WidsMob Panorama

WidsMob Panorama is professional panorama software to create panorama automatically. This panoramic image stitching software can stitch panorama and normal photos in blazing speed and easy steps.

WidsMob Panorama User Guide

How to stitch photos from DJI or camcorder into a panorama photo? WidsMob Panorama is the ideal choice to make panoramas. It provides 4 different stitching modes to merge photos with stunning effects, such as horizontal panoramas, 360-degree panoramas, tile panoramas, and vertical panoramas. It allows you to stitch multiple rows of photos with a normal digital camera or wide-angle lens. Moreover, you can merge RAW images and JPEG photos to get the stunning panorama photos. Just follow the steps below to create your high-quality panoramas.

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Add Photos

Once you have downloaded WidsMob Panorama, install and run the program on your Windows. Then, in the main interface, you can find all the folders and connected devices, which means you can import the photos from camcorder or iPhone into the program directly. There is a menu on the left side, where you can select photos from the local folder.

WidsMob Panorama Interface

Note: You need to upload more than 2 pictures to create vertical or horizontal panoramas. For tile panoramas, select 4 to 16 photos to stitch the desired panoramas. If you want to stitch photos into 360-degree panoramas, you need to import at least 6 images.

Stitch Photos to Panorama

Step 1: When you find the desired photos in the program, you need to select the series of photos. It has 4 different stitching modes at the left bottom, including vertical, horizontal, tile, and 360-degree panorama. It means you can stitch photos into different panoramas without manual practice.

Select Photos to Stitch Panorama

Step 2: Once you have selected the stitching mode, you can choose the output file size, such as the Original Size or ½ Size. If you have to stitch a large photo, you can choose the half mode to get a smaller photo beforehand. Just click the Next button to make the desired one, like the horizontal panorama.

Select Stitch Mode Panorama Panorama Output Size

Step 3: It will generate a panorama automatically. Just preview the panorama photo within the program or zoom in to check the details. Moreover, you can make some adjustments with the editing features. If you are satisfied with the stitched panorama photo, you can simply click the Next button to continue.

Stitch Photo to Panorama

Fine Tune and Crop

Step 1: Since the program will automatically use the optimal panorama photo, when you need to crop the desired part manually, you can click the Crop button. After that, you can adjust the red frame to cut out the desired panorama before clicking the Apply button. Just use some decoration to make up for the missing part accordingly.

Crop Panorama

Step 2: Click the Fine-tune button from the right bottom to adjust the stitching points. Simply double-clicking the region you want to realign, there are 3 different colors, red, blue, and yellow, you can move the markers to match the same points. After that, you can click the Apply button in the right corner to confirm your adjustment.

Fine Tune Panorama

Step 3: Click Adjust Blend to remove the ghost parts manually. Click the path to add blending control points. Click the Done button from the right corner to confirm your change. If you want to see the panorama in detail, you can move the slider at the right corner to enlarge the image. Click Next from the right corner to confirm all the changes.

Align Point Panorama

Step 4: When you are satisfied with the panorama photo, you can click the Next button to apply some basic photo filters. But due to the different contrast, angle differences, and more others, it is not a perfect panorama. WidsMob Panoram also provide some basic editing features and color filters to adjust the panoramas according to your requirements.

Confirm Panorama

Apply Photo Effects

Step 1: Just apply some effects to panorama photos with the sliders on the right. You can move the sliders to adjust the Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness, Temperature, and Tint to get the photo effects. Click the Restore button to erase the changes and go back to the original panorama photo.

Step 2: Click the Save Panorama button on the right corner or the New Panorama button to create a new one (you will be noted if you choose to save your current work). You can also click the File from the menu above and select the Save Panorama button. Select a local folder and click Open to save your work.

Save Panorama

Tips to Edit Panoramas

Here are some small tips for you to create and edit panoramas with an excellent experience. With those tools, you can create your panoramas effectively.

Select Photos

If you have taken a lot of photos and want to select all of them to create a panorama, here is an easy way for you.

Select a photo from a local folder on the left side. Press the Ctrl key and hold on while selecting the photos with your mouse. You can press the Shift key while selecting the last photo, and all the photos in between will be selected.

Resize Photos

Though you can move the slider below to enlarge or shrink the panorama, you can also use another method to manage your panorama. Click the View menu from the toolbar at the left upper corner of the program. Choose Actual Size, Fit In, Zoom In, Zoom Out to adjust the panorama according to your needs.

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