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All-in-One PDF Editor to Edit, Create, Protect and Manage PDF Files

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More Features of WidsMob PDFEdit

Edit Text and Image as Office

In order to fulfill the PDF format, you can simply add, delete, extract and edit the texts and images within clicks just as Office Word. Of course, you can also tweak font, size, color and other parameters for the text within the PDF. Moreover, the PDF editor also enables you to crop, resize and even add watermarks easily. The advanced OCR will help you extract the text from the PDF files to Word or other file formats.

Create PDF with Multiple Files

Besides the basic method to create a new PDF, you can also create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more than 200 file formats to PDF directly. Just combine the different files into a satisfied PDF file. It also lets you merge files, split pages, crop the desired part, re-arrange the page order, or even manage the PDF files with ease.

Fulfill and Signature PDF File

When you downloaded some applications in PDF format, you can add text, images, links and even comments to the PDF form. You can also add your signature to the PDF files and send it to others via Email or other application without downloading or printing. Moreover, you can also download the PDF forms from WidsMob directly.

Protect and Encrypt PDF Document

Setup a password to your document to protect it. You can also authorize the different permissions to the different users, so that some of the users can't see the contents of the document while some of them can. Anyway, you can customize the document as desired. You can also use the digital signatures to protect your documents.

Convert PDF to Different File Format

Easily convert PDF format to Microsoft Office format, such as word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Even the scanned PDF documents can also be converted to Word files. The PDF form can be converted to Excel format and retain the original data. Some PDF presentation reports also can be converted to PowerPoint maintaining the original style, or even a text format easily reads on your cell phone.

WidsMob PDFEdit Screenshots

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  • Add Text to PDF
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Customer Review

  • Josh R
    This tool is the best tool for working with PDFs, For example PDF to word conversion. It is best as it is very simple to use, and the User Interface is very Intuitive and User experience is Best. It handles the conversion of Tables and margins pretty well and you will get the Word Document in proper format. 5-star
  • Milton S
    This software provides me with all the functionality that I need, and makes it really easy to use with its highly intuitive user interface. It is a very attractive and affordable alternative to other high end PDF products, AND without "cutting corners".  It's one you actually get MORE than what you paid for. 5-star
  • Rebecca T
    User friendly. Easy to use. Excellent product and I was looking for quick way to edit and create PDF and re-edit documents. This has everything and a package in itself without any ifs and buts. I have recommended this software to many within my friend circle and every one is now using this software. 5-star