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DA 4856 Form - How to Download and Edit DA 4856 Counseling Form

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General Introduction

DA Form 4856 is a Development Counseling Form used by the US Department of the Army.

This form is used to document counseling sessions between counselors/leaders and their subordinates/soldiers in the Army and required for any counseling sessions given to military personnel although the information included in the form is not disclosed publicly.

Information need to be filled in this DA Form 4856:

  • Counseled patient’s personal information: name, rank and organization.
  • Counselor’s own information: name and title.
  • Information about this counseling session: purpose for counseling, what was discussed, a plan of action for the person receiving counseling services, the summary including the key points of the session and the counselor’s responsibilities.
  • Signature in this form after confirmed assessment of the plan of action by both the counseled and the counselor.

When it is completed, it is included to a soldier’s personal file and kept on record over a period of the counseled soldier’s service. Of course, both parties would keep a signed copy of DA Form 4856.


Video instructions and help to fill out DA 4856


Quick tutorial to fill DA 4856 PDF

Step 1: Add DA Form 4856 PDF file

Download and install PDF Editing software for Windows - WidsMob ConvertPDF. Open the DA Form 4856 template by clicking the “Open” button or directly drag the form to the program.

Add PDF to ConvertPDF

Step 2: Convert DA Form 4856 PDF to Word Format for Editing

You will be in the default “PDF to Word” section. Choose “Settings” at the bottom. Later, you can see a popping-up window with the name of “Option”. Click “Word” in the left panel, and then set to convert PDF to word (*.docx) or word 2003-2007 (*.doc).

Manage PDF Output Settings

Step 3: Edit DA Form 4856

If you want to keep the original layout and preservation, choose “Same as Resource” at the bottom. Click the huge “Convert” button on the lower right corner. Few seconds later, you can get the converted word document successfully.Then you can edit this DA 4856 PDF according to your need.

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