DA 2404 Form - How to Download and Edit DA 2404

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How to Download and Edit DA 2404

Part 1: General Introduction

DA Form 2404, which is used by the Department of the United States Army and known as an Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet, is used to keep a record for any inspections carried out on equipment used by the Armed Forces.

This worksheet is used primarily along with a corresponding technical manual for the piece of equipment that is being worked on. Besides, it is also used to list the condition of the equipment and any maintenance that is done on it.

This DA 2404 Form lists the specific item being inspected, any issues or deficiencies with the equipment and what actions are going to be taken to fix it. It needs to be signed and initial by maintenance professional when repairs have been completed and kept as a record of equipment inspections and repairs.

This form is available on the United States Army documentation websites or can be supplied by the chain of command.

Part 2: Tips to fill in this DA 2404 Form

1. Fill in organization working on the piece of equipment on Box 1 and identify the equipment that will be inspected or worked on from Boxes 2 to 6.

Make sure to supply the equipment nomenclature and model on Box 2. Include any mileage, hours, hot starts, or other measuring tool of the equipment to identify the operation information pertinent.

2. Identify all the technical manuals used in the inspection and maintenance on Box 7. If more than two manuals are being used, refer to them in an addendum sheet attached at the end of DA Form 2404.

The maintenance provider or inspector will sign and date on Box 8 to certify the form. Moreover, record the amount of service time on Box 10.

3. The rest of the worksheet is used to list and identify the items inspected and the maintenance records. Each item number and their status will be listed in Boxes a and b individually.

Problem titled deficiencies and shortcomings with the equipment must be identified in column c. Necessary corrective actions should be listed in column d. After addressed, each item must be signed off with the initials of the maintenance personnel in column e.

4. The completed DA Form 2404 record should be kept with the equipment for further reference in future maintenance events and a copy should be kept by the maintenance group in order to keep an active record for all inspections and maintenance performed on equipment.

DA 2404 Form

Part 3: Video instructions and help to fill out DA 2404

Part 4: Quick tutorial to fill DA 2404 PDF

Step 1: Add DA Form 2404 PDF file

Download and install PDF Editor for Windows - WidsMob ConvertPDF. Open the DA Form 2404 template by clicking the Open button or directly drag the form to the program.

Add PDF to ConvertPDF

Step 2: Convert DA Form 2404 PDF to Word Format for Editing

You will be in the default PDF to Word section. Choose Settings at the bottom. Later, you can see a popping-up window with the name of Option. Click Word in the left panel, and then set to convert PDF to word (*.docx) or word 2003-2007 (*.doc).

Manage PDF Output Settings

Step 3: Edit DA Form 2404

If you want to keep the original layout and preservation, choose Same as Resource at the bottom. Click the huge Convert button on the lower right corner. Few seconds later, you can get the converted word document successfully. Fill your personal information in the corresponding blank.

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