WidsMob Portrait

WidsMob Portrait intelligently detects and beautifies each aspect of a portrait image. Comprehensive and intuitive controls over face, eye, cheek, noise, teeth, shine, skin and more makeup aspects.

WidsMob Portrait User Guide

WisMob Portrait is a fast and intuitive portrait retoucher application to customize photos, beautifies selfie, family members and friends. The professional portrait retoucher is able to wipe off what you don’t want to show, retouch tiny parts, and enhances every aspect of a portrait. It can detect all facial features automatically, even if there is more than one face in the photo. It can adjust your facial features to the way you want just like magic, enhance your portraits and make them outstanding.

With the help of WidsMob Portrait, customizing your portraits has never been so easy and you can easily get your portraits edited like a pro. Just check out how the program fix skin blemishes and remove wrinkles, apply blushes, noise effects and more other aspects of a portrait. Learn more detailed process to use WidsMob Portrait with the Video Tutorial as below.

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Get Started: Basic Editing Tips for WidsMob Portrait

When you need to learn more about how to manage photo retouching for all faces, ages and genders. Besides the basic editing features, you can also customize presets for different portraits within one click. So you should read those basic operations about Portrait in advance. Please download and install WidsMob Portrait first.

How to Import A Photo/Photos

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Portrait.

Step 2: Import a portrait into Portrait.

  • Hit Open to add an image from your photo library.
  • Drag and drop target photos to the main interface of Retoucher.
  • Click File and select Open from its drop-down menu.
Import Photo to Portrait

How to Custom Preset for Portraits

Step 1: Adjust all portrait retouching effects until you are satisfied.

Step 2: Click custom button to remember all the settings for the preset.

Step 3: Name the preset for the retouching effects after editing your photo.

Step 4: Choose the name of the preset to apply the same retouching effects.

Save Settings on Portrait

How to Apply Customize Presets

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Portrait.

Step 2: Choose the name of the Presets from the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Apply Customized Presets for all the settings in one click.

How to Apply Before and After

Step 1: Choose the photo to apply B/A effect.

Step 2: Click View to choose Before/After effect or press Command + B.

Apple Before After on Portrait

If you want to compare the photo you are editing with the original one, at every step of the way, with only one tap.

Before/After on Portrait

How to Change for Another Portrait

When you need to change for another photo, you can simply choose the desired photo form the bottom of Portrait.

If there are multiple portraits in one image, you can click the triangle in the upper right corner to select the detect portraits.

Change Another Portrait

How to Share Photos to Social Media

Step 1: Click the Share button on the upper right corner to instantly share your edited portraits.

Step 2: Choose the Mail, Facebook, AirDrop and other social media.

Step 3: Login the account and share photos with your family and friends through social media.

Share on Portrait

How to Save Retouched Portrait on Computer

Step 1: Adjust the effects of portrait images.

Step 2: Click the Save button to save portraits after editing.

Step 3: Name the portrait on Save As, and then choose the destination to Where column.

Step 4: Adjust the quality of the output portrait image.

Save on Portrait

How to Zoom Portrait to Check Details

Zoom in and zoom out: To show the portrait that is being editing from closer or further away to see the details or full view.

Zoom in/out on Portrait

Zoom fit: Make the photo suitable for your screen.

Zoom Portrait on Portrait

Effects of Portrait Retouching

And here are some excellent features for you to edit your photos. You can select the beautification level of your choice on all the following features. But keep it in mind that don’t adjust the number too high, or it will be unrealistic.

1. Skin Soften: It can soften your skin and remove the freckles and wrinkles on your face. This feature is more effective when you are editing an elder’s portrait, for there are more wrinkles on their face.

Skin Soften on Portrait

2. Skin Whiten: Adjust the color tone of the portrait.

Skin Whiten on Portrait

3. Skin Color Tone: You can change the color tone of your portraits according to the various kinds of colors it provides, like brown, red, yellow, etc., and remember to adjust the level of your skin color tone.

Skin Color Tone on Portrait

4. Shine Removal: This function can soften your face by removing the reflect light on your face.

Shine Removal on Portrait

5. Teeth Whiten: It can whiten your teeth and make your smile more attractive.

Teeth Whiten on Portrait

6. Eye Brighten: If you think your eyes are not spiritual enough, adjust the button and it can give you sparkly eyes.

Eye brighten on Portrait

7. Smile: Forgot to smile when took the photo? This function can make you smile even if you are not smiling in your photo.

Smile on Portrait

8. Face Slimmer: This function can make your face slimmer, so don’t worry whether you are chubby, take it easy.

Face Slimmer on Portrait

9. Eye Enlargement: Makes your eyes larger and more appealing.

Eye Enlargement on Portrait

10. Cheek Lifting: Lifts your cheek and makes you look younger.

Cheek Lifting on Portrait

11. Nose Highlighting: Highlights your nose and gives you a straightened nose.

Nose Highlighting on Portrait

12. Blemished Removal: It is perfect for people who want to get rid of unwanted acnes, scars and spots.

13. Pouch Removal: Don’t forget to erase unnecessary dark circles under your eyes.

Removal on Portrait

Check the WidsMob Portrait Effect

Portrait BeforePortrait After