DD 2875 Form - How to Download and Edit Fillable DD 2875

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Download and Edit Fillable DD 2875

Part 1: General Introduction

DD Form 2875, which is known as a System Authorization Access Request, is used to validate the trustworthiness of the individual who are requesting access to the Department of Defense systems and information.

The person using this form needs to list whether it is an initial request, a modification or a deactivation type of request. Requester need to list their personal information to make their identity can be verified.

An endorsement for access must be provided from the owner of the information, a supervisor, or a government sponsor. This person needs to provide their personal identifying information and sign the form.

Part 2: How to fill DD Form 2875

DD Form 2875 – For Retired Casualty Pay System Access

Note "initial" as the type of request, enter date in the subsequent box.

DD 2875 Form Part I:

Complete Box 1 through 12 including “Training and Awareness Certification Requirements” to verify the completion of Information Awareness training. Be sure have a digital signature in Box 11 of applicant.

DD 2875 Form II:

State the following in Box 13: “Assist retirees, annuitants, and survivors with reviewing and maintaining system data accuracy for their retired and annuitant pay accounts”.

Put “X” in the “Authorized” box in Box 14, “X” in the “Unclassified” box in Box 15 and “X” in Box 16.

User's supervisor fills out Box 17 to 20b and has a digital signature in Box 18.

Enter name in Box 26.

Note: VA users must include month and day of birth in Box 27 (mmdd) to be used in your logon ID.

DD 2875 Form III:

User's security manager completes box 29 to 32 and has a digital signature in Box 31.

DD 2875 Form IV:

Leave blank.

DD Form 2875 – For Annuity Pay System Access

Box 1: have an “X” in the “Initial” box;

Box 6: leave blank;

Boxes 9, 10 & 11: signed by TASO, SUPERVISOR and USER respectively;

Box 15: contain RINQ23P on 1st line and DRASRCPS on 2nd line;

Box 21: state the following: “Assist annuitants with reviewing and maintaining system data accuracy for their annuitant pay accounts”.

DD 2875

Part 3: Video instructions and help to fill out DD 2875

Part 4: Quick tutorial to fill DD 2875 PDF

Step 1: Add DD 2875 PDF file

Download and install PDF Editing software for Windows - WidsMob ConvertPDF. Open the DD Form 2875 template by clicking the Open button or directly drag the form to the program.

Add PDF to ConvertPDF

Step 2: Convert DD Form 2785 PDF to Word Format for Editing

You will be in the default PDF to Word section. Choose Settings at the bottom. Later, you can see a popping-up window with the name of Option. Click Word in the left panel, and then set to convert PDF to word (*.docx) or word 2003-2007 (*.doc).

Manage PDF Output Settings

Step 3: Edit DD Form 2785

If you want to keep the original layout and preservation, choose Same as Resource at the bottom. Click the huge Convert button on the lower right corner. Few seconds later, you can get the converted word document successfully.Then you can edit this DD 2875 PDF according to your need.

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