such as Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Temperature, Tint and more. It should the simplest and most powerful panorama creator to stitching photos in excellent result within few clicks.

WidsMob Panorama Screenshots

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  • apply-photo-effects
  • auto-stitch-to-panorama
  • Panorama Maker in One Click
  • different-stitching-modes
  • Stitch Modes
  • Create Panorama
  • Adjust Effect
  • Stitch Points
  • Vertical Panorama

WidsMob Panorama Video Tutorial

Customer Review

  • Ann Young
    This professional stitching software is capable of creating panoramic images in an automatic way. - read more 5-star
  • Biff Lion
    This panorama software helps me to turn any series of overlapping photos into a gorgeous panoramic image in just seconds. 5-star
  • Kyle Sun
    WidsMob Panorama is a good app to create your own photo collages. The usage is pretty easy and advanced features are just great. 5-star
  • Susan Bread
    I'm very grateful to WidsMob of this wonderful panorama creator. It is a must have if you like traveling and have a digital camera. 5-star
  • brett bilbrey
    I just stitch photos taken by DSLR to panoramas within few clicks and it turns out to be a great panorama image. Wonderful!!! 5-star